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Ok, so this is pretty geeky of me to point out (and there is no reason to post it here, as obviously you didn't write this episode of Eureka), but at the end of the episode, after the the reversed ray was set off in the center of GD, Jack, Fargo, Alison, and especially Tess (since she was setting it off) should all have gone loopy/happy/cuddly from from being flooded with oxytocin. Right? Maybe they were wearing "Hormone Inhibitors" or something.... (I was going to say "Lamaze Compensators", but it didn't logically work as well as I hoped.)
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Wow, I just did a complete double-take almost 4 minutes after you first appeared on Eureka - I actually re-wound (not literally, since it's digital - obviously) to the start of the scene. "That's Wil Wheaton!" Oddly, I was just talking to a friend about you the other day (and I don't think he knew you were going to be on Eureka (or if he even watches it). You did a great job! I love your beard (even if it is a bit Riker-ish)! It's great to see you playing a grown-up! Your acting has really evolved - watching this I could imagine you playing all sorts of roles - from leading man to character actor. Now that I've found your blog (again - I did check it out a number of years ago), I look forward to reading more. I'm also going to try to check out your books. I'm so glad that you didn't end up crashing and burning like so many "child stars" did, and continue to do! Keep up the good work, and I hope to see you pop up in more acting gigs! Note: I realize that some of what I just wrote may sound a bit like back-handed compliments, but I hope you take them in the spirit of honesty and true praise with which I meant them!
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Jul 23, 2010