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NYScott: Yes, I did read your post, however, with some amusement and some agreement.. First, the thing I know most about JT is that he has already quit, he's only intersted in going to a winner to pad his resume'...I believe that JT was an awesome talent and as recently as two years ago I would've loved to have him on the Chargers, but not so much anymore... Second, who do you think between OLSHANSKY, CASTILLO, PHILLIPS, and MERRIMAN that JT would replace? MERRIMAN and PHILLIPS are sack machines while Igor and Luis are run-stufffers who do occasionally get to the QB because of the defensive scheme the Chargers run...the answer is none of the above...JT would be a situational rusher on 3rd downs and that's about it...10 sacks only if injury takes down a starter... Third, I would say that yes AJ is a GOD...from 4-12 in 2003 to 3 AFC West Titles in 4 years... Most Charger fans recite the "In AJ We Trust" mantra about 2-3 times a day...As far as the playoffs, I'd say making it to the AFC Championship Game in the first year post-Marty is a pretty good start...No one outside SD (and quite a few inside as well) gave Norv a snowball's chance in Hell of doing anything...I'm not saying the Chargers would've won in Foxborough, but I sure as Hell would've enjoyed watching that game a whole lot more with a healthy LT, GATES, and RIVERS...Losing by (9) in Foxborough with (3) top offensive stars playing injured or not at all is something most Charger fans are proud of...I came out of that game feeling pretty good about the near future... Lastly, I totally agree with you on the SDUT writers....we constantly complain that we get better Chargers coverage elsewhere, including just think the author of a blog should put his story out there and let the fans debate...I don't think any author should get into the arena of character assassination with a poster, it just doesn't come off as being very professional... Now sorry Dolphin fans, you can have your site back...again, good luck with your I posted on the SDUT site I trust only two men in the NFL to do the job right...AJ SMITH and the Tuna... Go Bolts!!
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Sorry guys, but another HUGE Charger fan here... First I want to say how interesting it is that the author spent teh time to respond to a poster...WOW, that never happens on the SD UnionTribune! Classy... Second, it's nice to see some of you guys have a great sense of humor...JT for Cro? ROFLMAO!! Nice one there Mr. Flipper, I blew hot coffee right out my nose...damn that hurt! Good luck in dumping JT, if that's what you guys really want, or what he wants....But JT is NOT going to wear a Lightning Bolt no matter who the author has been talking to... I know most of you don't care about the Chargers unless our teams are locked up in another playoff game sometime, but here's a quick perspective on how AJ SMITH runs his team...draft, draft, draft... AJ does not trade for a veteran unless there's a leadership vacuum at that position (see Keenan McCARDELL and Roman OBEN) such vacuum exists on the Chargers' DL... AJ might consider picking up JT as a FA if the Tuna cuts JT, but NO WAY does AJ give up a draft pick (unless it's to move up in the draft) for a 34 year old one-year player and then pay him $8 mil for one year to be a back-up/situational guy...sorry... AJ won't trade Kassim OSGOOD, Eric PARKER, and especially not Chris CHAMBERS (yes, he has learned to catch the ball and will continue to improve under the guidance of WR coach Charlie JOINER), JT better hope STRANAHAN retires so he can start his acting career as a member of the NY Giants... In all seriousness, good luck with your team's rebuilding... Go Bolts!!
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