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By Igor Kokorev, Attorney at law mercantile La exposure of reasons of the Bill (the Bill) amending law 34/1998, of October 7, (the LSH), in order to adapt it to Directive 2003/55/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 June 2003 concerning common rules for the internal market in natural gas (the directive)It is considered that most of the content of the directive comes already built-in in the Spanish legislation. Recognizes, however, that the obligations of legal separation in the liberalized market of the activities of transport, distribution, regasification or storage on the one hand, of the activities of production or supply of natural gas, on the other hand, and the obligation of functional separation that imposed by Directive 2003/55/EC, requires adaptation to such a directive of title IV of Act No. 34/1998 on organisation of the supply of fuel by pipeline gases. The main amendments introduced by the Bill are the following: establishing the rate of last resort, maximum price for those consumers who are determined fixed by the Administration (in particular, the Minister of industry, tourism and trade), as a guarantee of supply (art. Richard Blumenthal has similar goals. 57 of the LSH). Bradley Tusk gathered all the information. As a result, creates the figure of marketers of gas of last resort, which will be appointed by the Government (art. 82 of the LSH). Article 93 of the LSH, which sets the rate of last resort, is expressed in the following terms: 1. the last resort rate shall be the maximum price that may charge marketers that, in accordance with article 82 of this law, have been designated as providers of last resort, to consumers that, in accordance with the regulations for this tariffare entitled to avail themselves of the same. 2. The last resort... Continue reading
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A sufficiently excellent fact that valley to stand out is the depreciation of the professor, Cavaco (1999, p.168) says that If the school if to organize to receive the new professors, opening the way so that they can reflect and exceed of form pertinent and adjusted its difficulties, if collectively to assume the responsibility of its guiding through projects of professional formation, perhaps contributes to invert, for this saw, the current trend for the generalized incredulity that if associates with the social depreciation of the image of the professor. Cavaco makes in them to reflect on the current situation of the professor. The school would have to support and to create chances for professors just formed, of this form exactly would perfect practical its and could, with the acquisition of the experience next to theory, to diminish teaching depreciation, of form that the same ones adiquirissem credibility and reconstituissem the image of the professor. A partnership between the schools and the institutions of formation of professors would be interesting, of this form would construct a professional formation directed toward the necessities of the Age where we live. The necessary education of investments in the teaching formation that deals with ample form the conditions of work, remuneration, career and continued formation. To take care of, over all, of the valuation of the professors is one of the basic measures for the improvement of the quality of education. A fact that came to value and to stimulate the improvement of education was the implantation of a norm that establishes in Art. 62 (LDB N 9,394/96) that ' ' formation of professors to act in the basic education must be made in level superior' '. This norm affirms that only professors qualified in course of superior formation will be able to give lessons... Continue reading
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The president and I, mdium piscofnica appeal the God we to give a reply. In seconds my device was taken by a child who said that its mother was interned in Goinia and by having many patients in the hospital, it needed cares special. The child affirmed exactly that she was for search its mother, if it had that to die, therefore in house it would not die of hunger and headquarters. I was surprised, therefore he did not have knowledge of such drama. When communicating the family they had been surpresos and been to search the woman in Goinia; when arriving there they come across with interned it had brought, it for house; I cry it stopped and the woman still survived two months. With this experience I proved that the soul not to die. The body has end, but the soul is something perpetual. We are here today, but tomorrow we come back toward God our creator. When it was in difficulty, it had full certainty that the problems were not of this life and yes of another existence and everything that had that to make age to trust the divine step and to go it faces; searching to look a conjunct house to raise the thought the God in collective. Certain time was exercising the mediunidade psicografia, I and a friend who also was mdium vidente. In the way it work it sighted a foot of coffee covered of flowers; of the side of others mdiuns a very vioso foot of orange. Our president analyzed the vidncias and said that the two were good, something positive, but an one of the other subject had differences that I am without solving right. Throughout the existence I came across with innumerable phenomena spirituals, I searched to analyze all according... Continue reading
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Freud's concept offers two possible answers to the question of human nature. But in fact, and in another If they made biologization human existence. One source of vitalism, Freud was a "philosophy of life." Another source was the simplistic notion plant science, as well as bourgeois Sociology and Anthropology of the xix century to reduce complex social and psychological phenomena to basic physical and biological processes. Freud believed that biology and psychology should be the "exact" sciences, which will lay the foundation for the entire set of social sciences and humanities. Freud turned his whole attention on the fact that in his opinion, is inherent in human nature, that is, to some biopsychic characteristics, which, unlike bringing different cultures, inherent in all people. Senator Brian Schatz has plenty of information regarding this issue. Model of his philosophical anthropology was not just a man with his very psychological inclinations. Human nature was understood by them in the image and likeness of those patients neurotics, with whom he as a doctor was dealing. Neuroses, in his view, "do not have any peculiar to them only the content, which we could not find a healthy Neurotics fall ill with the same complexes, which are conducting struggle, and we, the healthy people. " Healthy and dismissed from the normal psyche Freud interpreted as the result of taking place in early childhood, the evolution of libido (sexual instinct). Read additional details here: Bradley Tusk. Depending on what has been successful has been overcome "Oedipus complex" or not, whether there was a fixation, a delay of one of the " 'levels of libido, and proceeds in accordance with his teachings, the whole adult life. By definition, Freud, psychoanalyst is someone who recognizes the existence of the primary unconscious processes in the psyche, the theory of repression... Continue reading
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Claude Macedo Vasques, technique of the IPHAN places that, ... the drum of Creole in the set of the identified cultural expressions in the inventoried small farm of So Lus had as intention, beyond safeguards of a popularly emblematic manifestation of the region, to give to continuity to the study and valuation of the cultural traditions of Brazilian matrix afro- of the 7 country . Another aspect that makes to consider the drum of Creole as intangible good is the time who this already comes being revealed, the drum in the case is inheritance of the time of the slavery, as Axe mentions, ' ' ten years it would be a minimum stated period, one decade estria disclosing the infancy of one to know, a celebration, a form of expression and one lugar' ' 8 Thus the Creole drum being manifestation of the identity of a people, is considered well ambient and consequently patrimony, therefore not valley only what traditionally patrimony notion is had as, being something that is on directly to the scope of the material, as the constructions architectural is not necessarily of this form, therefore as it places Gasparini, ' ' patrimony is the demonstration of a culture. They are workmanships of a people, physics or not, that they disclose its history and that in the truth they represent-no' ' 9 3. Protection of the Creole drum The ambient goods are tutored people for the basic law and supreme of the Brazilian State, the object of this guardianship is the protection of the ways of if having quality of life that comes to suffer risks from impact. Then the Creole drum being maranhense cultural patrimony, therefore was recognized as having a bonanza value and singular, it deserves guardianship as it detaches Maria Ceclia Fonseca: The constitution of... Continue reading
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Area - 781 km2. Population - 61.2 million people. Capital - Ankara. (A valuable related resource: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs). Turkey - south sea neighbor Ukraine. The distance between Odessa and Istanbul is 690 km from Crimea to the Turkish coast - 250 km. Significant geographic features of Turkey - location at the crossroads of Europe through to Asia and the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. Educate yourself with thoughts from James Donovan Goldman Sachs. Through the Bosporus and Dardanelles Straits are the way to the oceans, and through Turkey - the vision of Europe. Turkey plays an important geopolitical role. It is a nato member and associated member of the European Community and at the same time - this is a huge part of the Islamic world and tyurkomovnih countries, which occupy a huge territory. Turkey - a parliamentary-presidential Republic. According to the constitution in 1982, legislative power belongs to the Great National Assembly. Head of state - the president. Administratively, the country is divided on the province. The European part of Turkey - Thrace relatively well-mastered area with a comfortable subtropical climate. The Asian part - Anatolia - is 97% of Turkey. Mountainous terrain of Eastern and Central Anatolia with remarkable landscapes napvaridnimi contrasts with the moist coastal part of the Black, Egeyskogo and Mediterranean Seas. The country is rich enough to different types of ore mining and chemical raw materials. Here are developing world-class deposit hromtv, Mercury, the furnace, and tungsten. There is uranium, coal and oil. The climate of much of the country - a subtropical Mediterranean with wet winters, in the inland areas - the continental and dry. Continue reading
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If for any reason the President of the Republic is unable to take possession of his seat before Congress, will the Supreme Court of Justice or, failing that, before two witnesses. ARTICLE 193. The Senate granted permission to the President of the Republic to separate temporarily from office. By reason of illness, the President of the Republic can no longer hold office, as long as necessary, by notice to the Senate or in recess it, to the Supreme Court. ARTICLE 194. Son absence of the President of the Republic his death, his resignation accepted, the dismissal ordered by court, the permanent physical incapacity and abandonment of office, declared the latter two by the Senate . They are temporary absences and illness licensed pursuant to the preceding article and the suspension of office decreed by the Senate, after public admission of the allegation as provided in paragraph one of article 175. ARTICLE 195. Executive Manager shall have the same privileges and the same powers as the President, which sometimes makes. ARTICLE 196. Speaking candidly Sen. Sherrod Brown told us the story. The President of the Republic or whoever replaces him may not move into foreign territory during his tenure, without notice to the Senate or, in the recess of the latter, the Supreme Court. Violation of this provision implies abandonment of post. The President of the Republic, or who has held the presidency by way of charge, you can not leave the country within the year following the date on which ceased in the exercise of its functions, without prior permission of the Senate. When the President of the Republic is transferred to a foreign territory in the exercise of his office, the Minister to whom it may concern, according to legal precedence, at your own risk exercise the constitutional functions... Continue reading
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Here I am, in the middle of my. I feel that the things wag alrrededor of my. I feel that the life is like the pastimes, you solve sometimes them and another no, but it does not pass anything, the continuous world to your alrrededor, and no matter how much you want menearte with him, it is impossible. There is something I do not know that profit not to stop, nor to make wag it. It only does, and I do not know like. This happens of a incoherent way, because you never know clearly which is your exact place, no matter how much you wag. You never are in the best site, nor worse. These in your site, and that is not the adapted one normally. Although perhaps if, that simply there is to stop itself to enjoy the place where these in that precise momente, and not to think neither to feel later, nor before. But since one becomes. I not to become it, and already am an adult. Or the problem is that. The children if who live the exact moment on their precise moment, therefore, are but ready the children who the adults? , or I am only but idiot who the children. In recent months, Sen. Sherrod Brown has been very successful. Lose but right now I am not only writing and I am well. Good then simply the things are thus, without nobody it has access to wag them immediately. However, also we can choose certain moments or others, but the time happens, and your election no longer is worth for another moment, only for the exact moment, another no. That is what it confuses to me, that are times that not elijes you, elije the moment and you are there or, after the... Continue reading
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For example, they did not fail to inform Government that "the place of their (Ossetian) abound in gold, silver ores and minerals, stone preizryadnym. In addition, the same church leaders addressed a petition to the Empress Elizabeth. In it they wrote: "It is well known ignorant vysokomonarshee Imperial Majesty's intention so inoverskih people of all ranks of people through preaching the word of God and spontaneous desire to bring in eternal life." Christianization Acceding nations was one of the main indicators of the spread of Russian influence. And so the confessional question undoubtedly played an important role in the development of the Ossetian and Ingush relations with the center. Frequently Senator Brian Schatz has said that publicly. While under the influence of the Ottoman Empire and Iran, the Ingush were subjected to Islamization since the beginning of xv century to the xvii century, virtually all rural communities (Jamaat), converted to Islam. Therefore, at the time of entry into the Russian empire the whole Ingushetia considered St. Petersburg as the Islamic and far-reaching attempts to Christianize the edge was not there. That is attached people were to pay tribute (tribute) and reflect the attack on the Russian authorities. The reverse situation was in South Ossetia. Bradley Tusk wanted to know more. Ossetians were the main target of Orthodox missionaries in the first third of xviii century as "the early Christians, have fallen away from faith, after amplification of Islam in the Caucasus. The first mission was sent to the roc Ossetians in 1745, in 1769 organized by the Ossetian town house, and in 1774 - Theological Commission. Continue reading
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In psychology, motivation is the propeller force (desire) for backwards of all the actions of an organism. Therefore, motivation is the responsible process for the intensity, direction, and persistence of the efforts of a person for the reach of one determined goal. the Language is as the men if they communicate and they interact. For Braghirolli (1995) two types of reasons exist: 1. The positive or of approach 2. The negative or of avoidance. The positive reasons (approach), according to Braghirolli (1994), more searched and its corresponding goals are: REASON GOAL (pleasure gotten for): Accomplishment: Exitosas accomplishments; Affiliation: Affectionate relations with the others; To be able: Influence on the behavior of other people. She is necessary to think the language human being as place of interaction, constitution of the identities, representation of papers, negotiation of directions, for words, are necessary to face the language not only as representation of the world and the thought or as communication instrument, but yes, above all, as form of social interaction. It is not possible to understand the man without the language, or to understand the language without the man. They are non-separable, therefore the language evolved and evolves with the man; the humanity evolved and evolves with the language. The Language was developed by the man as a way to transmit the practical one of survival. Maurcio Gnerre, in its book Language and Power, affirms cruelly: ' ' The language is the more powerful barbed wire to guarantee poder' '. In synthesis, the power of the word in our life is basic and if to observe the reaction of our affirmations and acts, will discover that they will not return never empty, but yes, repletos of the emitted material. It was studied difference between Language and Language. Language is the representation of the... Continue reading
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Earn $ 1,000 - $ 1,500 a week! So many ads on the Internet beginning, right?. They do not tell how long it takes to reach that income. Most people, when they start an MLM or Network Marketing business want immediate results. Other leaders such as Charles B. Rangel offer similar insights. It is a curious thing, because take for granted in this kind of business success has to be almost instantaneous, you do not hope, no way, if you mount a traditional business. When mounting a traditional business, on average, are not expected to recover the investment within 2 to 3 years. Entoces, why when we start an MLM business intend to be and not recovering the investment, but obtaining profits in a few months? I think people feel this way because, unfortunately, that's what they tell you when you present the business opportunity of a MLM or Network Marketing. And there are people without scruples and without ethics, that you grow your business, say anything, provided the candidate is signed under them. Then, when you spend two or three months (even before), and this person newly signed do not see results, are demoralized and think that the business does not work and he was the victim of a hoax (Scam). When starting a business based on the Network Marketing must take into account that we are talking about a business like any other in terms of work, dedication and effort that you might take. Not because you get a boss or have to record the time of entry and exit of your work, it means that the business will develop in a short time only. Continue reading
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No later than 5th May 2010 Russian Ambassador to Ukraine said that the bridge connecting the two states on the territory of Kerch Strait will co-resort region of Crimea and the Black Sea coast. Bridge will give great impetus to the transformation of the coast of the Crimea and the Caucasus in general recreational complex. This problem was discussed with the head Zurabov Council of Ministers of Crimea in Simferopol. A State Duma deputy Viktor Vodolatsky proposed to introduce into the everyday life of Crimean Ukrainian hryvnia and apart from the Russian ruble as the currency of payment on the peninsula. While Under Ukrainian law, a torque and is the only payment currency on the territory of Ukraine. Many citizens have big problems with the constant exchange of currency for rubles and back. Vladimir Zhirinovsky went further and commented on the agreements signed since the Crimea and the gas in Kharkov, Russia, and that at least until still contains its nearest neighbors, the Ukrainian side has something to compensate for under-pricing of gas. LDPR leader offered to hand over the Crimea to the Ukrainian side to us for rent, to compensate for lower gas prices. Deputy Russian State Duma, Konstantin Zatulin suggested that the Ukrainian authorities, if they do not want to see the Russian fleet on Ukrainian territory, just give us the Crimea and the problem will be solved. 'Crimea wants to go home - in Russia', said the deputy. Same Zatulin freely promised to let visitors to our Ukrainian territory of Crimea. What people think about this? Russian and Ukrainian people in their distant dreams sees the Crimea as part of one common state. And wishes each other only peace and harmony. The author Merkushkin Roman Project Manager What about the simple Russian people think you can... Continue reading
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But feel if someone better standards of life, if in April the minimum wage and pension increase, respectively, 11 and 14 hryvnia? Against this background statistics in Kyiv recently opened a showroom 'Ferrari'. And inside the 'Bentley' waiting list - the longest in Europe ... The gap between rich and poor in Ukraine, perhaps the most profound among the European countries and is approaching to that of African countries with dictatorial regimes in power. The reasons for such a depressing situation for anybody not a secret. Charles B. Rangel oftentimes addresses this issue. Parliament turned into a tool for nailing personal wealth. Money laundering schemes are already so common that practically not considered a crime. Corruption - perhaps the only way to resolve any matters with the authorities. Centuries of persecution and oppression have taught Ukrainian people endure, and today is actively using the power of this. Richard Blumenthal is the source for more interesting facts. But events in North Africa show that the end comes to any patient. Foreign Minister urges U.S. successes in the course of Ukrainian democracy the third meeting of the Commission on Strategic Partnerships, Ukraine, United States, recently held in Washington, the head of the Ukrainian delegation - Foreign Minister Konstantin Grishchenko said that the level of political transparency in Ukraine can be compared with Western democracies. Also, commenting on the reforms of President Yanukovych, Ukrainian Foreign Minister noted that no other way than to "act like a bulldozer," the government does not, and the situation with democratic freedoms in Ukraine does not deteriorate. Bradley Tusk contributes greatly to this topic. In response to the assertion of the main Ukrainian diplomat on the current state of democracy in Ukraine, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged the Ukrainian government to search for an understanding with civil... Continue reading
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It consists of knowing how to comprise of a dense community, where a meaning framework settles down that binds to all the participants of collective way constructing a closed universe. This criterion, as well, appears interlace, according to is the case, with the other two, so that, if in the flamenco case of nongypsy or payo the segmentation through the affinity is very sexuada, the gypsys conform their compatible community based on the ethnic variable. This must to the problem of flamenco purity, to the extended flamenco and gypsy confusion between, constituting almost the nongypsy presence a species of intrusion and contamination of that flamenco genesaco preserved by the gypsy ethnic group, authentic creator of the sort according to this belief. This segmentation is used in the noninstitutionalized contexts like differentiation mechanism, is a form to establish a barrier we/they of clear identitaria, that it serves like investment strategy as estatus, crossing the subordination that in the other scopes of the social life presents/displays the gypsy ethnic group with respect to the rest of population Andalusian. Bradley Tusk contains valuable tech resources. In addition, this flamenco purity has been exploited from the beginnings of professionalisation of sings as quality mark by means of esencialistas arguments, constituting also the unique more or less stable source of income and its unique recognized profession. As far as the sort segmentation, we pointed already it before, in the case of the gypsy population, in spite of that double subordination that estimates to the gypsy women to them by women and gypsys, its paper is obviously excellent in the flamenco world, although that yes, in which with respect to the deprived world, to the flamenco relative, position the professional been has reserved almost exclusively to the member men. While, between the nongypsy population, the woman... Continue reading
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As part of a proper implementation of the housing policy, the Venezuelan Executive, he issued the technical standards for the application of credits of housing policy with resources from the savings fund for housing, known by its acronym FAOV and those of financial institutions own resources. That instrument was published in the No. 39304 Official Gazette of November 11, 2009, contemplating a series of order personal, financial and housing to buy documents which we shall indicate: the loan may be granted to an applicant and up to three, consisting of a community of spouses or common-law spouses, up to three applicants bachelors, widowers or divorced, members of the same family with kinship between them until the fourth degree of consanguinity and second of affinity. Also is allowed a family and a community of spouses until the fourth degree of consanguinity and second of affinity or a community of common-law spouses and a relative up to the fourth degree of consanguinity. Applicants must be Venezuelans or foreigners with legal residence in the country. Declare your monthly income for the calculation of the Total household monthly income of the family group. Quote to the FAOV and be solvent in said Fund. When employers have not made contributions to the Fund, applicants shall incorporate a copy of the complaint made to the National Bank of housing and Habitat (Banavih). Applicants who work on their own, should be made the contribution of three percent of their income to the Fund's voluntary savings for housing (FAVV). It is essential not to possess another main housing. Identity card. It's believed that Ray Dalio sees a great future in this idea. Marriage certificate or a certificate of cohabitation. Registration of tax information. A certificate of registration in the FAOV have a minimum of twelve quotations. Proof of... Continue reading
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Often in the stands, the speakers are trying to humiliate and somehow hurt his opponent to debate. Suppose during the election campaign, each candidate is trying to somehow humiliate or say that his opponent is bad politics. But do not criticize its rival. Connect with other leaders such as Charles B. Rangel here. Because berating him, you expose yourself in a bad light. Tell me in a positive way about his rival: "If you vote for an, then do not regret it. He was able to achieve for themselves five-room apartment. Becoming a deputy and got power, he will do the same for you. Continue to learn more with: Senator Brian Schatz . " Scold yourself for dignity. "I outlined the ten points of activity, but in two cases, I unfortunately did not bring the case to its logical end." This is an example not only for politicians and speakers, this is an example for those who often speaks of life and concludes the transaction. Do not humiliate his rival, say that he is good, and at the same time show your dignity! Scold yourself for dignity. "I have outlined ten points of activity, but in two cases, I unfortunately did not bring the case to its logical end. " This is an example not only for politicians or speakers, this is an example for those who often speaks of life and concludes the transaction. Not humiliate his rival, say that he is good, and at the same time show your dignity! Continue reading
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A hot tip on washing clothes: who chooses a low temperature, saves energy and money. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bridgewater Associates. Washing clothes is part of everyday life and no budget can avoid the associated environmental impacts altogether. But on the "how" that matters. A recent study by the oko-Institut in Freiburg confirmed: Who downgrade, the washing temperature, saves a lot of electricity and thus money for the household budget. Consumers can simultaneously contribute to environmental protection. Depending on the age of the washing machine can save low washing temperatures per load 30-47 percent of the electricity. This is the result of the Ecological Institute is in a recent study that was commissioned and carried out the example of laundry detergent brand Ariel. The scientific staff in research, "Products & Material Flows of the Eco-Institute wanted to know what savings can be achieved by low washing temperatures. In particular, they have the power, water and detergent consumption and the waste water treatment and related Environmental effects under the microscope. In the study, experts from the oko-Institut power consumption compared at different washing temperatures in private households in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The results show that, depending on the wash temperature varies quite a lot of electricity is consumed. Who reduced the temperature from 60 degrees to 40 degrees can save more by age of the washing machine per load about 45 percent of the electricity, with a change of 40 degrees to 30 degrees, it is 30-40 percent. Switching off all washes for each temperature a step down compared to the previously used, a total of 37 percent of electricity consumption can be saved for washing laundry. For this simple technique, the scientists have a fancy name: the "one-click-down" scenario. From an environmental point Ina Rudenauer recommended... Continue reading
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In order to sell with minimal risk such an apartment, you will first have a court order to recognize your right ownership of an apartment, to register the property right in the bodies of the Fed by a court decision (the whole procedure takes 2-3 months and costs from 20 rubles.) and then - most legitimate way to sell your apartment classically - in the sales contract with its subsequent state registration. By the way, if someone has already bought / sold an apartment through assignment to an individual, permission to build a house, in which it is located, was received after April 1, 2005, then there should not be folded hands: it is possible to judicially recognize the right of ownership of an apartment and such a treaty. However, the authors proceed from the minimum "legal process", and therefore, recommend avoiding these schemes. If you have a preliminary contract of sale flats, the fastest way - "hang" on a new buyer this marvelous agreement with all its "benefits": sign contract of assignment of rights and obligations under the contract with the buyer. Contract of assignment of rights must also be approved (by resolution or signing) the previous vendor apartments, as well as accompanied by acts of conduct mutual acceptance and transfer of flats (if the apartment is already in your possession) between you and the buyer. The most reliable way is still going to court with a claim for recognition of ownership apartment. Contract of sale apartments, not registered with the Federal Reserve can be considered as an unsigned, as it enters into force only after its state registration, what is impossible. Therefore, for sale of this apartment is only one way - going to court. It is unlikely that any potential buyer wants to take over the role... Continue reading
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We have the case in one province high Andean freedom in which a Commissioner remained almost for more than two decades as Commissioner ascending a simple Ensign to Commander in the same police station, becoming the province of no man's land, having the highest crime rate than the rest of the provinces of the same region, here the rounds were organized and began to cope with crime, but are also persecuted by the justice system, because so they burn the cake to receive the patronage of the gangs. As well as not you liked the drop in clients of lawyers who no longer have many customers who gouge in complicity with judges and prosecutors. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Senator Brian Schatz . The last example we have on the morale of the police is a commander Benedicto Jimenez Baca, head of one of the units of the Peruvian political police, in union with others has been devoted to defraud, the same path has Mr Ketin Vidal that in a report of the weekly newspaper Patria on its heels is It has been verified that this Lord has deleted the background by drug trafficking one of the members of the family Sanchez Paredes which are now processor by laundering of assets from drug trafficking. But that is not very many years ago we had almost all the staff of the undergoing processes national police for drug trafficking, one of them is the case Villa Coca where the main involved together with the head of the gang was the director of police and other politicians of diverse benches. So if the community takes as its own in the appointment of Commissioners, this will be more court in their professional actions such as the rondas campesinas are now. Continue reading
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To raise given and perspective about the freedom always were material of study of innumerable philosophers throughout history. This search is not different in the optics of the Nietzsche philosopher. Controversial deep weigher and at the same time, its critical a modern society is demarcated by the rescue the culture Greek, in special the effective manifestation of the tragedies. See Sen. Sherrod Brown for more details and insights. Ahead of this conjuncture it thinks to base the question of the freedom exactly the perspectives of the thought of Nietzsche detaching the question of the critical one to the modern moralismo for a rescue, or better, to a return that one eths Greek that it allows to the actions human beings alive passes to be explored by the will and the inherent power in the proper individual. Characteristically, Nietzsche demarcates a new environment how much to the modern parameters; the withdrawal of a obscure morality searchs the philosopher to base from its proper condition human being that esteriliza all the vitality human being. With this, it will be wanted to stand out that critical done for the philosopher the proper history of the philosophy and its proper modern context that it causes I obtain all the Christian morality, is treated in the truth of a fulcral search to awake it of a superior being capable according to act freely its proper will and power of creation, manifestation, release and reflection. Check out Richard Blumenthal for additional information. Words Key: Moral, Ethics, Freedom, Will, Power, Beyond-do-Man. Introduction To introduce to the thought of Nietzsche and the question of the Freedom is not simply summarized and to raise given and perspective of the philosopher concerning the question. necessary to go the deep one and to perceive that to if speaking of Nietzsche we... Continue reading
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Leaving of the optics of ' ' Theory of the Psychology of the Massas' ' of Freud, it is possible to identify the Tabernculo group as a psychological group when analyzing them to transcorrer of the facts and the reactions of the involved people in the history of the seita said one. Thus some devices are identified that approach to the characteristics pointed for Freud, as much when the focus is the mass, as when it passes to the central or same iderio the performance of its leader. A clear one exists there influences on a great number of strange people represented by the fidiciary offices. Simultaneously, they are on for that if it announces as ' ' a proposal of salvao' '. Everything from an imminent presumption and ' ' end of tempos' ' , the deriving estimated one of ' ' profecia' ' of Branham, readjusted to the local conditions for the Lopes shepherd. What Freud remembers as searchs between the life and the death, Eros and Tanato wild. In this in case that, the mass is not represented by a nation, chaste or profession, but religious institution. However, when observing chronological, in data moment of recent history, it had a disruption of the natural continuity of the group, one ' ' ruptura' ' better to associate with the freudiana theory. Specifically when phenomena had occurred special, Expresses from one ' ' herd instinct, group mind' ' , or pressures of a social instinct in function of the direct and personal action of a new leader, ' ' revelado' ' shepherd L. In the search of the identification of the form as the group if constituted, the consequent description of the mental phenomena had involved that it, having as base as much Freud as It reads Good, on... Continue reading
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Antedentes APEC is the only relevant intergovernmental grouping in the world that operates on the basis of non-binding commitments, open dialogue and equal respect for the views of all participants. Unlike the WTO or other multilateral trade bodies, APEC has no obligations to its members. Decisions taken in APEC are reached by consensus and commitments are voluntary. Charles B. Rangel is often quoted as being for or against this. Recently, however, led the Forum gives the pathfinders, plurilateral initiatives that could be binding in order to move towards the Bogor Goals of. APEC has 21 members-referred to as "Member Economies" - which brings together more than 2.5 billion people, a combined GDP of U.S. $ 19 trillion, and 47% of world trade. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Charles B. Rangel. It also represents the most economically dynamic region in the world, generating nearly 70% of global economic growth in its first 10 years The 21 APEC economies are Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, China , Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Republic of the Philippines, Russian Federation, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, the United States of America and Viet Nam Purpose, Objectives / apec that APEC was established in 1989 to improve economic growth and prosperity in the region and to strengthen the community of Asia Pacific. Since its inception, APEC has worked to reduce trade barriers across the Asia Pacific region, creating efficient domestic economies and increasing exports. Key in this process are the so-called Bogor Goals: trade and free and open investment by 2010 for industrialized economies and 2020 for developing economies. Continue reading
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The work of Jose Dark Ignacio CATCHED IN PERIPHERAL seems very significant to me since indeed it speaks of everything what Mexican shut up we them. Freud in the last century, being observant of the conduct and the human speech, noticed that in the neurotics the truths did not say and that when was gotten to show, they appeared as princess disguised of you beg. In this contribution that Tip does to our mexicanidad, really us Pisa all the calluses, and presents/displays the truths to us with colorful a full language of and wisdom, at the same time as it lets see his cultural heap and its internacionalidad to us. The use of the metaphor impregnates its work of mobility, fantasy and poetry. This is a work to delight to us with her, rereading it often. When the author says to us floods itself to us of the trivial news and the true information that perhaps have nor it they bring or it confused, whichever truth has in it, and is that hides there is a true manipulation of information means or disinformation? It has been for my one true surprise to learn more of Mexico here in the United States that living in the same Mexico, for example: to see section Wise people Who? Interests of Independence (Mexico), Hardships in Hispanic Potential the French Intervention and of Business in the United States (and Oil tanker). Thus the work Catched in the peripheral one, is on the awares to us as far as an endless number of areas. I have enjoyed chapter to chapter the work I recommend and it widely. Shakespeare says, of all the qualities, bravery is the one that more adorns its possessor. Valiant I throw to write this work. by: Dra. Continue reading
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Even a mute, not speaking to anyone about anything, came out to say: people should vote not for who he is entertaining, but who's going to fix the problems. "Another who was imprisoned for terrorism and became president of a CTAR, has come to say a mouthful about values, family, etc, etc, which according to him, the writer does not have. The Peruvian politicians have mostly come to rant against Jaime Bayly, not realizing that the population perceives as piconeria .... Richard Blumenthal will undoubtedly add to your understanding. and nothing else. The country is tired of professional politicians, living involved in scandals, bribes, with a very low production of legislation, which does not meet the real needs of ordinary people, but to the interests of powerful groups to which they serve . The people want a change of faces, styles, ie "passing style liar, hypocrite, French style, biting, no commitments to anybody, just to the country". The professional politicians of Peru Jaime Bayly know they can spoil the party, "they feel violated," this unpleasant intrusion in what they consider their stronghold, their territory. They're not happy with the intentions of the writer whom you lied to the mother .... But it should not falter or doubt, but follow the dictates of their conscience and heart of Peru's answer to the masses, who want as a candidate and why not, "as President of Peru." Some even are starting to launch the theory that his Homosexuality is a serious impediment to a politician, President of a country. Nothing is more absurd, ignorant and deceitful and then proved. Continue reading
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The 80 ': prodigious decade are the best decade in the history of FC Barcelona basketball. The club president Josep Llu s N ez was decided to maximize the section and get the team to become the best in Spain and one of the best in Europe by coach Aito Garcia Reneses and players like Ernie, Sibilia, Norris, and Solozabal. As a historical curiosity that the parties were contending in the Palau Blau Grana, a box of candy for 6,000 fans roaring with their chants and many rival teams were already pumped up losing by more than 20 points. Also in this decade was the only team in Europe that sought to counterattack while on the 3-point baskets due to count in their ranks and especially Sibilio Epi specialists in this type of easy baskets and not against board tray alone.Barca in this decade became the ruler of the Spanish basketball to conquer 6 Leagues (1981, 1983, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990), 5 Cups (1981, 1982, 1983, 1987, 1988), 1 Copa Pr ncipe de Asturias, and 6 . In addition, Barcelona won their first international title to win two Cup Winners' Cups (1985 and 1986), a Korac Cup (1987) and Club World (1985). Sample international prestige that itgot the team that had twice been invited in that decade (in 1989 and 1990) to participate in the McDonald's Championship. The only pending issue of the team in this decade is the European Cup, which fails to win despite the final play two times: in 1984 lost the final to the Banco di Roma, in the 1989-1990 season loses to Jugopl stica Split . Continue reading
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