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Here is my answer to the church not understanding grace: Grace in Hebrew is chesed, many times translated as 'lovingkindness.' Or 'chen' which can be translated as 'favor." Grace in Greek is charis. All of these concepts do not translate well into the way we use 'grace today in English. We tend to use 'grace' as "For by grace are you saved through faith..." as if that is the only place grace is needed. And we have designed the church in America to mimic the corporations of the 1950's. We have had major books on "Re-engineering" the Corporation, re-engineering Education, and government, but nobody wrote on Re-engineering the church to look like Jesus' church. Please help me find the structure of 'senior pastor' in the Bible. Ted fell because he had way too much stress stuck on a leaky vessel as are we all. Other than that he is a very nice guy. If any one of us were in that exact same position we would have fallen, too. Maybe not in the same way, but in some manner our relationship with Jesus and His Holiness would have been severed by the level of activity and responsibility that was on Ted's shoulders. The structure underneath him was man-made so it was one made of clay, just as Daniel's vision had feet partly of clay and partly of iron. I tried to speak into the situation in 2000, but by that time it had sealed off into a closed system where there was no room for Nathan to tell David about the one little lamb. Why do modern churches need grace? Because we don't have the Romans as an enemy. We have made our culture and our love of "success" as powerful an enemy as the Romans ever were to the early Christians. What do we need to fix it? We seriously need love, one for the other. We need grace that is greater than just loving kindness or favor. We need grace that constantly is aware that all the horror Jesus went through, applies to us.
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Feb 6, 2010