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Looking forward to your bias experiment! I just made a couple of simple bias tops recently and the threat of ever growing hem was definitely on my mind. But even more troubling is the effect this growth might have on any shaped part like side seam or darts on a top. Hem you can just cut away. A bust dart that starts to droop as the length grows would be much harder to fix. Especially if the two sides (the two biases) grows at different rate - I definitely notice this on my bias Georgette top, the side the lengthwise grain was pointing towards grew more than the side the crosswise grain was pointing towards. Thankfully that top didn't have any bust darts. The other thing that bothers me about bias sewing is how to prevent rippling bias seams. None of the techniques I've tried so far seem to prevent that :-( I wonder if it is possible to achieve non-rippling seams that are on the bias, or if the only way to avoid that on a bias garment is to cut the seams on the straight / crossgrains like Madeleine Vionnet.
Wow, 3 more for the Inspiration Board. (Oona is already on it. That's how I found this post.) Absolutely fabulous! Absolutely Vogue material.
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Oct 21, 2011