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Jean Tracy
I love sharing my counseling secrets from over 20 years as a child and family counselor.
Interests: family brunches, writing newsletters, designing parenting products, and gardening, babysitting grandchildren, public speaking club, reading club
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Thanks, Carol. Being helpful is my biggest purpose. It means a lot knowing that you think it is.
Is Your Child Bullied? Have a Chat. PARENTS, IF YOUR CHILD IS A BULLY TARGET or knows a kid who is, here are 9 discussions you can use. These slides include 9 pictures as conversation starters. Please feel free to... Continue reading
Thanks, Dr. Par. I'm glad you like the slogans. A family could have fun making up their own.
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You can't beat the Golden Rule, Carol. You are so right. Getting our children to change from bystanders to 'up-standers' is the goal. Thank you for commenting.
"My Powerful Mind Is Thoughtful and Kind." WHY DO SOME KIDS BULLY OTHERS? Research says that bullying can give kids a sense of power and prestige. The bully wants to have others think he's important. When he hurts kids, he... Continue reading
How Parents Help Kids Avoid Bullying BULLIES BURN BRIDGES BY WHAT THEY SAY AND DO . They destroy connections like trust, friendship, and future relationships with their victims. Bullying and Peer Pressure By seeming powerful, bullies can influence other kids.... Continue reading
Child and Development, that you so much for your kind comment.
Thank you, Dr. Par. I agree that focusing on the gifts of this beautiful world is fun. I appreciate your comment.
Encourage Your Child's Inner Beauty! TEACHING YOUR CHILD TO APPRECIATE BEAUTY, MUSIC, LOVE, AND MORE is not difficult. It takes a parent who cultivates a loving inner spirt and wants to share the peace it brings. Many people sense there... Continue reading
Hi Carol, As a top-notch educator yourself, you know what is happening. Your suggestions to help children become better thinkers are so good. Parents can do a lot to help their children explore all sides of an issue. How else can they make thoughtful choices politically and otherwise. We must not raise kids with robotic minds.
Your comment not only made my day, Dr. Par, it is also a tough one to live up to. 3 cheers for your grandpa!
How to Raise a Thinking Child! Parents, is your child a thinker? Does he like to learn? Or do you push, beg, and bribe him to use his brain, do his homework, and love learning? Raising an open-minded youngster, who... Continue reading
Carol, your bottom line is spot on. Many thanks.
Thank you for your kind comment, Dr. Par. I appreciate it so much.
Family Respect is the Key to a Happy Home. IF POUTING KIDS, SHOUTING AND DISRESPECT are bringing your family down, you can change it. In today's gift we'll offer 7 strategies to increase your family's positive spirit. But first well... Continue reading
Carol, you just gave us a wonderful prescription for a happy family and loving home. Thank you so much.
Thank you, Dr. Par. I appreciate you and your sharing of my posts.
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