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In the same way "moderate" Muslims must side with authentic Muslims (jihadis) because it is written that Muslims must never side with infidels against fellow Muslims. This is tantamount to apostasy - a capital crime.
The Muslims just don't get it. If Christians, Jews, etc. can't clog the streets with prayer productions Muslims can't do it. But to them, they must be permitted everything because Allah has told them they are superior to everyone else.
Netanyahu is a great leader. He even offered to go to Ramallah, a dangerous offer. The only man on the national scene who's made of the same stuff I think is Allen West, and he refuses to go through the meat grinder of the presidential campaign and be elected to the hardest job in the world.
If they get violent at least there'd be an excuse to shoot some of them.
Would it help if we all sent him copies of the Muslim Brothrhood document that reveals their plan for Western Civilization -- "the destruction of Western Civilization and the sabotaging of its miserable house from within"?
I've ordered your book, too, Pamela. And my eyes aren't fit for reading anymore.
Have Muslims sign a release form before they get on the ride, stating they will ride at their own risk. Then if their nightshirts, scarves, tents or head bags cause their demise, it's Allah's will; -- I'm sure they'd say so.
Ron Paul needs to look at what's happening in UK, France and other European countries if he thinks Islam is not a threat. Or look at any country where Islam dominates. Our "leaders" are so poorly informed -- it's frightening.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2011 on Ron Paul Blames US for 911 Attacks at Atlas Shrugs
I was transfixed and brought to tears. I'd forgotten how exceptionally beautiful she was, her voice and her expression. Thank you.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2011 on A Prayer on an Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
He managed to make that speech without once mentioning who was doing the killing. The Muslims.
Reading this brings to mind the case of a Muslim FBI agent who, after 9/11, was assigned the task of wearing a secret recording device and going to a mosque to record what was being discussed and preached. He refused, saying that a Muslim cannot secretly record other Muslims. The Koran states that Muslims must not side with infidels against their fellow muslims. And this agent was U.S. born and had passed the FBI's security clearance.
Obama is a wonderment to me. He must know that millions of people know he's a bald-faced audacious liar, esp. in this case, but he doesn't care. His brazen confidence is stunning.
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2011 on The First War and The Last War at Atlas Shrugs
Jesus Christ was a "slave to Allah" because the Muslims say Jesus was a Muslim, and all Muslims are slaves to Allah. Their relation is Master and Slave. Islam means submission. Slaves submit to their masters. Relationship of the Judeo Christian God to His creation is Father and children.
Like all Muslims, Obama lies and lies and lies and .etc. etc. etc. ....
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2011 on He is so full of .......... at Atlas Shrugs
The Jews have been at the forefront of the left-wing movements. Remember the Frankfurt School whose originators were all Jews? I believe the biblical charge to the Jews to help the poor and oppressed have resulted in their involvement in movements like Communism and multi-culturalism. Concerning the latter, it was thought that if the American demographics could be changed to the point that white European Christians were no longer the majority, and the Jews were only one of many "minorities", there would no longer be any anti-semitism. Now, unfortunately, the discrimination in the U.S. is coming from those the Jews championed, most recently, the new Muslim immigrant groups. FBI stats show attacks on Jews are up 65%. Well, even the Jews aren't always right about everything :-) BTW, I am a pro-semitic, pro-zionist Christian.
Whenever I come back to America, I can feel the positive energy and feeling of hope immediately on exiting the plane. Boundless thanks to my ancestors for doing the hard part so I can have the good fortune to be born in the happiest and best country on earth.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2011 on America, I love her! at Atlas Shrugs
Allowing millions of Muslims to immigrate into the U.S.A. will turn out to be the worst mistake our government ever made. This preacher will have no trouble getting into Heaven.
In the U.S. we have a saying: "The wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the most grease". I believe the Muslims get preferential treatment because they do, and threaten to do, the most violence. Take what you will from this. But, I predict you'll get no improvement in the situation unless you create as much of a problem for the govt. as the Muslims do. You must be a force to contend with. When Muslim thugs attack people on buses, the street, trains, the men have to act as one and take them on, a type of agressiveness our metrosexual men are no longer capable of. Muslim men are taught to dominate any situation; they know the techniques well. Be nice, and you're finished.
Isn't there a French Defense League or something like it? They could do a demonstration right next to the Muslims, making lots of noise and tossing stuff at them, calling them lawbreakers, etc.etc. Some kind of demonstrations are called for, tout de suite! It's time to take the initiative and spark a revolt. If they wait till later, there will only be more Muslims to contend with.
Feminists, like all of the far left, are convinced that all cultures are equal, so they dare not oppose the practices of any culture. Apparently they believe causing women to suffer is all right if their culture requires it. To them, there are no absolutes. Everything is relative.
I once saw a nocturnal light in Central Brazil; it followed us. Another time I saw an enormous craft blot out the stars over my head one starry night.
What's "terrible" about it? Details -- Please. I like it. Does that make me a dope?
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2010 on I am America at Atlas Shrugs
From what I read, people are not against Muslims, but against Islam, the ideology. Do away with the violent aspects of Islam, and much of the problem is solved. The spiritual aspects are not really the problem. The violent and political aspects are. Also, as for "great religious leaders, don't they usually show compassion?" Muhammad is usu. considered one of those leaders, and his life and teachings are anything but compassionate to those who are not Muslim.
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2010 on The One Good Thing ............. at Atlas Shrugs
Don't forget, persons of European ancestry were interned in the U.S. also. German ancestry >16,000, Italian ancestry >1500, resident aliens and recent immigrants and many citizen children. At least, in those days, the Fed. govt. took very seriously it's responsibility to protect our nation, not like today when only those on the No-fly list can be excluded, and then only if caught. Did you know that being on the Terrorist watch list does not prevent anyone from entering the U.S? One of those on this list, a Pakistani, runs the Muslims in America paramilitary camps distributed throughout our country.
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2010 on The One Good Thing ............. at Atlas Shrugs