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Interesting, Ed! Recently I facilitated a futuring session for 60 people from around the world working on a key product area for a top tech company. I created a dozen unique cards and gave each team of 5-6 a set of cards in an envelope. If the team felt they were running dry, they could open the envelope and pull any card. Some of the questions were "oblique" like the ones you highlight, some where empathy-focused, i.e., "What do you want from this product if you're a teen girl in China with the only smart phone in your family?" About half the groups opened their envelopes, and they found the exercise useful. Pam
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2013 on Oblique Strategies at Ed Batista
Very thoughtful response, Ed. Thank you for bringing to this the awkwardness of new behaviors, even when those behaviors are consciously-chosen skills to support authentic action.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2011 on Self-Monitoring and Authenticity at Ed Batista
Enjoying your posts, Ed, as ever. This is an important seeming dilemma - how can you be authentic and self-monitor? Self-monitoring violates authenticity only if you are a one-dimensional being. As soon as you recognize a dynamic variety of perspectives and capabilities within you, you become aware of choice. Self-monitoring is about noting one's intentions, observing one's actions, noticing the consequences of those actions, and making choices about next intentions and actions. If those choices you make derive from values you hold and the ever-evolving mix of perspectives you take and capabilities you offer, the conflict between authenticity and self-monitoring dissolves. Let's note, though, that authentic doesn't mean wise or useful. The authentic leadership movement, if we want to call it that, sometimes confounds these. The real dilemma occurs when we believe inauthentic actions (such as speaking views we don't hold) would serve our authentic aims better than authentic actions. Post for another day... :-) Thanks, Ed, for raising important topics!
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on Self-Monitoring and Authenticity at Ed Batista
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Jul 19, 2011