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Jean Tracy
I love sharing my counseling secrets from over 20 years as a child and family counselor.
Interests: family brunches, writing newsletters, designing parenting products, and gardening, babysitting grandchildren, public speaking club, reading club
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CREATE A SOLID FAMILY FOUNDATION When children feel like they belong to a loving family team, they experience inner security and confidence. Today's parenting gift shares an easy bonding activity. It helps family members develop a strong foundation with solid... Continue reading
DISCOURAGED CHILDREN FEEL PAIN A parent can become a critical judge when he feels tired, cranky, and frustrated. If a child hears the thunder of criticism often enough, he'll begin to believe that's who he is. When he believes the... Continue reading
Thank you, Carol. When you know someone who criticizes themselves often, you may be seeing their parents words acting like a "Critical Judge" inside their heads. It's tough to change and it can be done.
HONEST FAMILY COMPLIMENTS RAISE SELF-ESTEEM If your family spirit needs a boost, and you're not sure what to do, consider this article with its 30 positive parenting tips. Parents are powerful because their words can increase their child's confidence or... Continue reading
Thank you, Carol. Respect works so much better than entitlement.
FIND OUT THE EASY WAY TO RAISE A CARING FAMILY! Sincere words, a smiling voice, and eye contact are 3 ingredients you can easily use to create caring in your child. Your words, whether harsh or loving, will be replayed... Continue reading
IS YOUR DISRESPECTFUL CHILD A "TAKER?" If your child appears conceited and arrogant and you are worried about his future, you have good reason to be concerned. Who will treat him with respect when he is disrespectful? Who will love... Continue reading
Thank you, Carol. I forget who said it, "If we do too much for our children, they aren't likely to do much for themselves." I think this quote might help parents, who spoil their children, get some good insight.
Thanks, Dr. Par. Getting the parent/child relationship back in balance is so important for children and parents. Children can learn to respect authority and parents can learn to be their leader and guide. Without this balance, the child is likely to create a miserable family life and future for himself. The parent may end up asking, "Where did I go wrong?"
TAKE A STAND AGAINST DISRESPECT! If your children treat you like a doormat, chances are you’re a loving parent who gives too much and expects too little. You CAN take a stand! Today's parenting suggestions may be difficult because your... Continue reading
I agree, Carol. When a parent tells you, "I don't know why she hates me, I give her everything she wants," the friendship parents seek is non-existent.
CARING KIDS LIKE TO HELP! Spoiled kids want service. They think they’re the boss. They demand what they want and often get it. If you’re raising a selfish child, keep reading. You’ll find ways to handle your youngster without being... Continue reading
Thank you, Carol. Sometimes it seems easier to let verbal abuse go. But doing so only increases more of it. Stopping sass at a young age is best. Even though it is more difficult to stop it as children get older, it CAN be done. The video on the gift gives suggestions parents can use.
ACCEPTING DISRESPECT HURTS EVERYONE The words your children yell at you reflect how they think and feel about you. If those words are selfish, mean, or hurtful, you've got work to do. Why you? Before your children can change you... Continue reading
Over-indulging Kids Turns Them into Weak Characters. When parents give too much and expect too little, they raise spoiled children. Their parenting love is out of control. They make themselves into doormats and their offspring selfish and weak. 7 Problems... Continue reading
A Child's Real Feelings about Divorce When a parent who's separating or getting divorced leaves the home, a child is filled with questions he may not know how to ask. A Child's Questions about Divorce What will happen to me?... Continue reading
Thank you, Carol. I'm happy you liked it.
Children of Divorce Need Their Parents Divorce crushes children when busy parents lose contact. They wonder, "Did I cause my parents' divorce?" Their guilt can sink them into depression because they don't understand that the conflict is between their parents... Continue reading
"Stop talking against my parent!" DIRTY DIVORCE TACTICS INCLUDE TELLING YOUR CHILD MEAN THINGS ABOUT HIS OTHER PARENT. It's called "parental alienation." When you're deeply hurt by the divorce, it's easy to do. Let's face it, divorce wounds both parents and kids. Many parents want revenge. So they try to... Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2016 at Kidsdiscuss_test
Thank you, Rosalind. You are an expert in the divorce area. Your comment is much appreciated.
Thanks for sharing what you've witnessed, Carol. Brainwashing kids against their other parent, upsets kids, makes them feel angry, and can turn them sour toward the "brain-washer." If parents understood what brainwashing does to their kids, I don't think they'd do it.
Thanks for sharing, Katherine. It means a lot to me to get the information out there.
"Stop talking against my parent!" DIRTY DIVORCE TACTICS INCLUDE TELLING YOUR CHILD MEAN THINGS ABOUT HIS OTHER PARENT. It's called "parental alienation." When you're deeply hurt by the divorce, it's easy to do. Let's face it, divorce wounds both parents... Continue reading
Thank you, Dr. Par. I like your example and advice, "just because you had a 'bad' marriage doesn't mean you need to have a 'bad' divorce. Those you whom you counsel are fortunate indeed.
Helping Your Child Cope with Divorce CHILDREN NEED HELP with SEPARATION and DIVORCE. If your parents divorced when you were young, did they know how to help you? If yes, you were fortunate. If no, is the pain still with... Continue reading