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S Texas
Interests: photography, computers, music
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Wil, you have mentioned that you have authored several books. On the right side of your blog you post links to some of these books. This piqued my interest and I read the samples provided on Amazon. What I read interested me enough to buy a book. I am a person who requires instant gratification, Amazon takes to long, so next choice is checking the B&N website to see if they are available at their stores. $94 for The Happiest Days of Our Lives? Hmmm, may need to check the local library. :) Will be going to B&N to purchase one (Not HDOUL). BTW, I am saddened by the demise of Eureka. Have been watching it since the beginning. SciFi is shutting down a great show so that they can continue make movies like Megashark vs Crocosaurus and Copperhead. Those are certainly Emmy worthy movies. Have enjoyed your addition to Eureka and your part on this weeks show. You have also mentioned THE GUILD, will have to check that out to see what it is all about. Hasta Luego!
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I used to shoot for a music magazine back in the 90's. Had a great time being allowed backstage to mix and mingle with the artists. I saw to a lesser degree what fans will do, what extremes they will go to meet an artist and get a photo or autograph. Some feel that they "entitled" 24/7 access to favorite star. And if the star does not respond, they do what the lady did, threaten to put it out on the net that you were a jerk, did not want to sign, etc. etc. It is a fact that most of these people want the autograph to resell. You did the right thing. You are not a jerk.
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Thanks for the feedback. I have never been to one of these events. There was a comic con in San Antonio a few weeks back but I did not know of it til after it was too late. Is San Diego the biggest? As things get popular, they get bigger, as things get bigger, they lose some of the what made them popular, I think.
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Am interested in seeing your report on ComicCon. Read a news article a few days ago that the movie studios are not having a major involvement in ComicCon as in previous years. Am wondering if you have seen that. :) Enjoy!
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This is the first time I have read any of your stories. Quite good, enjoyable and entertaining. I found your blog (orginal one that has been phased out I think)one evening when I was cruising the Internet. Had always wondered what had become of you after Star Trek. I remembered a young geeky kid who irritated me on Star Trek, but, after a while, your character grew on me. Now, after catching up via this blog it comes as a surprise that you have two grown kids, one in college? Time flies. Star Trek was one of my favorite sci fi tv shows, Star Trek Enterprise was also good, Voyager, well, it was ok. I have always wondered why you never were cast in the Star Trek movies. Perhaps you answered that question in your blog. ComicCon was in San Antonio, Texas this last month. I had hoped that you would attend but did not see you on the list nor was any mention made of your attendance on your blog. Well, perhaps one day you will come. San Antonio is great, perhaps you have visited there, but if not, you will like it. Still undecided on whether to buy your book or not. :) Look forward to reading more of your blog postings.
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Jul 4, 2011