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I'm a younger republican and I think it's reasonable to expect that eventually republicans will do more than just tolerate homosexuality by giving those folks equal rights. LCR's are obviously more concerned with the plight of this country as a whole than just the gay rights stance of the party. Many of them are staunch Christians as well that simply believed religion is being used a tool to justify ignorance and hate. They're fighting the battle from within to win over the hearts and minds of the same folks that slap them across the face... the true christian in that respect by turning the other cheek. I couldn't respect them more for this. It's truly sad to watch socially conservative republicans spend so much time screaming that government is intefering in their lives only to turn around and demand laws revoking our rights based on religious interpretations of the day. You're undermining a party that has the only real chance of fixing the mess we're in.
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Aug 22, 2012