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@Ocleazy I think one of the reasons why the Lakers have been very good just having Gasol around, is because he has a little of Rick Fox, Derek Fisher, Tim Duncan. All of those guys have won multiple championships. Just like after the Lakers got run after reloading, and we were beaming with confidence in 04', after winning a lot of championships, we changed the direction of the team letting go of the same guys that were part of that success. The only difference between that time and today, Phil Jackson was still going to coach, and we can get solid contributors and it's not a rebuilding project like it was back then. Posted by: PointFoward Good valid points man ,but if your going to let Pau go they have to get a better core of players then maybe Darko, or Beasley, cause Beasley is only one Dimensional and thats on the offensive side. And as far Darko concern he is a limited player..We will have to wait and see if the front office feels the same way as you all do. Go Lakers!
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2011 on Free agent profile: Wilson Chandler at Lakers Now
No i wouldn'trade Pau for Kevin Love,Pau is easily a top or three Power forward when he's right.What does Love bring to the table that's a bigger asset than Pau?Rebounding,the Lakers was already a top team in rebounding without Love.I think about his skil set and its definitely up to Pau 's level,i don't know if i want to depend on Lamor inconsistency to help out,or even Bynum.Pau's skill far out weighs those guys,and i think the Lakers can still win a championship with the core as is,we just need a few good role players and there right back where we belong.Pau should only be traded if for a D.Howard or Cp3,or DA Williams. Go LAKERS!
Happy fathers day to all the fathers out there.Even though we may not always do what your suppose to do as a man.God Bless you anyway and its never to late.Have a Bless day. Go Fathers!
Dude…weather I’m speaking my opinion regarding Kobe, LBJ, KG, cp3 or any other star player it only my opinion at the time. Nothing is etched in STONE. I’m on the Heat blog dogging LBJ when he couldn’t deliver and other star’s blog sites laying down my opinion about them. Enjoy your day my man. Posted by: G.Money | June 19 All right man long as you can keep it real on both sides i respect that.Have a Bless day man. Go Lakers!
G.Money Shouldn't you be praising the Miami Heat? :-) Or your new act has become bashing Kobe? Thanks PSP Intern Posted by: Practice Season Police I agree with that.but only problem is the Heat didn't win the nba championship this yr.And i had my popcorn all ready to go as you suggest cause we was suppose to witness the crowning of the King.But instead i witness the crowning of a new Queen.It was popcorn worthy i might add. Dude as you like to say,if i was you,i would spend my time worrying about my so call Heatles,and how their going to live up to expectation next yr and win the championship.Not to mention all the pressure thats going to be put on them put on them, including Lebron,and not bash other teams super star. Because kobe say what you want about him he's not going to be afraid to shoot the ball even if he misses a ton of them. Go Lakers!
Oclezy – pass the popcorn…lol. I’ll even splurge for extra butter and salt. Posted by: L Rob | June 13, 2011 at 07:13 PM Lol,your on man. Go Lakers!
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2011 on Free agent profile: Shane Battier at Lakers Now
Oclezy I am a laker fan first and foremost. I always said kobe was the 2nd best player to play the game after jordan. That is a great compliment. Now do I rip kobe for being selfish and not a team player a lot of times? Of course. Is kobe self absorbed? You better believe it. I felt that the chemistry issues caused the lakers down fall and not the talent. Kobe sets the tone and his eating first is not good basketball and messes up team chemistry. Look at dirk, he is the man but plays within the offense. Posted by: Island Priest | June 13, 2011 at 03:24 PM No problem man i can respect your opinion.Kobe does go outside of the offense sometimes and cause the Lakers at times.I also feel that if the Lakers had their act together they wouldn't have been able to get by the Mavs.Funny thing about Kobe;the same thing that makes him a problem in the offense at times,is the same things that make him bad sometimes.We just have to take the good with the bad when it comes to Kobe,cause after all he won us a few championships.When i look at the performance of the Miami Heat llast night when it came down to the 4th qt no body seemed to wanted to take a shot.They all ran from the ball like it was hot potatoe.Championships aren't easy to come by. Go Lakers
G-Money Can you and your boy Lechoke please pass the popcorn? I guess the coronation of the new king is not going to happen after all. I guess eight is better than 3 after all. Just can throw guys with them same type of game together and expect them to win it they're first time out. Island Priest You should be considering a trader. All yr you've been finding ways to poke fun at Kobe's game and bigging up Lebron's game at the expense of downing Kobe's game. Now you should realize that what Kobe has accomplish over his career isn’t easy to accomplish with out some kind of skill. Score board baby Kobe 5 rings Lebron 0. GO Lakers!
Game 6 should be EPIC! & just for the record, if the Mavs beat the Heat ... There's gonna be a whole lot of posts going to G. Money & Island Priestess about LBJ. Given all the crap that those two have posted, I'm asking you right now to look the other way when those posts come out. Those two are in need of a blogging smackdown the way the Angelina Jolie is in need of a StairMaster. Posted by: hobbitmage | June 11, 2011 at 06:59 AM Like a lion in the bush.They sure have been powdering Lebron's nose alot over the year and playoffs.Lets see how it turns out for them.CAN'T WAIT!Go Mavs1 Go Lakers!
Lebron james tweeted out today about tonight's game now or never! Lets see 9 for 19 from the field and 0-4 on 3 pointer attempt. Never could a tripple double be so absolete in an Nba finals game.I guess that means never. This looks like last year's script. LA won game 1 and the cs won game 2. LA won game 3 in boston and the Cs won game 4 and 5 to take a 3-2 lead. LA clinched the title at home. Posted by: Island Priest | June 09, 2011 at 09:06 PM Remember the celtics may as well won that championship if they had they guy Perkins healthy.But look at the Heat they now have injury issues also D.wade. Go LAKERS!
Baseball may be a game of inches but basketball is truly a game of seconds. ……………………………………………….. TOM And a game of bounces,but your right on with that man. Go Lakers!
So much for Lebron james being king,Marion is doing a great job on him defensively and also attacking him offensively.D wade had to bail him out tonight,as has been their Mvp so far.If that jason Terry 3 in the corner had went in or that Dirk game tieing jumper hit we would be talking another chock job by the Heat-less.But so much for if,that how the game played out. Go LAKERS!
Josh Howard – Wizards - $3.0M .................................... TOM Posted by: LakerTom Laker Tom i Think if this guy is right he can be a steal for the Lakers.The guy can score pretty well and also D up to.What do you think. FROM OCLEZY Go lakers!
Yea i have no problem with Shaq jersey being retired also he deserve it inspite of his funny ways at times.Infact i have me a Shaq jersey which i had retired when he left the Lakers.It will be cool to dust of the old 34 for the big diesel. Go Lakers!
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Jun 1, 2011