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Librarian here- good luck with finishing your MLS! Don't let the job market get you down. The world needs librarians now more than ever!
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Not if you're zapping from/to a "Stand Your Ground" state!
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I consider myself fortunate to live within driving distance of Funspot in Laconia, New Hampshire, home to the American Classic Arcade Museum- a playable collection of some 300+ arcade games and pinball machines from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. If you've been to the Retro Gaming Lounge at PAX East, you've seen some of their games!
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That Logan's Run fountain in the Copley Place Mall was designed by Dimitri Hadzi, a sculptor and Harvard professor of visual and environmental studies. One of Hadzi's more famous works is "Thermopylae," a bronze sculpture in front of the JFK Federal Building in Boston (near City Hall):
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There's an absolutely fantastic book out by DC/Wildstorm called The Winter Men. Chronicling the exploits of an ex-Soviet superhero trying to make his way through modern day Russia while his past inevitably returns to haunt him, The Winter Men is equal parts mystery and dark humor, with top-notch writing by Brett Lewis and artwork by John Paul Leon that has easily been worth the 2-3 month wait in between issues. Originally conceived as an 8-part miniseries, it was scaled back to five issues and an annual which has yet to be released. If you can get your hands on issues 1 to 5, however, I guarantee that you'll enjoy them thoroughly (I also second the commenter who suggested Brian Bendis' Powers). But speaking of Alan Moore, I just finished making my way through the three-volume set of Lost Girls (the library I work at buys pretty much every important graphic novel that comes out these days, which is pretty freaking cool for those of us who geek out on that sort of thing). I liked it, as it had a lot of that crazy blur between fact and fiction that you see in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but he's definitely pushing the envelope with some of the subject matter -- especially by the time he gets to the third and final volume. My wife found it difficult to get past the pr0n herself, but I think it worked.
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