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Who gives a fuck if they were in "somebody else's neighborhood"....what the fuck do you think this is. These people are not gangsters, they're sports fans. I live in CA now and wear my Philly sports gear to ALL sporting events and just about everywhere I go every day. Other than friendly bantering back and forth I have never felt unsafe wearing my FLYERS/PHILIES/EAGLES gear no matter where I have gone. Granted I don't know what was said or done prior to the actual filming of the fight to instigate it but at the same time it was probably bullshit and nothing either party could have walked away from. The sucker punch at the end was a bitch move. They're a bunch of loser pussies plain and simple.
@kar: That's the problem......we don't know if it is somebody's mother, father, sister, or brother......just saying!
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Dec 29, 2011