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Retsina instead of Rioja? Mmmmmm... JK, About nationalism, I happen to live in Barcelona, so don't get me started.
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I think I cannot agree with you there. Of course, I cannot talk about the rest of Europe, even less about the UK, but I've never felt or heared of any grunge against English people here in Spain. I mean, people do not love you, to use your words, but neither do they love french, italians or danish. We have here a particular kind of tolerance (the wrong kind, in my opinion) which good side is a 'live and let live' attitude. Or am I wrong and your experience as a tourist, or that one coming from any of your fellow ex-pats living here, proves to you something different? Another thing would be the different history and political principles that differentiate your part of Europe from the Continent. This probably has something to do with the present shortage of understanding. About that point,and from my personal point of view, I do not care to tell you that my feelings are closer to envy than to hate. Any way, I hope you keep coming from time to time, with or without the need of a passport.
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See? Once you look closer, we're everywhere, leading World History from the dark. Well, under a heavy Sun, really.
The Spanish publisher of the book has been so kind as to upload the foreword of the book (just a dozen pages). It is from there that I point out some ideas that I think related to your argument. After Mr. Middelaar, the EU will never be what the founders hoped for: a single State. That will be 'heaven', and we are in purgatory. Not for some time, but for as long we can see, because this seems to be the nature of the EU. A place where decisions are taken by politicians fighting at the same time national and foreign problems. According to him, this view explains the facts better than any federal teleology. The 'founding fathers' idea was to establish a set of common rules, but that strategy proves to be faulty every time the members must face any problem together. Rules will be on continuous change. That has also been the case in the recent 'euro crisis'. Europeans do not feel Brussels politicians as 'ours' precisely because European politics are not made mainly there but in every country and among the governments of the countries who make up the EU. The EU means the creation of a 'market', which is not the same as a free trade zone. Those countries that most value the 'market' idea (UK, Netherlands and the Nordics) fail to see the difference. Although aimed at economic interests, the creation of a market needs to take deeply political decisions. I.e., if a British family goes to France to open a b&b, would they have right to medical services and the children to schooling? Who pays for the falling banks? One last point. The only country which does not have a written constitution is the one that more often appeals to the 'letter' of the Treaty, while many of the others, with written constitutions, say that what counts is the 'spirit'. And this 'spirit' is: we advance together. When British politicians complain that their partners change the rules they don't see that the rules will be always changing. Excuse the legth. I do not know enough to make it shorter. I hope it will be useful to you. And pardon my english!
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More complete information here.
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2014 on "This scept'red isle" at DUFF & NONSENSE!
I agree 100% with you: UK is a different case from the Continent (just to mention one difference: non stop democracy in the past century) Until now, all the values we most respect were born from and defended by the nation state. The EU pretends to be something completely new in Human History, following the nation state, and that is quite a high order. Probably, it comes mainly from a big need to forget the last century (2 world wars, plus one cold). wonders if, in many cases and even from a liberal (in the good, old, robust sense) point of view, for many countries it is not better the Union when compared to what we can imagine will happen to them were they on their own. Some days ago, was here Mr. van Middelaar. He is the one who writes Mr. van Rompuy speeches (wait, keep reading, please!) and he said the UE is the purgatory between the promised heaven at the start of the process and the hell of the continuous european wars. In case you want to read from him,
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Ok, Ok,... But where does the new PM come from? Spain, of course! Like the future's king nanny, and the, ejem, energetic teacher. And the new Major of Paris ! Next step: Germany. We'll have them dancing sevillanas in no time at all. She's lucky that Angela: her name has the same spelling in spanish. If she finds the right dots dress and it fits her, she may have a chance dancing in a flamenco tablao (since you've been in Majorca, no need to tell you what a horrible kind of torture this is).
See? First the courageous teacher with her adhesive tape. And now is this: The future king of the UK is in spanish hands. Isn't that reassuring?
When they say: first woman to..., first black man to..., it simply means that a white man has been there before.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2014 on The Sunday Rumble: 9.3.14 at DUFF & NONSENSE!
So, the only common sensical spanish teacher is gone tith you! I'm sorry to tell you that here in Spain the boys and girls are treated as poor litle things that cannot even stand a simple test. It would be too hard for their feeble minds and it will scare them for life! Enough to tell you that I really envy your Mr. Gove, who seems to be fighting the teachers into, well, teaching. By now, the battle is lost here. And, no, no relation with Ms. Ortega. But, you know, certain names, just like noblesse, oblige.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2014 on Teacher of the Year at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Peter Brown's own 'Through the Eye of a Needle' is also very good. Best wishes for your wife!
¡Felices Fiestas y Próspero Año Nuevo! (I sent it before but it seems it got lost: hence the 'I forgot'). Good for your accent! Next time you order for 'sangría' maybe you won't get the toothpicks (again).
I forgot! Maybe you'll like it.
Here we also have those kind of people: they have destroyed the educational system. For them, good intentions are the perfectly good substitute for not having results.
By the way. Well, more or less. “As you grow older you realize that there are bad lines in King Lear and it has survived.” —Robert Gottlieb
Tomorrow at 2.10 am (well, that's friday actually) on Film4, a movie starring Max Ernst. Yep, that Max Ernst.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2013 on States or cities - you choose! at DUFF & NONSENSE!
How can you not remember Manent? You were brave enough to listen to his suposed english during more than one our! By the way, if what you need is a serious view of today's situation, look no more: Another french name to remember: Remi Brague. He also has some youtube talks and speaks english much better than Manent.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2013 on States or cities - you choose! at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Yes. There was a time when singers knew how to sing.
Risking to unleash your wrath, I dare to say that Germany has been the most consistenly well run country in post-war Europe.
I mean, you cannot say: they can't do that because in the past they did the opposite, since helping Saddam to use quimic weapoins against Iraq was wrong, they can't be against Al Asad for using them now. Both things cannot be wrong. Of course, as yoy say, there are others options in between, but I am only refering to Hitchen's argument.
About Hitchens. The hypocrisy argument à la Chomsky is not a good one. You cannot criticize today's conduct because it is the opposed of a bad one in the past, since both cannot be wrong.
Of course sluttish is not a bad thing. Because there is no good or bad, right?
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2013 on Signaling problems at Stumbling and Mumbling
See what was published in the ABC, a spanish newspaper, a few days ago. Is that true? (luckily for you, I've used the googled translator) The Rock of Dover José M. Areilza August 13, 2013 Perhaps not many people know the Rock of Dover, the tiny area around the castle and harbor of this coastal city. In just a few hectares, the descendants of English Catholics and the Spanish soldiers who supported the wars against the Protestants, have resisted invitations always somewhat dismissive British and miscegenation have recreated a curious Spanish-English identity. Dover is a strategic location in the English Channel, an autonomous government that aspires to become a micro-state and works as a free port with a very advantageous tax regime. It has shown an unusual capacity to attract traffic and investments of all kinds and, lately, betting companies online. The tiny territory ceded by the British crown Spanish defenders of renegade Catholics was extended by way of fact during the Second World War, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the inhabitants of Dover, who occupied the adjacent beach guise of installing some defenses antiaircraft. Years later, the Catholic Channel warlike always came up over the dunes to nothing less than the only bullring in northern Europe. Spain theoretically protects the rights of today and ten thousand souls forgotten corner and enables local government to issue passports, but do not really know what to do with a historical relic that has managed to escape the dubious status of museum visitors. With practicality. intensively used as a military base port, but instead have to subsidize people in times of famine and face when the various businesses that undertake locals call too much attention. The visit to the town of Dover is priceless: Civil Guards with tricorn, Andalusian taverns, a branch of El Corte Ingles and pictures of the king of Spain in every house. Top of the castle, waving the Spanish flag and the banner of the Stuarts, answered by the barking of the last colony of monk seals at the foot of the cliff, a symbol of the stubborn resistance of this unusual place. However, for right-thinking Englishmen scandal, the vast majority of doverianos try to live in the neighboring county of Kent, which are not taxed. Yes, employ local labor in the rock business. A good example is the mayor-president, Manolo Evans, with house in Canterbury, fond of hunting of pheasants and a partner in a thriving law firm. After trying a thousand ways, London has found a strong ally to regain sovereignty or Duvres Dover, in the Spanish centuries ago, which was considered a mere colony, as we recognized in United Nations repeatedly. Disturbed by the recent request for a referendum on independence in the Hebrides, prepared with powerful betting houses the capital, very irritated by competition from online businesses, building a replica of the town, New Dover, just at the border, with their same tax advantages, in order to sink this burgeoning empire bilingual
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2013 on The Sunday Rumble: 18.8.13 at DUFF & NONSENSE!
What about 'otra cerveza para mi hermana' ? Usually comes a while before the one you mentioned.
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2013 on An excellent 'Speccie' this week at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Heat? Come on! Nothing below 40ªC deserves to be called heat. 52 in Cordoba last week (maybe a little less in the shadow)
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2013 on An excellent 'Speccie' this week at DUFF & NONSENSE!