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Jean Tracy
I love sharing my counseling secrets from over 20 years as a child and family counselor.
Interests: family brunches, writing newsletters, designing parenting products, and gardening, babysitting grandchildren, public speaking club, reading club
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Learn the Secret to Becoming a Child Leader NATURAL BORN CHILD LEADERS NEVER HEAR THIS, “You’re not the boss of me!” A child with leadership skills knows the secret within in our poem today. He knows bossiness doesn’t work. He... Continue reading
What a great comment, Dr. Par! Your question for finding out how Mrs. Smith acted after receiving help would be so motivating for kids to notice. The smile on the elderly woman's face, who just had her driveway shoveled by two high school students, tells how valuable it is to help others. I think you could write a hit article on this topic, Dr. Par. Thank you for commenting.
Helping Others Is the Key! TO "PITCH IN" MEANS YOUR CHILD IS WILLING TO HELP. If you have a youngster who complains about tasks, his complaints can be a real drag at home and at school. How can you help... Continue reading
Thanks, Carol. As a Learning Specialist who shares the latest educational research with your subscribers, I'm honored by your input.
Bossy Kids Are Annoying WHY ARE BOSSY KIDS REJECTED? You’ll find 7 troublesome behaviors to help you decide if your child is bossy and why children exclude him in this parenting gift. Watch your child interact with other children. Does... Continue reading
Bossy Kids Can Become Leaders IF YOUR CHILD IS TOO BOSSY AND KIDS ARE REJECTING HIM, it can be painful for him and for you. Most children don't have a clue about leadership skills. Yet, they want other kids to... Continue reading
I'm smiling at your kind comment,Carol. Thank you back.
I truly appreciate your praise, Carol. The fact that your sharing my material, means a lot to me.
Thanks for your helpful comment, Dr. Par. I agree. Warmly, Jean
Teaching Your Bossy Child Leadership Skills WHEN YOUR CHILD IS BOSSY, does he only care about getting his way? Perhaps he tells kids what to do or what to play. If so, he has the Bossy Kid Problem and you... Continue reading
Inner Guides Help Kids Think Before They Act If you're worried about your distracted child and his concentration problems, then you'll want to introduce him to his Inner Guide. When your child slows down, goes inward, and asks, “What’s the... Continue reading
I'm glad you liked it, Dr. Par. You give so much to parents and patients. I feel fortunate to have your kind thoughts.
Believe in Your Child If you’re a concerned parent wanting to turn your child’s poor outlook into a happy “I CAN” mindset, keep reading. Parents who nurture a resilient attitude in their children do some very specific behaviors. They avoid... Continue reading
Hi John, Thank you so much for your great insights. Gaining self-confidence is so important for kids. Taking pressure off parents by realizing the practical steps they can take to achieve their goals and raise energetic children is an awesome goal too.
You Can Raise "CAN DO" Kids A resilient child gives joy to parents. She bounces back from disappointments and faces life with a special eagerness. She's willing to take on challenges and try new things. The, ‘Let me try,’ and... Continue reading
You Can Raise a Resilient Thinker! CHILDREN WHO WHINE, BLAME, AND WALLOW IN SELF-PITY CAN LEARN TO bounce back from difficulties. This brief video offers 5 ways to inspire your child to become resilient. One of the ways is to... Continue reading
Thank you, Leah. I appreciate your kind comment. Your Kelly Bear Products are so cute and helpful.
Resilient Kids Are Irrepressible! “Don’t give up!” parents encourage, “You can do it!” Believing in your child is just one of the ways to develop a strong-minded child. It’s a good way too. Especially if you tell why like, “I’ve... Continue reading
Thank you, Kathleen. If we can help children when they're young to have a CAN DO attitude, they will become a positive force for good. I appreciate your comment.
Poem for Kids - 'Self-Pity Isn't Pretty' Do you have an over-sensitive child? Does she feel sorry for herself way too often? How can you help her get off the 'pity potty?' Let her know when bad things happen some... Continue reading
Thank you, Amritha. I'm pleased that you noticed how simple they are. I appreciate your comment too.
You Can Help Your Child Become a Happy Thinker! HELPING YOUR CHILD DEVELOP A POSITIVE SPIRIT is the greatest present you can give. When children make a habit of daydreaming about sad, angry, or anxious thoughts, they become weaker physically... Continue reading
Helping Your Child Can Be a Rewarding Experience. NO PARENT WANTS THEIR CHILD TO EXPERIENCE EMOTIONAL DISTRESS. The phrase, “I feel your pain,” applies to most parents who also suffer when their kids are hurting. Often moms and dads don’t... Continue reading
Thanks, Josh. I'm glad you liked the link and found the article interesting.
Get These Parenting Tips IF YOUR CHILD DWELLS ON PAINFUL THOUGHTS, this video could help. You'll learn 5 methods for helping kids bounce back from upsets, difficulties, hurts, and failures. You may already know that brooding can weaken your youngster’s... Continue reading