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I'm amazed at the number of people who hate Islam, who are arguing that because Islamic law calls kids whose fathers were Muslims "Muslims" that therefore Obama is an "apostate Muslim"! As a Christian, I was taught from actual Bible teachings, which instruct us that we should be especially eager to welcome converts, those who are brought to Christ through understanding his teachings, while raised in other faiths. Even if his family did believe in Islam (as opposed to merely conforming to it), I'd say that actual Christians should be delighted in the example of someone who came to Jesus from Islam. But of course, the real mission of most of the haters is to attack any kind of Christian or Christianity that would not please Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Donald Wildmon and Cal Thomas. Barack Obama, for all his failings in not standing up more to the nutcase "conservatives" and teabaggers, has done more for actual government on Christian priniciples than both Bushes, Reagan and Nixon (all nominal Christians) put together.
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podcasting is the new gathering place for the fans? Oh, really? Sez who? Do you remember that brief era when much of the best SF text came out of Usenet newsgroups like rec.arts.sf.fandom and rec.arts.sf.written? Some of us are actual readers, mostly or completely text-oriented, and find podcasts incomprehensible or merely annoyingly inaccessible. I would would rather see an online "fanzine" win than a podcast, at least until podcasters provide transcripts as a matter of course. Podcasting is an audio-visual medium, and belongs with radio/TV/film content. There is nothing with the concept of a new Hugo category for "Best SF-Related Non-Fiction Audiovisual Material"; just don't call it a "fanzine" if it can't be read.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2010 on StarShipSofa and a podcast Hugo at Jason Sanford
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Feb 22, 2010