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Glad you made the point up front that we, NATO et USA, are the foreigners in Afghanistan. Point seems to mostly slip from view when VSP chitchat or any our our politicos yammer about the place or its people. Of course I know us Westerns only mean well but still it isn't our place and it isn't a threat to fortress North America. Anyway only place I've seen mention of the seemingly verboten reference to us as the foreigners in dust haven was near the end of a CPAC conference chitchatting about our, Canadian, foreign correspondences. The comment was made by the moderator Murray Brewster CP (Canadian Press) who witnessed a Blackhawk thing landing with Afghan & US, Canadian, EU journalist present. The Afghan guys were TV types so videoed the event. US special force types then proceeded to intimidate the Afghans and at some point referred to them as foreigners in their own land and thus a threat. Brewster's point I think was to emphasize something of the difficulty of the job of being a foreign journalist but maybe also to indicate that our troops are really interlopers [in my mind not much different from the Wehrmacht in France or Belgium] but have forgotten it if they ever new it. I'd give the precise point in the clip for reference but have to run just now> I originally watched it on the tube, eh. It is near the end though:
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Mar 15, 2010