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Wow. I missed the Internet dikkery completely... I suppose I'm in the minority when I say that I prefer your work in Star Trek to Stand By Me... I was an awkward precocious child who didn't identify at all with kids my own age, and struggled to interact with adults, who were on my intellectual level, but not dealing well with that usually. It was AWESOME to see a character going through the same struggles as I was. Yes, I knew it was fiction... But that meant that other people were out there that understood my frustration... And that made it better. It showed that in the future, there could be a world where people like me could have a place. Just as much as it showed me a future where girls could be tough, and girls could be smart. I found your blog a good while ago... It popped up in a search for something nerdy I was looking into, and I went a bit fangirl, and had a squee over the fact that this guy who had like, played me, in ST was also a huge Geek in real life, and ISN'T THIS KENAWESOME!!! *breathes* and this is why I lurk, until now... To say - Thankyou. Thank you for being awesome, and please know that there are people out here that are apalled that anyone would treat a fellow Geek like that! Thank you for sharing these other aspects of your life with us... The gaming, the con-going, the home brewing*, the geekgasms.- These are not posts about your professional Life, but fabulous private moments that you share with us. Thanks. (as for the 80s jumpers... well I had a grandma that made me jumpers too. And I wore them because I cared making her happy more than I cared about being teased. And it was obviously Beverly's Mum that made them for you, cos she had to be an awesome woman to raise a daughter like that!) * OMG Been there! Allergic to preservatives, so brewed my own without... Very soon, you will become bored with 'normal' fermentation, and decide to experiment with other things... My brewing foray ended when I turned a box of commercial Blue Powerade soda syrup into 'Romulan Ale'... Family made me eBay my equipment after that.
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Aug 25, 2011