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One Furious Llama
Auckland, New Zealand
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@alargemammal So, you're one of those that agree with genocide? I suggest you pack your sad little self into a plane and go visit central Africa for a while. I suspect you wouldn't be coming back here to sprout idiocies about 'logical' reasons for arguments for genocide and infanticide after that. It's so easy for blinkered first world citizens to be idiots about atrocities and gloss over the horror. Spend some time with children who have had their limbs chopped off while watching their parents being tortured to death and being gang raped. Your god apparently loves that stuff. You should give it a try, really experience the things that your loving god likes. And like Makyui said, read the freaking article first before trying to defend the indefensible. Either way, you disgust me.
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@greta fair enough, I won't repost it.
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Hey Greta, I just read your post and it's so full of win it hurts. I hope you don't mind if I post the entire thing verbatim (with canonical links and credits of course) on my blog since it says everything I want to say but so much more eloquently than I think I can manage. You and this post are the most awesome. If I had one wish it would be for anybody wanting to argue about religion to read this entire post first. Keep letting the awesome flow! Shawn
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Apr 27, 2011