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Jean Tracy
I love sharing my counseling secrets from over 20 years as a child and family counselor.
Interests: family brunches, writing newsletters, designing parenting products, and gardening, babysitting grandchildren, public speaking club, reading club
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"Stop talking against my parent!" DIRTY DIVORCE TACTICS INCLUDE TELLING YOUR CHILD MEAN THINGS ABOUT HIS OTHER PARENT. It's called "parental alienation." When you're deeply hurt by the divorce, it's easy to do. Let's face it, divorce wounds both parents and kids. Many parents want revenge. So they try to... Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2016 at Kidsdiscuss_test
Thank you, Rosalind. You are an expert in the divorce area. Your comment is much appreciated.
Thanks for sharing what you've witnessed, Carol. Brainwashing kids against their other parent, upsets kids, makes them feel angry, and can turn them sour toward the "brain-washer." If parents understood what brainwashing does to their kids, I don't think they'd do it.
Thanks for sharing, Katherine. It means a lot to me to get the information out there.
"Stop talking against my parent!" DIRTY DIVORCE TACTICS INCLUDE TELLING YOUR CHILD MEAN THINGS ABOUT HIS OTHER PARENT. It's called "parental alienation." When you're deeply hurt by the divorce, it's easy to do. Let's face it, divorce wounds both parents... Continue reading
Thank you, Dr. Par. I like your example and advice, "just because you had a 'bad' marriage doesn't mean you need to have a 'bad' divorce. Those you whom you counsel are fortunate indeed.
Helping Your Child Cope with Divorce CHILDREN NEED HELP with SEPARATION and DIVORCE. If your parents divorced when you were young, did they know how to help you? If yes, you were fortunate. If no, is the pain still with... Continue reading
Thanks, Carol. For many parents who find it difficult to deal with stubborn children who only want things their way, I say,"Find out how. Try the 12 parenting tips that fit your situation best."
Your Strong Minded Kid Can Learn! IS YOUR CHILD UNREASONABLE when he's in a dark mood? Does he want everything his own way? If he's a closed-minded child with a one-track mind, you're probably raising a stubborn kid. When you... Continue reading
Thank you, Carol. My goal with this poem is twofold: 1. Get kids to really think about stubbornness by answering the questions. 2. For parents and kids to have an interesting chat about the problems with being stubborn without lectures or pointing fingers. The above chat should take place when kids are in a good mood because they'll be more open to think about solutions.
Thank you, Katherine. I appreciate your support.
You Can Help Hardheaded Child to Cooperate! Getting your strong-willed child to cooperate can be difficult. Often stubborn youngsters react without thinking. Parents feel frustrated, get mad, and both start arguing. Before you know it, the argument becomes nasty and... Continue reading
Thank you, Carol. It is difficult to raise stubborn children especially if parents react with stubbornness. Thank you for your support.
. You CAN Help Your Stubborn Child Learn to Cooperate! POWER STRUGGLES WITH CHILDREN INCREASE PARENTING STRESS. If you're raising a stubborn strong-minded child, you can get relief. The parenting video below offers 5 effective skills for turning contrary kids... Continue reading
Thank you for your insight, Carol. I appreciate your keen comment on the 7 suggestions. Yes, we all want peace in our homes.
Thank you for your comment, Alvera. Indeed, yelling and crying are common and difficult issues for parents.
You are so right, Carol. Many folks experience anxiety often. If we help children avoid a lifetime of unnecessary fear, they will have a strong chance of becoming more effective and happier people.
Thank you, Katherine. Your kind support means a lot.
Hi Melina, I'm so happy that you found this video helpful. Here's an expert on babies and young children who I respect. Look over her materials because I think you'll find them helpful for the information you'd like.
I appreciate your comment and support Katherine. The technique involving the 11 steps can help make the parent/child bond unbeatable, as well as, help kids overcome anxiety and feel confident.
"Please Don't Make Me!" IS YOUR CHILD OVERWHELMED WITH WORRY AND FEAR? If so, you can help him turn anxiety into confidence. Today I will list 7 mistakes you don't want to make, 3 worrisome situations for anxious children, and... Continue reading
Thank you for passing this video on. I hope his mother or father use it often with him. It could save him from a lot of future suffering. You are a gem, Carol.
Anxious Children Imagine the Worst! OVERCOMING WORRY AND FEAR IN YOUR CHILD CAN BE DONE! Today's brief YouTube video shares 7 easy steps. Seeing your child afraid to give a book report, join a sports team, or make a friend... Continue reading
Your kind comments make me smile, Dr. Par. I'm pleased that you liked both this article and my attempts at poetry.
Thanks for your supportive comments, Carol. Whining is so unpleasant. It takes consistent practice from parents to break their child's whining habit. My hope is that parents use these tips to do just that.