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I don't really have any job leads for you, but my favorite places we stopped while we were out there were Prager Port Works (you would love those people) and Grgich Hills. Good luck on your hunt!
"They intend to maintain the status quo at the winery" - how exciting.
As a Texan and unabashed Francophile I think you're onto something. If you heard someone passed a ban on Islamic veils, where would you guess the law came from (for those not up on current events: it's not Texas)? Looking forward to some Gruet Texas magnums :D BTW - you probably mean the governor talks about seceding - although I'm sure he's also concerned with succeeding.
I don't miss the rating. I would guess that skipping it makes you think more about conveying your opinion accurately with words, since you don't get to slap a number on it at the end. Also, I wanted to point out that sweet whites are my favorite pairing with mouth-numbingly hot Asian dishes, which would be another opportunity for a wine like this beyond the patio. Did you know you can bring a bottle of wine to Thai Pepper here in town?
To me, that wine was quite different at the end of the night. When I first tried it, I thought it had a pretty intense "diaper" smell that was not really awful, but definitely put me off, and I think I rated it quite low. Trying it again at the end of the night the diaper/chemical smell had softened and made me think of chocolate covered espresso beans, which was much more pleasant, and I was able to appreciate the strawberry flavors that I had initially ignored due to my reaction to the nose. Anyway, if someone was interested in this wine I would strongly suggest decanting it. It definitely doesn't taste like any cab I've ever had, and was a little thin for my tastes, but it was really interesting to see the difference some time makes in this wine so the experience would be worth the $8 in my opinion.
I agree but wanted to point out that the heart benefits of wine are not due to resveratrol but to alcohol, and the evidence comes from studies on people, drinking reasonable amounts. From what I've seen the tradeoff between heart benefits and liver damage is around 2 glasses per day (the heart benefits do seem to increase with consumption beyond 2 glasses). Since I have heart disease in the family this is comforting to know, but is hardly the only (or even main) reason to drink wine.
Sorry to derail this, but whiskey? What kind? I had gotten into Scotch over the last couple of years but have lately been loving Bulleit (a Bourbon), which has a really lovely vanilla and wood aroma in my opinion. Do you have any recommendations?
I like their Indian Wells Chardonnay - also their sparkling wine is great for the price.
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Nov 17, 2009