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Sam Parmenter
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Certainly in the UK I have found that the vast vast vast majority of people believe themselves to be much smarted, talented and skilled than they are. You cannot have a society that is built on truth when it is already held together by a lack of honesty. I am under no illusions that I am an average web developer at best right now. In 10 years time that may or may not have changed but I find it amazing how easy people find it to genuinely fool themselves into over selling their own abilities. @ the chap learning guitar for years while everyone was telling him he was amazing. What made you think that you were amazing? Could you play anything put in front of you regardless of complexity or style. Were you able to play like some of the best guitarists around? I play a lot of sport and I always have done. I played a lot of them at county level when I was younger and what always amazes me is the number of people who think they are good at something simply because everyone around them is shocking. Big fish in a small pond. Having not played badminton for over 10 years since I was 13 I still beat a guy that considered himself a really good player. I know I am not very good any more but even though I was better than him, he though he was great. I love criticism (as long as it is constructive) as it allows you to improve. I can't help but feel that people must know how good they are at something in most cases, they just don't want to admit it and a lot of people become very defensive when called on it.
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May 2, 2012