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Is this what this blog has become?? Geez, I can't wait for football season.
Right on OC, I've cooked skirt steaks with a similar sauce. Good stuff.
Greg, The mini cooper/J. Noah joke coupled with the draft day pic is a classic. Harkleroad is a babe. And Porterhouse is my favorite.
ZZZZZZZZZZ Is there any real football news to report? If not, wake me up in July.
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Offer Eagles JT + 5th rounder for Lito Shepard.
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Fins should be talking to the Eagles trying to work out a deal and get Lito Sheppard for JT.
Can we forget about the JT thing already? Is this because there is no news other than boring OTA stuff? This is a new era with or without JT. If he plays, great. If not, well, I appreciate his play for the last decade and I hope he has success in whatever he does. Besides, I'm going to miss Zack more.