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Same order here too. Clegg didn't have to do too much to come out the clear winner - both of the others were disappointing I thought. Brown was as long winded as I'd feared, and missed a few great opportunities to promote good policy initiatives in his eagerness to show that Cameroon [:-)] was weaker. Cameron came across as smarmy, pious & removed - "I met a black man once..."
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Phil G - where are you studying? If you're ever near E17 let me know, visitors are always welcome! I'm a 2nd year ordinandy (OPM candidate) at SPTC in London, placed with Tony at St Luke's. It should be said that we seem to be an atypical model of church missional approach, and - of course - that we are most definitely a work in progress
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Hi Jonny, ta for the positive mention of our little endeavour! Rach - we don't hsnd out the 'targeted' postcards unless we have got into a conversation with them as individuals and they have probably self-identified themselves, (as most do when they discover we are a church...)
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Dec 11, 2009