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Palkka Tasa-arvo
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Dear writer! When comparing only salaries, you are not comparing wage gap, because in the salary data there is not really done working hours on yearly level. Those hours I call productivity hours, because they are the purpose the employer get from the employee. Wage gap comparison should be made dividing yearly pay per yearly working hours. And in that comparison woman get more salary per working hour than men. Normal assumption is (You made it, too) that men and women work equal amount of working hours yearly. But that is not true. Men work more according to Time Use Surveys made in most countries in the world. What is the reason? First, women have more sickness leaves. In Finland women have about 20 % more. Second reason is, that women feel more tight to children, so they left the work earlier than men. Third, women tend to choose professions with shorter working time, longer summer holidays and earlier retirement year. Fourth, men do more overtime, more night shifts, more risky, dirty and heavier jobs, also inside the same workplace. In wholesale stores, women pack lipsticks, men pack sugar sacks etc. Fifth, men do more travelling work than women. And that means more working hours. In Finland I have listed ten different reasons, why Finnish whole time working men do about 20 % more working hours per year than women. And it is difficult to say, if men and women work similarly in the same workplace without doing examination. For example Finnish male medical doctors do 20 % more working hours than Finnish female medical doctors. And in hospitals male nurses say that they are called to do harsh work at once there exists such. But my main point was, that women are better paid per yearly working hour. That is forgotten, because there is not enough statistics available for that. You have to study it yourself.
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May 15, 2012