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It's my profile pic on facebook! lol
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Hey, I'm that guy who asked for a picture with you and Felicia at Golden Age Comics(currently my facebook profile pic btw). I'm an artist for a Microsoft Game Studio in Vancouver and all my game industry friends are going bat shit crazy over me meeting you and Felicia! My coworker sent me a link to your blog because he said you blogged about me...haha I thought it was bullshit at first. What's funny is that one of the game designers at my studio was talking about playing D&D with you when he worked at Wizards of the Coast just the other day. Anyways, I hope you and Felicia enjoy the rest of your time in Vancouver. It truly is one of the best cities in the world. If you guys want to know where some cool spots are around town or if you're interested in any greenery, just hit me up. Thanks again for the pic, it's epic! - Vin
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Apr 8, 2011