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Simply awesome storytelling. A nice, easy read, which a colleague of mine has a quote about as decoration for his blog, Viewfinder Blues at "Easy reading is damn hard writing."-Nathaniel Hawthorne If you care to read about the 'thrilling' life of a news cameraman, his prose is filled with pith and vinegar, and I doubt you'll be disappointed. If I'm wrong, hey, it's free.
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I've not been a long-time reader, it's only been a couple of years, but I had wondered why you hadn't been writing as much. I thought you might just be busy with all the running hither and thither. Please keep the writing coming. Since I have left my own blog to languish, due to work and young children, I write vicariously through you. Thanks for entertaining us!
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Thank you for this, Wil. I spent nearly half my time in college in the Theatre Dept., mostly behind the scenes, building and lighting them. I didn't audition, because I was a Mass Communications major and didn't think I was good enough for the stage. It wasn't until my junior year that I went onstage when a couple of my friends were in directing classes. It was then that I learned of beats, which unlocked that next level of understanding acting. One of my few regets of college, which are few, indeed, is that I never auditioned for one of the major productions. One of the professors/directors was very encouraging after seeing my performances in the scenes I played, and I really wanted to act in one of his productions, becuause I respected him as a director. Unfortunately it was late in my academic career, and I was busy working at the local TV station from 4 to 7 in the morning, so late night rehearsals were out of the question, and I couldn't have given it my full attention. What you've written here has given me that wonderful feeling, almost like a drug, that comes as understanding floods through the mind like a cool, gentle but persistent breeze. That rush is what I love most about learning.
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Except for the Bros, it sounds like you had a great experience. I'm only a few years younger than you, but even when I was younger I'd try to rein in my speech when little kids were around. I don't mind going to Gamestop when they have the best deal, but I also don't usually buy used games. I just wait til they come down in price, since I don't get to play a lot. It was cool of those guys to treat you like a regular guy instead of the "Big Deal" you are. ;)
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I have taken some awesome photos with the iPhone 3Gs provided by my work. The trick, besides composition, is to hold the phone steady when snapping the pic.
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