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Mary Oswell
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Very nice list; just two things. 1. I don't think you looked closely at all the lyrics to 'Here Comes Santa Claus' cause it does clearly mention god. 2. As someone who started singing in a choir as am 8 year old, I've sung countless lyrics that I don't believe. I was never asked to believe most of them, even when I was singing in a church choir (although that many have been implied, I never held to it). I still sing lots of songs that mention god and it really doesn't bother me - i guess I'm just used to it. I even sing hymns when I accompany friends to church (usually for a family celebration). I draw the line though, at singing the ones I don't like, regardless of content. Which means I don't sing Amazing Grace anymore - talk about overdone. I've promised to find a way to return from my grave if that song is played at any gathering around my death!
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Dec 13, 2010