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Great information, thank you. One problem I am up against right now is not know enough about it all to know if I am hiring someone with the right skill set and language to build it in. I am looking for a trusted programming partner. Chances are if you are reading this, you are a programmer. Organic Mechanic, a green technology company, is looking for a partner to help us apply to GreenStart - an accelerator program which will provide funding, training, and ongoing mentorship and support to make sure that the company grows. ( - great 2 min video) In order to apply, we must have a programmer on the team. We have years of sales history and a really awesome idea for a personal energy profile on the site - we just need to work with a solid programmer who knows his/her stuff and wants to be part of a world changing green startup! You will earn money once it is launched, equity in the company if you become a longterm partner, and you can come with us to the once in a lifetime startup development program in San Francisco beginning in the fall! This will introduce us to a world of unbelievable contacts, ideas, resources, exposure and opportunities. Plus it will be a lot of fun! Let's earn a spot in Greenstart and build something revolutionary together! Please respond here or email if you are interested or know someone who is. Thank You! Christopher Kindig Founder, CEO
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2012 on How to Hire a Programmer at Coding Horror
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Dec 20, 2010