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M, this was SO well written and SO well timed! I reached a similar conclusion a few days ago - while R isn't getting up in the MIDDLE of the night, getting him down initially makes me want to shoot myself. I started reading that Positive Discipline book you recommended oh-so-long-ago for the sixth? seventh? time now? And we have now started the I-will-lead-you-back-to-bed-with-no-talking routine. Sigh. It's getting better sloooowly. There really are no quick fixes. And regarding an earlier comment about wanting to experience both genders....isn't that a totally normal feeling????? I know I could relate! :)
Thanks, Guys! :) I love this time of year. Juliana - It was SO nice meeting you as well!!!
Thanks for the comments, girls! I'm expecting a maxi skirt in the mail let me play with pooch hiding options and get back to you. For the shorties (me included)...I think the key is drape. Find something that flows well and doesn't have too much volume. For example, the skirt M is wearing (with the fitted top, flowy bottom) would do much better on us shorter mamas then the skirts that are flowy all the way down. Or try a long, fitted style. SO flattering....
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2011 on Mad for Maxi Skirts at Ain't No Mom Jeans
Gang - these comments are just so, so nice to read. Thank you! Chief Blond - LOVE your pic! Thanks for sharing!! Amanda - Nice bum. :) xo S
Tysie - Nice pick! Also, I just ran into a mom at J.Crew wearing these sliver wedges, and they looked really cute on: She said they were run-around comfortable.
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Jun 8, 2011