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Hellbanning is called bozoizing on bbpress. Hellbanned are bozos there. A less offensive-programers-snob and more funny-developper-friendly-user-centered term. One might prefer it for the troups morale !
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2011 on Suspension, Ban or Hellban? at Coding Horror
But the vast majority of internet users aren't interrested at all by a website internal politics. And the very few ones who pretend they truely are should probably get a more meaning full life outside instead don't you think ? Install a true democracy in any online community. Most likely ends up as a nolifecracy. Has anybody ever seen a truely well working online democracy ? please let us know, come on inspire us all please !
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2011 on Suspension, Ban or Hellban? at Coding Horror
All these comparisons with real life democracy are all too childish. Yet so often triggered ! If you look just a little bit at it, the real life game and the online community game has so few in common, in terms of incentive, punishments and behaviors ! In real life actions have heavy and very real consequences. Real life laws have been crafted for centuries of all types of experiences entangled all together. And it's far from perfect. Sometimes don't you wish real life societies had the efficiency of some online communities ? So before one goes Rousseau, crying out loud, calling the admin a tyran and demanding a grand jury and full transparency for every single case, maybe one could think and comes to realise why democracy is not just a cure it all patch that can be mindlessly and equaly applied with success to any group of people. (Not likely to happen) Is the benevolent moderator a judge, a highly trained professional well paid by your taxes money , just to behave in perfect equity ? Is the user a citizen, paying taxes, whose misbehavior could bring him to real jail, someone so involved that the website owes him explanations for every move ? I 'd stop citizening and keep using or not, but in peace !
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2011 on Suspension, Ban or Hellban? at Coding Horror
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Jun 5, 2011