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I've bought a lot of books. Never bought a blog. I don't pay $40+ a copy just so I can make sure the author get's a buck. If you don't think its worth $10, why should I waste my time reading it? As a professional, I should save that much time/money in Google searches alone.
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2012 on Coding Horror: The Book at Coding Horror
There are public libraries for those who can't afford an "e" reading device. I like the compactness and the light weight of my cell phone which holds several titles, but the burden of carrying a few paperbacks can be over-come with a little excercise. Now if electronic programming books would accomodate copy and paste...
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2012 on Books: Bits vs. Atoms at Coding Horror
Search on the web may be difficult, but a lot of lists can have a logical grouping. If the scrolling speed is maximized for a certain time interval, the list should shift to scrolling through the grouping. If you are scrolling through a list of 500 contacts, at some point, the letters of the alphabet should appear. This makes jumping to a new "page" more practical. This can be done by dates or numerical value. If my search/filter has too many results, shouldn't there be a way to limit the list further?
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2012 on The End of Pagination at Coding Horror
Voice mail to text would be nice. I can't understand someone leaving their phone number at 700,000 cpm anyway. Maybe the sender could be forced to edit the transcript before sending?
So this is suppose to apply to developing software? Keep in mind that there are many aspects to developing software that do not involve high-level problem solving. This is why documentation, commenting code, timesheets and some types of tech-support and bug-tracking would benefit if there was a pay incentive and are often neglected. How many people would put the energy and effort into SO if they didn't just throw out a suggestion for a solution, but had to code, test, debug, comment, document and track the time spent? Oh, and that great new beautiful chunk of code you wrote just became part of a project that was put on hold for now.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2010 on The Vast and Endless Sea at Coding Horror
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Feb 17, 2010