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The two rulers of France and United Kingdom have met in London. Both have in common the newborn having become leaders while maintaining their respective parties in power. In the European Union Sarkozy party represented that were right-wing regime more hostile to the U.S. and the Brown to the leftist more pro Bush. After Sarkozy replaced Chirac in Gaullism he has sought to move closer to Washington and harden before Iran and China (who is threatening with sanctions by the Tibet). Brown to replace Blair has sought to distance himself from both go after Bush. Both rulers are decreasing in his domestic popularity. Sarkozy wants Brown to endorse his claim that for 2009 the European Union having its own President and Foreign Minister, and he by his side is willing to fully returning to NATO. The two are the only EU leaders who have atomic bombs and today want to coordinate to get more power with more nuclear plants. Continue reading
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AP - HAVANA (AP) - President Raul Castro said that the expert damage caused by Hurricane Paloma will add to the Gustav and before they left, and Ike was estimated at about 10,000 million dollars. Continue reading
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Truthfulness is of paramount importance, and it will not be forgotten! The secret of Focus on the problems of humanity are always looking for various ways to facilitate the solution of problems that face them. Create ads that will help solve some problems of consumers. Try to use the issue to decide who will be easy with the help of the advertised service or product. Here are a few Examples: "Tired monitor their own weight?" "Do you want to account for the cell phone was less?" "Are you unhappy with your appearance?" The secret of Calls to Action Be specific, indicate the price of your product or service do not bother customers and do not give a reason to look somewhere else. Do not be afraid to end advertising to say: "Buy Now", "Call us today!" Or "Visit our store." Etc. The secret of number Blame Do not forget to include your name and / or logo on all advertisements. Make sure that they are written large enough font to read easily without straining your eyes. Qualitatively made advertising draws attention to its authors. The secret of number Literacy Make that use charts, words, slogans, etc. mix well, and do not contradict each other. If during the viewing of advertising among consumers remain outstanding questions, dvoyakost, then advertising will not be effective. The secret of number Memorability successful advertising makes a lasting impression on everyone. Make a commercial for something special and unique, it will help make advertising memorable. Catchy advertising begins operate on a subconscious level. The secret of number Brand advertising will look professional, keep the style and brand, if you use the same fonts and colors, and avoid volatility. It is estimated by experts, that people should see the same ad 7 times before they remember it.... Continue reading
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Therefore, in the committee of six members, two were against, and four of the six were favorable about the medical exclusiveness of the psychoanalysis. In 1926, year of the publication of ' ' Question of the analysis leiga' ' , the International Society of Psychoanalysis counted on 344 members, of which 60 not-doctors (17%). From there because Freud if pledged in a liberal attitude face to the not-doctors, giving until understanding, wrong, that it preferred the laypeople. If the Committee was mainly favorable to the opinion of Freud, this if it complained of that the majority of its disciples did not follow it in this particular one. The book of Freud provoked, in 1927, an extensive one quarrel between medical and lay analysts: beyond Freud, 25 analysts had participated (20 doctors and five laypeople). Eissler counted to seven psychoanalysts the favor, without reserves, of the analysis layperson: the five favor, with reserves; 11 against and 2 on who it was impossible to determine the one that group belonged. The Society of New York was declared against, and the Hungarian and the Viennese (of Freud) the favor, ' ' The question of the analysis league' ' rare it is cited by the psychoanalysts. According to Eissler, ' ' it seems to have been read that innovations so rare long-range that are found in it (therefore the problem of the analysis layperson alone occupy two of the seven chapters; the remaining portion is an exposition of the psychoanalysis) had remained, as much how much I know, generally without having been noted' '. Eissler discloses that an important analyst, known for its erudio and its domain of psicanaltica literature well, said a time to it that ' ' The question of the analysis league' ' he was ' ' the only publication of... Continue reading
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But? public politics? adopted they remain for insufficient, becoming a gap, generating of informal job and new chance for a slice of the society that does not obtain insertion in the work market. In Barretos, (north of the state of So Paulo), the situation is not different, day the day glimpses the catadores of paper exerting its ambient function without no social recognition nor, nor on the part of the politics public. While society photographs the consumerista them as? coitados? , it does not have at least the most vacant notion of the benefits that its function brings to them in short term. While all the type of commerce produces garbage, they remove them to the catadores with avidez, of uninterrupted form, and thus the city goes if becoming cleaner and pleasant. They are the angels of the garbage, that of it removes its life improving the life of all we, while it does not come its valuation as citizen and as professional. The Valuation of the Catadores de Papel the search of the dignity human being through the work leads some people? men and women? called? Catadores de Lixo? to daily long for a professional identity which provides basic sustenance conditions to them. Amongst them, many live in the proper workstation (the Lixes) or ramble for the streets of the cities (Catadores de Papel) the material search and daily develop these activities of solitary form or in family (what it perpetuates in the life of the new generations the continuity of activity). A new form to think and to act innovative (still distant of the ideal), more conscientious, appears of the proper society, hangs on this classroom, in reporting for a coherent agreement on its representation, recognizing of form still? discrete? , but significant, the valuation of the Catadores... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2014 at Orlando Family Lawyer
The learning had been boarded at the beginning of the lesson, and guests to participate of the study. After to identify those that take care of the inclusion criteria, was delivers the Term of Free Assent and Clarified e, after its signature, was applied the half-structuralized questionnaire that was collected at the signoff moment of fulfilling. The instrument used it was elaborated by means of a questionnaire half-structuralized composed for partner-demographic data and 8 questions with the purpose to ahead evaluate the knowledge of the pupil-professionals of the process of the Acreditao. The data had been analyzed through simple arithmetical evaluation and comparative, using Microsoft software it programs Excel 2007. Results Price 1: In the occasion of the study, period understood between days 24 and 26 of May 2011. 152 graduandos being enclosed 41 had been boarded that they will take care of to the inclusion criteria, did not have loss of pursuing. They had participated to the graduandos of nursing of 7 and 8 semester that acts or had acted as assistant or technician in believed institutions. The age measured of the studied population was of 20 the 30 years (51.22%), taking advantage the feminine sex (75.61%), greater has broken of technician of nursing (56.10%) and graduandos of 7 semester (73.17%). Table 1: Partner-demographic data of the participants of the study. Mogi of Crosses, SP, 2011. VarivelN=41% Age (it measured) 20 the 30 anos2151,22 31 the 43 anos2048,78 Sex Masculino1024,39 Been Feminino3175,61 Civil Casado1741,46 Solteiro2458,54 Occupation Auxiliary of Enfermagem1843,90 Technician of Enfermagem2356,10 Graduating 7 semestre3073,17 8 semestre1126,83 Table 2: It demonstrated that all know the process of the acreditao, prevailing to most of the sample with positive percentage. Knowing they who the quality brings benefits for the professionals and its users, providing a consensus of opinions to reach the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2014 at Orlando Family Lawyer
Recently I read that the people of the world fashion had adhered to the ecological movement. I did not think two times! Nunquinha that I went to be of is! I decided that I am defender of the planet. It is the last fashion! Now, I am compromised to the cause of the support of the planet. Chiquersimo! Already I adopted some echo-conscientious positions (ours, the words of this movement are to hiper chic), but confess that only what I consider practical and convenient. You, as mine better friend, knows that I do not open hand of some habits that I have. But what she matters it is that step the appearance that really I am engaged in this movement fashion. What I make inside of my house, does not need nobody to be knowing! Story alone for you, because I know that it thinks igualzinho me! I read another day, that I have that to be green to save the environment! It gave a knot injured in my head! How it will be that I make to be green? Not yet vi nothing in fashion magazine some, announcing products that esverdeiam people! If you to be knowing of something, rapidinho speak to me, you? But, not to be completely of it are, already I bought some parts of green clothes. Accessories also! I changed the mark of spray that use in my room at night, to be cheirosinho well! Now only I buy of the green can! It is a beauty, to borrifar a bit in conditional air (that he is on the entire night) as soon as I go to lie down itself. The room is in pleasant a super temperature, and cheiroso. I only obtain to sleep thus, and with on television! I read that delayed bath... Continue reading
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If you chose a blue as the main color, find the option where it is decomposed into tone scale, or present a combination of colors with warm undertones. Not recommended to abuse in small enclosed spaces, which often a bathroom, shades of purple scale, as they create an oppressive mood, and give the interior a burden. A nice way - green, which favorably affects the weary man, refreshing and calming. But use should be combined with white and beige tones, or the room can look dull and inexpressive. The ceiling is better to light, for example, white or milk, since these colors create a feeling of of space and lightness. How many colors can be present in the decor of the bathroom? If the interior is dominated by two close shades, several small scale elements other without distracting from the overall flavor. As a rule, large surfaces are choosing lighter restrained tone and brighter, more saturated fragments used (Fig, mosaic, paste, etc.), with an overall calm interior diluted colored parts of small size. When using multiple colors should be chosen them so that they contrast in tone. This means that they must be opposites in the color wheel and mixing to form shades of gray. Such colors are accepted additional call to each other. Examples include a pair of dark red and dark green, light yellow and blue, etc. The combinations according to this principle is especially exquisite. Placed side by side, complementary colors mutually reinforcing, creating a single composition, in which opposites merge. Continue reading
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In recent years, Poland adopts the pointed shrinkage loop re-election process in the lead and zinc sulfide ore ore-milling classification to recycle 0 - 1 mm fractionated part of the galena, to avoid its losses in residue economically and effectively, and improve the condition of flotation circuit conditions. Rotary dryer is a device for material heating and drying. Materials in the rotary cylinder of concentric series are able to be dried in the process of traversing back and forth and lifting materials in the internal and external cylinder between spiral and discontinuous raising plate spiral blade. It is suitable for a wide variety of products, ranging from granular, powdered and crystalline materials, through to filter cakes and sludges for the food, chemical and mineral industries. Dryer machine is widely used in the field of building materials, metallurgies, chemical industry, and cement and so on. It can dry slag, coal powder, powder, clay, sand, limestone and so on mining. It is made into rotary body, lifting blade, driving device, supporting device etc. The dryer has advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption and convenient for transportation. Dry and wet-election in the election of iron to widely used, what is suitable Dry or wet-election and what is their main difference? Dry machine is mainly used for the recovery of ore from the waste rock and ore mine carved from the mezzanine election, clearing the rubble, raising ore purity. Dry machine is mainly composed of round steel sieve, hopper, vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, magnetic roller, and gold mines funnel composition. The wet magnetic separator is the widespread use of a magnetic iron ore concentrator machine, it uses the sorting performance of ferromagnetic minerals as sorting devices in recent years, also used as a filter in front of enrichment equipment to replace... Continue reading
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Position initial of the arcane the Pope in a print run of three cards tarot, aludiria to the past and from that perspective we would see that there has been a very substantial change, and that the person to achieved a full labor integration. An example most drastic would be put the arcane the Pope as the response of the tarot in last position, thus leaving the cards: the Empress, the Emperor, the Pope and now is when the set of playing cards is a new expression, however the foregoing is unchanged, the vital power of the two first arcana they annul the social ostracism of the last and they give prominence to other representations that hasas the intelligence, the ability to meditate things well before you run, the authority or competence, but not that value of the arcane the Pope in the labour field stay something marginalized daily and real life plunged into their spiritual world. Ways to read the arcana there are as many as Tarot readers, it is difficult to say that way of doing this is correct and what not, because it is often the vehicle of intuition that is navigated and almost all roads lead to the same port if the It interprets them knows what makes, or does so with enough faith, but what is essential is that Chuck is referred to as a whole, and representations of the arcana polished and nuanced to eliminate existing inconsistencies between various representations of a letter from any tarot. Carlos. verses of the heart the Tarot the Amor Y Los arcana positive Aimar Perez Gali Blog Archive they are (des) obscuring the specific weight of a historic capital ' fussing over the world Germany celebrates its reunification Journal of opinion and influence to the Peruvian, once... Continue reading
Posted Feb 21, 2014 at Orlando Family Lawyer
Is not alternative to the Government (the current and the future) rather than maintain patience and moderation overhead bridges and open doors hoping that Lopez Obrador's speech be tempered; failure to so would imply a historical irresponsibility because it would open the doors to an escalation in the confrontation and that no one suits you, said Salvador Garcia Soto, researcher at the Institute of legal research and Professor of the Faculty of law of the University national autonomous of Mexico (UNAM). The desire for transcendence of Lopez Obrador can be medium-term the guillotine that decapitate it against its followers fanatics who are trying to trigger hatred, fear and hysteria in a country where there is only a legitimate President: Felipe Calderon. Weigh to whom in spite of him. If AMLO insists on wanting to establish a Republic parallel and itinerant, as it is his desire, like that the President did in his time Juarez, Mexicans will give Lopez Obrador back is that this isn't Juarez and Juarez is already part of the Mexican history. Fortunately, Mexico has economic stability and the monetary strength, an inheritance that leave the administration of President Vicente Fox. This is major support of the country with which it may face eventual storms or economic ups and downs. Yet what can criticize Fox, this will go into history as the man who tamed the wild Colt of the PRI that drove the strings of power in Mexico for 71 years. Today, this political Institute occupies a third place at the national level and has seeks to conquer some redoubts as Chiapas where is still pending electoral failure to determine if he won the governorship Senator PRI Jose Antonio Aguilar Bodegas or Juan Sabines Guerrero of the PRD. Of the Zapatista Army of national liberation (EZLN), which... Continue reading
Posted Feb 14, 2014 at Orlando Family Lawyer
In terms of the opinion, he more than anyone knows how fickle is the view! And how manageable! 4 Which character has his candidacy (of him): partisan, partisan, emerging political project, beyond the traditional political machinery? It would be Liberal and he has already proven that it can give surprises over the traditional political machinery. His project, definitely wouldn't pop-up but quite the opposite, which is the same sheath! 5. What account (him) with support for the campaign teams and eventually to play the position, or they would be emerging needs? That's one question pendeja for seats because he knows that people joins that go winning. And if you talk about people for the Cabinet, he is a specialist in change, put, disrupt and reassemble cabinets shortly before announcing them. 6. What defeat would mean a severe personal setback (for him)? The man is retired, all the We know. 7. What family members (of him) is also appearing as candidates? Ah! Yes and more! Do and that what? Best, isn't it? 8. For all those who claim to support it (to) decisively in private, how many are willing to publicly ratify it at the right time? Already answered in point 5 and anyway, very soon we will know. 9. What is your position in (the) respect of the peace process? He has been a democratic and peace-loving every Democrat. He has been threatened and all threatened of death also loves peace. 10 - If you succeed, do with who would govern (him): with its electoral allies or their opponents with everyone? As stated in the same places, I don't know with who would rule, but I do know with those who would not rule! Finally, as we know that places thought it only can urge you: say it! Say it! Continue reading
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Tragic elections Teodulo Lopez Melendez if some elections deserve the adjective of tragic are women parliamentarians that touch us in luck. Exceed a mere consultation, go beyond the supposed renovation of the Parliament, cease to be an electoral act to become the classic Gordian knot. What reaches its climax with these elections is the crisis of representative democracy. I have argued that the so-called opposition parties and the regime that us haunts are the two faces of the same coin. The second a product not desired, but caused by this type of democracy itself finished industrial era. It is paradoxical to arrival at this point without apparent return occur under this regime, making it, without place to doubt, in a revolutionary event. That is, not desired outgrowth of representative vices eleven years later confirms its character, one that no one can deny with baladies arguments like that that is nothing more than a bad government. In other words, this debate useless and marginal of ways, ways and procedures for how the opposition will participate in the parliamentary elections should understand that the present regime is one revolutionary, because it has brought the country to the point of a final rupture, the death and burial of representative democracy and its replacement by non-democratic forms, even in the eventual alternatives to its own maintenance in power. This process exceeds that we will choose candidates in primaries or by consensus or with transfer of quotas to civil society. Such is the magnitude of the knot that is made that is made goes meekly to septic that history reserves for the seemingly inevitable events. It is not just mathematics that indicate precisely how many members can choose the so-called opposition under the law of electoral procedures and the creation of circuits at the whim... Continue reading
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The FARC are in crisis. In recent years they have lost half of their combatants. They just suffer its worst humiliation and the death of three of their seven secretaries. They come by reducing their social bases and all their external friends ask them that they disarm and surrender their hostages in exchange for nothing. However, the FARC still have about 10,000 men, fronts in most of the departments and a tradition and structure forged over 60 years where resisted campaigns of extermination or legalization. Raze them as Fujimori did with path is somewhat difficult. Before the bludgeon of Uribe, Betancourt and Chavez offer you work in tandem with him but offering the carrot to the FARC. While Uribe is focused on hitting them militarily, Betancourt and Chavez offered a path for a reintegration proposing them if they demobilize it away supporting Uribe and could help electorally he is replaced by a moderate left. However, the FARC still could, as before, endure the adverse Gale to then want to Re-emerger. Original author and source of the article. Continue reading
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If any country who does not know the Peru that there are many actually read or heard the statements of some candidates for the Presidency of the Republic in our country, they would be amazed at some of them. The candidate Keiko Fujimori said:-I have to give a tug of ears to the Government about this issue. Water for all has not worked neither in Pamplona, in Ate, nor in Carabayllo nor in Puente Piedra, in any part of the country. In recent months, Ray Dalio has been very successful. There is no potable water-. As I repeat: a citizen of any country that ignores the existence of ours, reading this would think:-Wow, poor country, nobody has drinking water - but: no one has water in Pamplona? No one has water in Ate? No one has water Carabayllo? No one has water in Puente Piedra? What they say and do some presidential candidates to earn votes, leaves much to be desired. Learn more about this with Zach Kouwe. Then this same candidate if you believe in the polls. Of course, because they put it in second place. If you were in fourth or fifth, you would not believe. What is easy, no? Toledo far wish you good luck to his contender Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in the electoral race, in a burst of simplicity and humility said he would convene premier, where he is President. What humble, not? Not realizes that with this, it is minimizing its contender. He cannot comprehend that all candidates go to the race, with the same personal value. What kind of campaign consultants has Alejandro Toledo, who warned her that he could not go to be campaign to a place where reject him? And it is not it is wrong to do this, but knowing our... Continue reading
Posted Jan 20, 2014 at Orlando Family Lawyer
In our country, has begun the election campaign to reach the municipal Chair, and then begin the campaign in parallel to reach the Chair of Pizarro. Last night on the television program of Rosa Maria Palacios, we could see what awaits us. Actually it is the same old. Speeches are based on two aspects: first attack others, and removed the rags to the Sun arguing that everyone has a tail of straw, and glass roof. Second, called more attention, one that tell more lies, and promise more unattainable things. Unfortunately this is the electoral panorama that awaits us. And expected us this, because unfortunately the mentality of the Peruvian is that; a mentality that when our son is going to enter the nest, the first thing that we are concerned, is to know defend themselves, that don't be pasting by their peers, enrolling them in self-defense courses. That mentality of instilling in our children that are always live, known, who always take advantage of any situation, because in this way do not they will suffer in life. That is the mentality of all the young people that aims to bring to power the Lady Lourdes Flores, when he talks about having in your job list, young professionals of high level. But of what level we're talking about? From what little we've been able to appreciate, we already see how the thing; going accommodating We can already observe that television channel will support this or which candidate to the Presidency. As soon channel 2 supports the daughter of Fujimori, and Channel 4, so it said Mrs Rosa Maria Palacios, do not leave unclear whether Castaneda, or Toledo. But if he escaped and said without wanting to, going to support one of the two. I want to tell you something that I... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2014 at Orlando Family Lawyer
Historians in the hundreds of pages I've written, since 14 months before the 2006 electoral process, effects, causes, and consequences, I highlighted a Medullary point with dedication to all political analysts and advisers mainly political should include among its directors: social analysts, historians. The causes of the movement - if we want to appoint him as well - and the effect of the candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in constant growth, only find them in the history. Without hesitation Zach Kouwe explained all about the problem. It is very clear that already I seen it coming, a born leader, with the acceptance and support of the people. Impressive mobilization of one million one hundred thousand people! in the Zocalo on July 16 2006. And it is not foolish, and much less what are wrong with a closure people, tired of injustice and social inequality is that is encrypting hopes in a new leader, the current, of the present and future. An effect of huge proportions in the social life, hitorica of the Republic Mexican. The people of Mexico, two-thirds of the total population, has matured into the value of honesty, transparency - and notice that I do not include the value of democracy, wishing with all his forces again check main values, motors of fight against corruption; Why attend the marches, although pay his little pocket money. It is a enough already!, and an outcry of the Mexican people marginalized majorities; those which any analyst politician or political adviser, does not have the ability to understand, comprehend, or taken as benchmark and finding a good analysis to the federal executive because you don't know it!. Within its sphere of comfort, and abstract view of study - in the universities of origin-, they could never get the clarity of the Mexican... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2014 at Orlando Family Lawyer
Created in London, with the help of Negrin, politician, Spanish Institute, which lasted from 1946 to 1950 and had as main collaborators to Cernuda, Martinez Torner and Salazar Chapela and personal friend. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Zach Kouwe. He was collaborator of independence, biweekly magazine of Spanish culture, whose first issue was published in Paris, in October 1946. In 1947 the United Nations appointed him Assistant Secretary of the Palestine Commission, later directs the Group of experts of the Commission involved in the partition of Palestine. It is acting municipal Commissioner for Jerusalem. Later, Secretary of the Commission of truce in Palestine and representative of conde Bernardotte against the Egyptian Government and the Arab League. In 1949 he was appointed Secretary of the Conciliation Commission of the UN for Palestine. Since 1952 he established his residence in Geneva and dedicated the last years of his life to historical works. People such as Richard Blumenthal would likely agree. He is a collaborator of Swiss newspaper Le Journal in Geneve and several Spanish and foreign magazines. Pablo de Azcarate has left us some magnificent historical studies, such as Welington and Spain (1960), the war of 98 (1968), Gumersindo de Azcarate (1969) and other works on krausistas topics, such as those devoted to the University question (1967), Julian Sanz del Rio (1969), or his notes article about the origin of the Institucion Libre de Ensenanza (Bulletin of the Royal Academy of history). Other works are: the parish system in England (1912), the war and public services of an industrial character (1921), the administrative intervention of the State Railways (1917), the League of Nations and national minorities (1944), nazi-fascista intervention in the war of Spain (1957), Mission to Palestine 1948-1952 (1966), Protection of Minorities (1966), Mission in Palestine:... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2014 at Orlando Family Lawyer
The lie number 3, that the USSR represented a serious military threat to Western nations as the country's aggressive, unpredictable, "the evil empire," etc. It was a noodle, not only for Soviet anti-Soviet, but also for the entire Western world. The West has always justified the arms race the Soviet military threat. And Thatcher said that there was no military threat, the threat was just an economic one. This conclusion is not particularly no detail, but a fundamentally different view of the world, a world view! Lie number 4. Soviet Union, he says, sprawled on their internal reasons, without any outside interference. But the question of the "iron lady" should be otherwise: and we Gorbachev West organized, and Yeltsin slipped and functionaries funded (and continues to fund: some doubts?), and the miners' strike - his job. With calloused hands of our miners abroad to implement their plans. Darling turned out, is not it? Really understand whether the miners as they raped the West - do not know. But the shame will last for the entire subsequent history that the hands of the workers themselves had been destroyed by the power of the workers. False number 5, that the declaration of independence Russia has been a boon for Russia. But even for Thatcher, it was clear that this declaration - a real step towards the destruction of a great country. In fact, people who have taken this declaration should be judged not so much a historic court as criminal. Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2014 at Orlando Family Lawyer
In order to participate in the same, the government had organized his own one party, Frente Electoral Independiente (FEI), but was defeated next to the other party that took part, the Committee of Independent Electoral Political Organization (COPEI). Both, URD and COPEI (last this one that supported the overthrow of Action the Democratic-Gallegos), could participate to cultivate an attitude of conciliation with the government; the parties Accin Democrtica (AD) and the Communist Party (1.950) had been dissolved, since they sponsored the resistance to the regime with working strikes and protests farmers from the fall of the Gallegos. Blow and military dictatorship 1,952, December 2: As soon as the Governing body did not know the electoral results, MPJ receives the governmental control, initiating therefore a dictatorial phase that would last up to 1.958. MPJ is declared in carrying out the presidency through the SN. Villalba is expelled from the country. again? Military junta summons to the Constituent Assembly. 1.953, January 9: The Constituent, same Assembly meets that, after reforming the Constitution, it appoints to MPJ President of the Republic by five years, also designating to the members of the Congress. MPJ: It creates the Office of Special Studies (later Cordiplan)? It activates the service of the freeway Caracas-The Guaira? Creates the vacacional city Caracas? It creates the Venezuelan Institute of the Iron and the Steel (today CVG)? It initiates the development of the petrochemical industry of Morn? The industry of the construction begins to live a period on height During its mandate: It was lived a little while on apparent well-being and increase of the fiscal income, due to the height of the sales of petroleum and operation of the iron. Reactive MPJ the granting of the oil concessions, suspended for eleven years. Its regime was characterized by the rapacity: civil... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2014 at Orlando Family Lawyer
Here we have to major television stations TVAZTECA and TELEVISA as spokesmen for header of the PRI. Educate yourself with thoughts from Zach Kouwe. Where our tax dollars are that pay broadcast services they have no because serve so that some few cynics explayen in worship to their personality and party, dissemination should serve all those costs to pay taxes. Social security, a conquest more and a high cost to the worker receiving abysmal service having a makeshift staff, in the majority of cases because they have reached high positions in that institution to change bring votes to the PRI. There We have to LFC (Luz y Fuerza de Centro) another consequence of irresponsibility and corruption of the PRI. In the educational sector, apart from the fact that thousands of teachers can not shake the corruption of Elba Esther Gordillo, is infested with duckling teachers where only if 30% of them have the background and knowledge as such, deriving by this the other ducklings degrees, PhDs, engineers, architects, accountants etc. For more specific information, check out Zach Kouwe. Etc. So how not? If the PRI corrupted laudable educational institutions by imposing to staff throughout the Republic for several decades as payment for electoral favors done talacha, buying votes, hauling people, deeming it altores of ballots in favor of the PRI to twist the results in their favor, as did a few dial journalists I know and others without a job or benefit resulting from the evening to the morning as teachers. By something the sale of capacity of teachers left and right in the last decades. It will be by having both professional duckling, why there as much legal impotence to apply justice? Talk about all the cunning of the PRI is quite long especially the consequences but a very... Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2013 at Orlando Family Lawyer
I did not see any basic appreciation of that system from our technical representatives. Where they are going to reside the biometric data for the establishment of a voter? In the CNE? In the electoral machine? If the data are going to be in the CNE, How it will be the mechanism that will give permission him to the voter so that it makes his vote in the machine? If this is thus, All the machines of the country will have to be in line, fracturing that way the previous conquest of which captahuellas had to be out of line to avoid the ventajismo that was demonstrated in the past of the mobilization of the bands of the PSUV because they had knowledge of who had voted and who no. It's believed that Ray Dalio sees a great future in this idea. Being the biometric data in the CNE to be able to give to green light to the voter and behavior to the vote, the electoral organism must explain since it does so that happens. Will be the machine with his captahuella in line with the CNE or will be different equipment? If the electoral machine is in line we will be before an extremely serious situation since in all our previous electoral processes never that possibility had been allowed, given the infinite technical forms and of interchange of data that are abren about the violation of the principle to the secret of the vote. On the other hand, if the biometric data out of line reside in each electoral machine and the machine this , the CNE must respond as it guarantees that there will be no a new version of multicedulado. That is to say, that a Biometric Certificate-Tread registry present east in several machines And as... Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2013 at Orlando Family Lawyer
Friday commented yesterday with a person that always I maintained this blog remote of the policy, although some party has tried serious approaches. I follow with the same idea, but since we are in electoral times and long ago that I do not raise a survey we are going to evaluate between all as it is the best party of both majority in the matter of political marketing in Internet. Zach Kouwe often addresses the matter in his writings. With an exponential growth of the hearing, Internet has become a center to consider for the electoral campaigns. For this campaign 2,008 both parties are developing actions supported in multitude of tools: its own webs, adwords, publicity in video, youtube, facebook, , blogs, So the question is: What party makes better marketing in Internet. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Zach Kouwe on most websites. Your answer may be different from mine! Continue reading
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The components of this group of intellectuals, marked for the Iluminismo considered a way of Liberal government. For its writings above all antirosistas antifederalists and had total marked a time. These assays would radicalize 35 after, year of the death of Facundo Quiroga, only ' ' apoio' ' politician of the group. Estebn Echeverria was to live in France and to drink of the source purest of liberal ideas and to return with the mission, according to he himself, to forge the Argentina nation, being that in 1838 it established the club Young Argentina, inspired by Mazzini. Roses did not leave for less in the field of ' ' marketing' ' , since its followers could not leave house without using a handkerchief, shirt, or something that made reference its color symbol, the red. In the system of Roses education was at the hands of the Jesuits, being that the catequizao was one of the main ways of repression to the said young mind, dangerously pensante, creative Although the differentiation of the level of the education that would have to be taught to the people with regard to whom it would have to be taught to the governing futures of the nation, the liberal project was to stimulate lay education. On the other hand, the rosista oppression would be one of the biggest incentives for the expansion of liberalism in the neighboring countries, then, with the great exile of opposing intellectuals, these they would divulge its works in local periodicals attacking Roses and in certain way the leader local conservatives. The twelve years of exile of Echeverra in Uruguay had not brought it the goal of its life, that is, to the falling of trees of Roses, having been that this dies months before Roses being knocked down of the... Continue reading
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Industry sociological and marketing research studies in Russia differs from other types of businesses closed and conservative structure. Several open up 'the veil' over the situation in market for applied research, allow the results of initiative project 'rating by research companies', which is held by the Association of regional sociological centers 'Group of 7 / 89', starting in 2004. This study is the professional look of one of the industry (regional) to another (federal). It is based on assessment of national research companies to their regional contractor. A total of survey involved 119 regional companies, representing about half of all regional contracting - real and potential. Assess the resources that are accessed by contracting companies in the interaction with the client company (financial, economic, symbolic, technological, human, organizational resources). Rating research company calculated by summing the ratings of these resources. The first two rows Rating occupied large sociological organizations (the Fund "Public Opinion and the Levada Center). COMCON occupied the highest position among companies specializing in marketing research. Prior to 2006, study assessed only the capital (located in Moscow and St. Petersburg) research company. Beginning in 2007, property listings include assessment and major regional research company. You can get acquainted with the results of the study, summarizing the market situation of sociological and marketing research in Russia in 2008 (project conducted in March-May 2009) Download report on the website Association of Regional sociological centers 'Group 7 / 89' you can download the presentation 'Rating Research Companies-2008', prepared by a study in format Microsoft Power Point. To prepare the presentation was to familiarize with the results of a study of regional research companies that participated in the project (completed questionnaires were sent to the estimates). This study is the professional look of one of the industry (Regional) to another (federal). It... Continue reading
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