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Someone please show this clip of Mendoza to the MLS!!! And good thing that Bielsa stays with Chile...I mean Mexico wanted him badly but the people in Chile really proved to him from the beginning that he was going there for a serious long-term project and not the childlish stuff that happens to coaches in Mexico if the team loses 3 games in a row.
I liked how Schweinsteiger played too. Someone said he played like Tostao in that game against Argentina lol. Muller did a great job also. But yeah Forlan was everywhere during the World Cup. It reminded me of Davor Suker in 1998 for some reason, probably because he was the leader of his team. When his team needed him he was there unlike many others. And Snijder did a good job as well but not to the level some (cough, cough) thought.
Today a great generation of Spanish players earned the right to be among the greatest teams in soccer history. The style of game they had suit them very well. Iniesta Xavi, Xavi Alonso with their tiki tiki proved many that you can play good soccer and win at the same time. Casillas was key and Robben wasn't. The Spanish coach called the way his team plays as "Propaganda for soccer" and I think many can agree that when a team that plays like that wins the word justice (which in soccer is usually non-existent) comes to mind.
Him and Donovan should go to big teams in Europe!!! Wherever he goes he should be allow to bring at least 3 players from the US national team. I remember Maturana from Colombia going to Europe and taking with him Valderrama and Higuita!!
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2010 on Bradley on Fulham shortlist at Soccer By Ives
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Jul 5, 2010