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Jean Tracy
I love sharing my counseling secrets from over 20 years as a child and family counselor.
Interests: family brunches, writing newsletters, designing parenting products, and gardening, babysitting grandchildren, public speaking club, reading club
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Thank you, Katherine. Your kind support means a lot.
Hi Melina, I'm so happy that you found this video helpful. Here's an expert on babies and young children who I respect. Look over her materials because I think you'll find them helpful for the information you'd like.
I appreciate your comment and support Katherine. The technique involving the 11 steps can help make the parent/child bond unbeatable, as well as, help kids overcome anxiety and feel confident.
"Please Don't Make Me!" IS YOUR CHILD OVERWHELMED WITH WORRY AND FEAR? If so, you can help him turn anxiety into confidence. Today I will list 7 mistakes you don't want to make, 3 worrisome situations for anxious children, and... Continue reading
Thank you for passing this video on. I hope his mother or father use it often with him. It could save him from a lot of future suffering. You are a gem, Carol.
Anxious Children Imagine the Worst! OVERCOMING WORRY AND FEAR IN YOUR CHILD CAN BE DONE! Today's brief YouTube video shares 7 easy steps. Seeing your child afraid to give a book report, join a sports team, or make a friend... Continue reading
Your kind comments make me smile, Dr. Par. I'm pleased that you liked both this article and my attempts at poetry.
Thanks for your supportive comments, Carol. Whining is so unpleasant. It takes consistent practice from parents to break their child's whining habit. My hope is that parents use these tips to do just that.
"I don't want to!" DO YOU EXPERIENCE NERVOUS TENSION WHEN YOUR CHILD WHIMPERS, WHINES OR WAILS? Are you looking for a solution to stop the moaning? If you’d like 7 helpful ways to cure the shrill tones and constant begging,... Continue reading
"You never let me do anything." "YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY!" is more than lyrics from a famous song. It's the common scream from parents of whiny children. Whining works for kids when they hear parents say, "Oh, alright." Every time... Continue reading
What a special things to say, Carol. I'm glad you liked it.
"You Always Blame Me." IF YOUR CHILD OFTEN BLAMES OTHERS FOR HIS MISTAKES, he has a blaming problem. From today's article you can help him tell the truth and take responsibility for his actions. You'll find out: Why youngsters blame... Continue reading
Thank you, Carol. I appreciate your comment because you are an expert learning educator. Your taking the time to comment means a lot.
I agree, Carol. It is so refreshing to hear children and adults alike admit mistakes. After all, nobody's perfect.
"She made me do it!" IF YOUR CHILD AVOIDS TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS MISTAKES, don't let it become a habit. In the video below you'll find 7 parenting solutions to stop the blaming. Many children think punishment is the worst... Continue reading
Sassy Isn't Classy! Our character building poem for kids includes rude behavior, the problems that mouthy behavior can cause, and how to solve them. Please share this parenting gift with your children. The poem is about Tyler Tanners, a boy... Continue reading
Thanks, Carol. I agree with you. I think some parents are afraid to be the parent by saying, "Stop" or "No," in case their child will be upset with them. As my mother used to say, "Blood is thicker than water." For me this means don't be afraid to be the parent. I believe if were kind and firm with our kids, we will be respected and loved.
Sass is dead if you say, "Stop sassing me!" Stop Sassing Me! Then you must show you mean it by following through with consequences. The trick is to catch your child being rude as soon as she starts becoming sarcastic.... Continue reading
Does Your Sassy Child Disturb You? A SASSY CHILD CAN GAIN POWER OVER HIS PARENTS. Such power, if it becomes a habit, will hurt him now and in the future. His tone, words, and body language signal to others he's... Continue reading
You Can Help Your Child Overcome Sarcasm SASSY SARCASTIC KIDS CAN TEST YOUR PARENTING SKILLS. When your feelings are trampled on by your child's cruel words, it's hard to feel like a loving parent. What Is Sassy Behavior? Today’s post... Continue reading
I agree that it's hard to like sassy kids or adults. You made me smile about the poem. I'm glad you liked it. It was fun to create.
Rude Behavior - Don't Accept It! Many children use sassy behavior to get their way. If your child is rude to you and you want to stop it, watch our brief video, Sarcastic Behavior: 10 Positive Parenting Tips. Here’s one... Continue reading
Learn the Secret to Becoming a Child Leader NATURAL BORN CHILD LEADERS NEVER HEAR THIS, “You’re not the boss of me!” A child with leadership skills knows the secret within in our poem today. He knows bossiness doesn’t work. He... Continue reading
What a great comment, Dr. Par! Your question for finding out how Mrs. Smith acted after receiving help would be so motivating for kids to notice. The smile on the elderly woman's face, who just had her driveway shoveled by two high school students, tells how valuable it is to help others. I think you could write a hit article on this topic, Dr. Par. Thank you for commenting.
Helping Others Is the Key! TO "PITCH IN" MEANS YOUR CHILD IS WILLING TO HELP. If you have a youngster who complains about tasks, his complaints can be a real drag at home and at school. How can you help... Continue reading