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Anna Paradox
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Hi, Wil, I have really enjoyed watching you move from mostly writing about things that bothered you to writing about things you enjoy. Why should writing about what's good feel less important and valuable than writing about struggles? Maybe only because we live in a news-saturated world, and because pessimism is more popular than optimism? I'm not sure that focusing on the negative is a habit that really serves our world. I do wish you the best in whatever ways you find to write in the future. (Which is now! :-) ) Anna Paradox
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It's been almost a year ago I decided to make a book. I was looking at an offer from a famous self-help guru to be in a book with him for multiple thousands of dollars, and I'd seen other ones he'd produced, and they were not good. So I thought, I can do better, and I grabbed some friends and we made one! It really rocks. So, even if it turns out that your project will take a year, or three, I'm here to say that it can be done. In fact, it might even be more satisfying to defeat a one-year monster level book than a one-week monster level book. The leveling up in writer XP is awesome! Anna
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Nov 19, 2009