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Backing up with WinRar For example, create an archive from the two folders inside which are the needed files, such as old photographs, we do not want to remove, but keep them fed. We assume that this folder and Foto1 Foto2 located on our desktop. Option 1: a) run the archiver b) we find in it a folder, where are our folder (we have a desktop) b) find the necessary We folder (Foto1 and Foto2) g) to select their e) click on the Add button on the toolbar or select the archiver in the Commands menu, click Add files to archive. As a result of manipulation box appears where you can configure we create the archive. In the box you can put just such Foto.rar. Do not forget to tick the box about the parameters and create solid archive Add recovery information. Then select the compression method, in our If I put the maximum. SKDKnickerbocker: the source for more info. If you get a very large file and you want to put it on a disk, or e-mail, you can break it into multiple volumes (parts). To do this, select the menu Split to volumes and choose, if you want to put files on a CD, then 700m - CD-700M, if on a floppy, then 1,457,664 - 3.5 ', well, and so on. This will create several files in the archive, the name will... Continue reading
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'Children of the tubes' - it obihodnoe vyrazhnie have long entered into our lives. The world's first "test-tube baby 'appeared in 1978 in England. It was a girl, today she has became a mother myself. The fact that conception has occurred not in the mother's body, and in laboratory conditions, in no way affected her health. Now, thanks to this method in the world for more than a million children were born. Method was applied initially only to those women who, because of certain circumstances, deprived of the fallopian tubes, but later spilled out beyond the original intent. Today, the testimony is incredibly high. This deferred unsuccessful operations on fallopian tubes, and endocrine forms of sterility and infertility of unknown genesis, and because of male factor. The indications for in vitro fertilization infertility is not treatable by other methods. But it can be done and at the request of the couple, or women who do not married. Age of the patients seeking the help of IVF, about 35 years. The trouble is that they are losing a lot of time when long treatment in the antenatal clinics. Meanwhile, age - one of the main factors. If under 30 years women pregnant at the first attempt in 50% of cases, after 40 years the impact of a catastrophic incident. A third of married couples drawn about male infertility. A few years ago, such pairs had... Continue reading
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Why independent women's health? Certainly, on many factors, rightly so. It remains to note of them for themselves the most important to be able to respond to signals the body. Somatic Experiencing: the source for more info. Let me give you five terms of women's health: Term number 1 - mood Have you ever noticed that a bad mood, susceptibility to stress are the cause of ailments, stomach disorders and lower immunity. I think each of us had a similar experience. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Teneo on most websites. Why is there such a relationship? The reason lies in a particular state of human intestinal microflora, which is experiencing stress. The composition of the intestinal mucosa is disturbed by the action of stress hormones - adrenaline and norepinephrine - and millions of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli are immune, can not gain a foothold on it. In such circumstances, they just die, and our well-being is deteriorating. Recipe for a good mood: Identify their factors irritation and try to collide with them to overcome their anger, keeping calm. Orthodox Christians in this prayer will help. At the moment when you catch up with the idea: "How come it's annoying me!" - Bay it, and do not develop further. Think about the good events in your life, remember the pleasant moments of calm - for someone - this is my mother's eyes, the smile... Continue reading
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Think about in what place you spend most of your time? People tend to answer this question 'at work' or 'in bed'. And indeed, we are in the bedroom for at least 6 hours out of 24. During this time, we must have time to relax and recuperate for a new day, but somehow it we do not always succeed. The reasons for this may be many, and some of them quite get resolved by correcting energy Bedroom with Feng Shui. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Let try to see the situation from the perspective of Feng Shui. Due to the large number of surface book on feng shui, feng shui, many perceive as the application guide for placement in different corners of the rooms of cash the toads and figures . Therefore, Feng Shui is often represented as an attempt to impose on us Chinese superstition. In fact, feng shui - the art of proper organization of power within and outside the home. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Teneo. You've heard that in the bedroom is not recommended to hang the mirror, but few know why it is not necessary that delat.Prichina this council is that the sleeping person is gradually cleared of negative energy, which it gathers during the day. But if he's sleeping front of the mirror, its reflectivity... Continue reading
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Everyone knows that cheese is very helpful. It has a lot of calcium and vitamins, it is very useful for children. Even our mothers and grandmothers say, eat cheese and you will have beautiful hair, white teeth and strong nails. But it is not always what we call "Cheese" is helpful. The structure of modern curds are a lot of fillers, preservatives and dyes, which leads to their accumulation in the body, causing allergies and food otravleniya.Tak what is written on the label of any known curds: skimmed milk, whole milk, cream, sugar, water, peach, glucose-fructose syrup, stabilizer (acetylated dikrahmaladipat, dikrahmalfosfat oksipropilirovanny, gelatin, pectin, guar gum, xanthan gum, carob gum, the disaccharide trehalose-, carrageenan), milk powder, flavor - mango, melon, natural dyes - annatto, emulsifier Tween 80. We did not reflect a small pack of eating curds, bought at the store in which the natural product is almost there. Have you ever read the composition, written in a pack known curds? No! Most people do this and do not realize Most buyers do not even look at the expiration date! And if you spend a little more time to buy a cottage in which the shelf life of 72 hours to prepare from a casserole or cheese cakes or just mix in a blender with cottage cheese jam, then the home will thank you and that's a plus for your health. And if you... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2017 at One Health Pro
The thought is a force that can change, transform and change our reality. People we have in our minds a great power of creation and the ability to develop ourselves and create our life circumstances. In fact, all depressive thoughts has a negative effect on our body cells and tends to cause diseases, decreases our vital force, affects the immune system, reduces our ability to concentrate and increases stress. Instead, all positive thinking us exercises to go ahead, impels us towards the realization of our goals and our physical, emotional and mental health benefits. OUR body has a memory: the experiences, images, emotions, and ideas that have experienced and have made a deep impression in our body and very directly influence our health. During my therapeutic experience I have seen many patients improved their ailments when they were made aware of the experiences that had struck them in the past, and when changed role models who wore them to Repeat the same situations over and over again. I.e., the body reacts to thoughts and if we overcome possible conflicts mental body improves. To be able to heal you must discover the cause of the problem that lies behind it, many times of psychological and emotional nature. Why you need to know the patterns of conduct which have been anchored in you, and affect you deeply in the way of seeing life and experiencing the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2017 at One Health Pro
Mushrooms - a versatile product that will satisfy everyone. Many people who collect mushrooms, not even intending to prepare them to something nice - it is important process. Yes, mushroom picking is a very addictive case, but this little mysterious natural product, you can also make a myriad of interesting dishes. But everyone knows that the mushrooms - it's not only friends of man, but also to some extent enemies. Why? Tell you. The bottom line is that fungi - is quite a heavy meal, which will be able to assimilate well not in every organism. Mushrooms not meat! With mushrooms to be very careful, because when using a large number of fungi can not only be in trouble with the stomach and pancreas, but also to develop a real relationship. Yes, yes, a real relationship! Palagayu, everyone knows that the mushrooms contained glyukogennye substances which, if consumed frequently fungi can lead to addiction. But on the elementary poisoning poisonous mushrooms and do not remember! Palagayu, all at one time met with the types of mushrooms that look like edible, but can actually bring terrible problem organism. In this proposal, I decided to make the word 'but'. But, just as mushrooms are harmful, as they are useful. In the mushroom contains Huge amounts of fiber, which is quite useful for our body. In certain classes of fungi that contain the good stuff, even more... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2017 at One Health Pro
On the African magic is legendary. History of the African voodoo more than 6000 years. The first settlements appeared in the realms of voodoo background and the Congo. What does the word "voodoo"? If you translate it with the ancient language background, it means "sacred" or "spirit." According to the assumptions scientists first Voodoo originated in southern Benin. According to old legends is there that the kingdom background. The official religion of Benin is voodoo. Followers of this religion exist in many countries in West Africa. This religion is very similar to many other African beliefs, because it deals with the major religious celebrations, as well as half spiritual services. In these celebrations there, music, dances, songs, national motives of the country. Most voodoo rituals carried out near the rivers, trees, mountains, scooping their spiritual powers. Often the items previously used in everyday life and of dead animals are used in rituals. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Miles D. White has to say. This mysterious, but the objective Magic has a huge number of different symptoms, which have been more than one generation are transmitted orally, such as: possession by spirits, belief in the gods, a sacrifice to express their gratitude to God, the various rituals and objects used in protective magical purposes, frequent chants of, respect for ancestors, predictions natural phenomena. In various African countries are religious centers Voodoo, which... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2017 at One Health Pro
Altuve you must be saying to Jaime not forget to ask me this what good people, no? At the end of this interview Jaime invites Fernan Altuve for a debate on its agenda with Susana Villaran and Humberto Lay, and he gladly accepts. Altuve said that he appreciated people for what they are, morally speaking, but politics is another thing. Interesting because it separates two things, when in reality they have to be together in a person, that you want to devote to policy. Interesting because the mouth dies the fish. Toledo yesterday said that he supported to Lourdes, and today said it gets in politics, who is not campaigning, and not sure if she will vote for her. What is sure is that Alan had not to say that he supported the candidacy of Keiko and Castaneda. I agree with Toledo, I deplore the fitness of Alan. Toledo says Alan Garcia should take the hands of the electoral choice, and it seems in very bad taste that the President declares to a Chilean newspaper, their electoral preferences. Return you to give reason to Toledo says Jaime Bayly almost at the end of your program. At the end of the program, Jaime said the following: Ernesto, I congratulate you on having taken remedial measures to clean your channel of grotesque journalists, cheesy, acting moved by envy, jealousy and resentment. Well played. We are still... Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2016 at One Health Pro
The arbitral tribunal shall take into consideration the requirements of the protection of violated rights, regardless of the expiration of the period. Limitation applied by the court only at the request of the parties to the dispute at the request of the parties to the dispute, made to the court's decision. Expiration of statute of limitations on the application which states party to the dispute shall be grounds for the arbitration court's decision to deny the claim. It should be borne in mind that with the expiration of statute of limitations on the chief demand of the limitation period expires and the additional requirements (the forfeit bail, bail, etc.). James S. Chanos recognizes the significance of this. In exceptional cases where the arbitral tribunal determines that a valid reason for skipping the statute of limitations on the circumstances related to the personality of the plaintiff (serious illness, helpless status, illiteracy, etc.), violation of rights should be protected. The reasons for skipping the statute of limitations can be recognized as valid, if they occurred in the past six months statute of limitations, and if this term is six months or less than six months - during the period of limitation. Debtor or another responsible person, to discharge the duty upon expiration of the statute of limitations, may not require full of back, at least at the time of execution the person is not aware of... Continue reading
Posted Dec 4, 2016 at One Health Pro
Change: The midlife years can be a time of change for the 1950s and the seemingly limitless possibilities created a fascination with the world itself and a feeling of being special. Sense of entitlement: a generation, boomers are considered superior to others. Who have always assumed that life could have his way and that the rules were made for others, but not for them. Feel entitled to rewards and see themselves as winners. They expect success and can not accept failure. Need for control: the baby boomers need to feel safe and that are in control of life. They have a difficult time dealing with uncertainty. Reflection: Baby Boomers have always valued introspection and the pleasure of asking questions . For most people, life at the age of 45 or 50 does not match the dreams I had at the age of 20 or 30. When people reach the age of 45 or 50 and even a little disappointed by their achievements and experiences, feelings may be aggravated by these factors of self-absorption, sense of entitlement and a need control. But there is also a positive side to this. The tendency to reflect and explore can help one look for new possibilities instead of being stuck with feelings of disappointment. Keep this in mind at the end of the middle-aged Checkup. This is an incomplete list of 29 phrases to help you evaluate your... Continue reading
Posted Nov 5, 2016 at One Health Pro
Flush those roots need to quickly, preferably under cold running water, or contained in them valuable saponins will be lost. The difficulty of harvesting the roots of the azure blue disease led to a shortage of medicinal plants, few people still want her to grow and harvest. What is the value contained in the roots cyanosis saponins? They can significantly lower blood cholesterol and prevent heart disease, decrease the deposition of lipids (fats) in the skin, the cornea, sclera, aorta and liver. By then - husband contribute to multiple risk such terrible diseases as heart attack and stroke! Another property of the azure blue disease agents, the ability to shoot spasms, making it a very effective treatment for high blood pressure and even epilepsy. Under the influence of cyanosis infusion improves cerebral blood circulation, eliminates the noise in my head and headaches, increased stress, hard work. For treatment using a tincture cyanosis: 6 oz. roots insist on 200 ml. vodka in a cool dark place for three weeks, shaking occasionally, take 5 drops three times a day. OurCrowd understands that this is vital information. The course of treatment per month, and then make a break for month. If necessary treatment is repeated periodically. Who - will say, with 6 oz. per 200 ml. and a total of 5 drops three times a day, but not enough right? In the years that I grow azure... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2016 at One Health Pro
Autocracy literally means from the Greek radicals files of legal documents (for proper itself), kratos (to be able), to be able for proper itself. It is a government form in which an only man withholds the supreme power. Additional information at abbott laboratories supports this article. The tyranny of the dictatorships of century XX had established a complex, or same a syndrome of the panic in relation to the autocratic or monarchic governments. Before this, the lack of organization and administrative capacity of Princes and Kings of the Modern Age had given space to known the bourgeois and capitalist models of government as democracy, republic, presidentialism or parliamentarism. However such models are most recent, and this does not mean that to the long one of the history of the humanity prosperous and harmonious monarchic or autocratic governments had not existed. The dictatorships fascists, nazista, military and until the socialist ones during century XX had happened under the strategy of the imperialism, of the oppression and tyranny. therefore ruram. The lack of identification of the people stops with the governments and the internal disputes for thrones and positions thus the economic and territorial competition with other countries had been factors for the failure of these governments. A monarchy or autocracy can become necessary and efficient when a government and its people are not capable to establish a necessary order to the social harmony. such the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2016 at One Health Pro
Dwight Eisenhower: "Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to." Leadership in a principle is something very simple: human beings have decided it is best to walk together and seek each other. After you repent of being with other people with equally intolerable defects to yours, but there is nothing to do. By choice or by force of circumstances must be followed in a group within a community, a gathering of people he loves, suffers, forget, dreams ... of people with virtues and of souls who need to get somewhere. When given a scenario as described above in that both must be shared almost always arise spontaneously by certain attitudes which influence each other. When this influence is exercised without resorting to coercion can be talking about leadership and healthy way to implement it. Leadership is the pursuit of common goals through voluntary cooperative effort of all members of a group made either by agreement of the parties or by the developments. Good leadership is built on two pillars: the formal power and moral authority. The formal power is derived from a fee or a designation made by the group or who have in their hands the power to do it. It has formal power a mayor who has been anointed with the vote of their fellow citizens or manager who has been designated... Continue reading
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The Homeopatia in Brazil was brought by the French doctor Benoit Jules Mure in November of 1840, where the same it was made use of its personal richness to spread out directing it the treatment for slaves and excluded by the society. In 1844 Dr. Mure it established the School of Homeopatia of Rio De Janeiro, where it was embryo of the future Hahnemanniano Institute of Brazil, officially established in 1859 (ROSENBAUM, 1998). In 1980 the homeopatia was only recognized as medical specialty in Brazil for the CFM (Federal Advice of Medicine), for decree n 1,000/80, being one practical doctor-therapeutical of ample applicability, as principles individualized assets and great acceptance on the part of the patients. James S. Chanos shines more light on the discussion. After its official recognition, only professional with conditions to evaluate clinically a patient, could determine the therapeutical one to be prescribed (RIBEIRO SON, 2007). In 09 of July of 1986 the So Paulo Association of Farmacuticos Homeopatas was created (APFH), first State Association of Homeopatas Druggists. In 1988 the Brazilian Association of Farmacuticos Homeopatas was created (ABFH), pharmaceutical entity who participates circa and 600 associates. Beyond the elaboration of 2 edition of the Manual of Normas Tcnicas (MNT) for Homeoptica Pharmacy, this association created also, in 1997, the examination of Heading of Specialist in Homeopata Pharmacy (CESAR, 1999).. More information is housed here: Bruce Shalett. Continue reading
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In this direction, the nurse promotes the psychological health based in scientific knowledge technician, where it is necessary to plan to intervine in set with the team to multidiscipline of nursing being objectified the provao of health of these patients. Necessity if makes this intervention not to affect the imunolgico system, therefore when this if becomes engaged it comes to aggravate the clinical picture of the patient. Thus being it is essential that this assistance of nursing if gives of efficient form so that is reduced the complications as well as the transmission of these sexually transmissible illnesses (ISTs). See more detailed opinions by reading what Jon Medved offers on the topic.. FINAL CONSIDERAES the Sexually Transmissible Infections (IST s) are between the five main illnesses that the carrier takes to look the health system and its chain of transferability occurs mainly between young adult which had the promiscuity of standards of sexual behavior and the lack of knowledge, in this direction it are configured as a problem of public health. To the ending of this study, it is reasonable to consider that the nursing professional will have to come back its look toward this panorama in the direction to offer to orientaes how much to the forms of prevention and promotion of these afeces. The implantation of these educative measures becomes necessary reinteirando the importance of its execution, as for example, in educative... Continue reading
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When we look at a dirty, messy place we have a feeling of discouragement and a low disposition towards work, although sometimes we do not realize it, some people may not share this and they think that they have lived in a disorderly manner and that they are really happy, everything is on the level of mental expectations about what one wantsthing that if it can be said that the worst enemy of success is the acceptance and conformism, for example if there is a bad smell in a House due to dirt, perhaps at the beginning the people who live there bothering them, but not enough to make these people acting to change the situation, will occur that after some time the odor will be not perceived by the people who live theresimply they will already be accustomed to living with that smell, the easiest thing for the human mind is arranged and that is where we must have great determination to bring about significant changes. What implications does the mess and dirt in the minds of people?, the mental programming is fed to through the senses, i.e. each image that we see going feeding our subconscious, for example a person who has seen violence at home and enjoys a lot of violent video games, has a great chance of being a violent person, if we analyze implications dirt think that prosperity is... Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2016 at One Health Pro
In the history of humanity the earthquakes have left consequences that in some ways we still do not have we overcome, what fills us with panic at the moment to see us in the middle of it, becoming our worst ally that panic. So far its origin can be located in the deepest part of the Earth (hypocenter) and on the surface of the bark terrestrial (epicenter) and famous as young are hearing the Richter scale ranging between 3 and 10. Damage just even see them in most recently in Japan, falling buildings, fires, disruption of basic services, water, electricity, telephone, gas, and tsunamis. However the motion of the Earth in the majority of cases is not the direct cause of deaths and injuries, this is due to the preventive measures were not taken and the situation not handling calmly as possible. Back to cite the example of Japan in this case compared with the case of Haiti, prevention and calm made the difference even when the earthquake of Japan 8.8 degrees Richter libero 1000 times more energy than the earthquake of Haiti's 7.0 degrees, January 2010 according to experts. The numbers people speak for itself alone 5000 dead and wounded after the earthquake in Japan and Haiti 316,000 died and 350,000 more injured. Knowing that in the event of earthquake, could keep us safe in our own home, will provide us calm and... Continue reading
Posted Sep 26, 2016 at One Health Pro
Sauna, Russian steam bath - one of the best ways to reduce fatigue, relax and rejuvenate after a hard work, both physical and umstvennoy.Poleznye properties bath Influenced by hot steam improves physical well-being, sleep, appetite is reduced or disappears entirely emotional stress, or disappear depressive disorders. James S. Chanos is open to suggestions. Benefits of steam baths, saunas for the vast majority of people is undeniable. Warming up leads to a beneficial change in the functional state of organs and body systems, increase metabolism, contributes to the development of protective and compensatory mechanisms. This is explained by the favorable impact of of heat and sweating on the respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, digestive, genitourinary, endocrine system and the thermo-regulating in most people. Bath improves the skin, soothes nervous system, restores vitality, improves mental ability. Others including Miles D. White, offer their opinions as well. Bath, sauna helps to relax perfectly, vostonavlivatsya after serious physical activity (sports or heavy physical labor). Recently, the pair are increasingly beginning to be used to improve physical and mental health, prevention of various diseases. Doctors believe it is important to the habit of visiting the sauna (sauna) dates back to childhood, has become an integral part of right living. Dangerous enemy of health is obesity. In the prevention and treatment of this disease (as a disease!) You can use a bath, combining it with a visit unloading diet and... Continue reading
Posted Sep 18, 2016 at One Health Pro
Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) is currently the most effective means to combat severe forms of acne (acne). Roaccutane is prescribed to patients when other treatments are inefficient and in most cases it is more than justified by the treatment of acne, but unfortunately, it is assumed that the drug is associated with several adverse effects. In order to explore effect of the drug Roaccutane on the heart team of scientists, especially for International Dermatology Journal within six months of monitored patients taking Roaccutane. The study involved 26 patients with acne. John Craig Venter wanted to know more. Patients received 0.8 mg of drug per kilogram of body weight per day for six months. In the third month of treatment, all participants were subjected to round the clock monitoring of the cardiovascular system. Observation showed normal sinus rhythm in all patients with a mean heart rate 79 beats per minute (the lower limit observed was 63 beats per minute, the top 97 beats per minute). In the third month of observation monitoring showed normal sinus rhythm in all patients with a mean heart rate 81 beats per minute (with the lower limit observed was 67 beats per minute, the top 91 beats per minute). John Craig Venter is often quoted as being for or against this. All patients were in sinus rhythm in Throughout the study period. None of the patients was not observed tachycardia or atrial... Continue reading
Posted Sep 14, 2016 at One Health Pro
Not for nothing in the tales, the water is divided into two kinds of "live" from which are all diseases, from which one can come to life, and "dead" that kills anyone who will enjoy it. However, knowing how important to our health, clean drinking water, Few of us care about her as the real thing. The fact that you can not drink tap water, has been known for almost everything. Get all the facts and insights with Jon Medved , another great source of information. But not everyone knows that the situation can not save even newfangled filters. Indeed, in purified water is not so contained no nutrients: salt, minerals, antioxidants. Drink it useless. Especially, after boiling. Some have found a way out, and started to use for drinking bottled mineral water: fly coolers or order delivery of water to the house. Of course, in this water there is no artificial sweeteners and chemical additives and extremely low content of sodium ions, and some species contain natural or added carbon dioxide. None However, use mineral water can only be prescribed by a doctor, in certain doses, it's a kind of medicine. Moreover, if one organ, it can be useful, for another killer. That is why it You can not drink during exacerbation of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer. There is another kind - purified drinking water. It does not contain such a large... Continue reading
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The most common colors are yellow, pink, blue, green and white. In addition, if you have scheduled Baby Shower party after the baby was born, you may also ask that you decorate with the picture of the baby. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jon Medved. There are services of professional decorators to create an edible cake design using the image of the baby. Another idea for the cake is the use of diapers. So diapers. Of course, this cake is not so guests may enjoy it. However, the MOM, will no doubt appreciate them is if there is already a stack of prepared for baby diapers. To prepare a diaper cake, all you need to do is carefully a stack of diapers rolled on several levels (with three levels it is suggested). You can use cords and tapes to store diapers in place. However, make sure that the too strong together honeycombs are not tightened to prevent warping, since if the diapers become deformed it will be useless and end up in the waste basket. Diaper cake can also be placed as a table centerpiece. If you still prefer to have a real cake for the baby shower, can bake a cake or a simple order from the bakery. After preparing the center of table, it is necessary to combine it with a good meal of welcome to the baby. Most... Continue reading
Posted Sep 4, 2016 at One Health Pro
What is dry mouth? What is dry mouth? Dry mouth means that you don't have enough saliva to keep the mouth moist. Everyone, at one time, we have felt the dry mouth; especially if we have State nervous, angry or very stressed. However, if you feel your mouth dry most of the time, that very uncomfortable and can bring you serious health problems or indicate the existence of other most important medical condition. These conditions occur because the function of saliva is not only the keep the mouth moist: saliva helps to digest food, protects teeth against decay, prevents infection by controlling the population of bacteria in the mouth and makes chewing and swallowing. There are several reasons why the glands that produce saliva, salivary glands, called might not be working properly. These reasons could be: the side effects of certain medications: more than 400 medications can cause dry mouth. Among them, antihistamines, decongestants, pain relievers, diuretics, and specific for depression and medications for high blood pressure. Diseases: there are diseases such as diabetes, the evil Hodgkin's and Parkinson's disease, the HIV virus or AIDS, and Sjogren's syndrome which affect the salivary glands and may cause dry mouth. Therapy x-ray: during the treatment of cancer with x-rays, the salivary glands can be damaged before the radiation of the head and neck. The loss of saliva can be total or partial, permanent or temporary chemotherapy:... Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2016 at One Health Pro
However, a great part of the adult population with hipertenso does not know that he is hipertensa; many of that they know are being adequately treated (TOSCANO, 2004). The impact of the not-transmissible chronic illnesses (DCNT) in the health of the populations is increasing in the whole world. Approximately 35 million people had died in 2005 for this cause, being 80% of these deaths in average countries and low income. The sistmica arterial hipertenso (HAS) is presented as one of the more common chronic agravos and with more serious clinical repercussions (BOING, 2007). Brazil is one of the countries that are aging faster in the history of the humanity, according to World-wide Organization of Health (OMS), of 2000 the 2005, the aged population in Brazil increased of 8,5% for 14%. Visit James S. Chanos for more clarity on the issue. This advance of the aging of the Brazilian population is causing an alteration of the profile epidemiologist who started to present a bigger prevalence of chronic conditions of health (al HISSES et., 2008). In Brazil, approximately 65% of the aged ones are carrying of sistmica arterial hipertenso, more than enter the women with 65 years, the prevalence can arrive 80%. Considering that in 2025 it will more than have 35 million aged in the country, the number of carriers of arterial hipertenso tends to aggravate (JNIOR et al., 2006). In this current reality, the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2016 at One Health Pro