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well, see, that's the problem, this guy actually LEARNED from what the B.S. ethics were, others did not, and thus everyone else isn't in support of what this wonderful man is doing!
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"Ahaha Platoon Player? Keith Law and the rest of you are idiots. Granderson doesn't hit in the correct part of the order and the guy hit 30 hrs." And how many of those came against lefties? TWO. His career BA against LHP is .210, OPS is 614. That's what us idiots are talking about.
"We're open to dealing anyone except our good players" God I'd forgotten how desperate reporters get this time of year.
Boston could trade for Gonzalez tomorrow if they wanted to, it's a question of what they're willing to give up.
"If Bowden wasn't in the Red Sox organization, no one would ever talk about him. Like another poster pointed out, the Brewers already have all the #4/5 type pitchers they need. Melvin will use the extra money this traded freed up to go after a legit #2/3 guy." I'm sorry, who brought up Bowden here? It's been reported that the Red Sox offered him for Hardy, period. Is MLBTR supposed to not report it because you think he's an overrated prospect? People really need to get over this thing about Red Sox prospects being overrated. If they do get more hype than other teams, it's because of their tremendous record of drafting and developing in recent years, not because of some nebulous Boston "hype machine."
"Jose Alvarez is just 20. Far from a "AAAA" player." And Jesus Montero is far from a superstar. It's called projection.
" I don't see how you get two great minor players for a below average hitter." Dude, you're insane. Alvarez and Jones are AAAA players who might not even be good enough to contribute to the Florida Marlins, and were never going to contribute to the Red Sox. I'm not saying Hermida is anything, but the Red Sox gave up zero in this deal.
This is lip service from Theo, imo. I don't see them extending Beckett unless he takes a discount.
I generally think that stuff is meaningless too, but remember that Tazawa did get better offers from other teams and chose the Red Sox for whatever reason, and it's not like the Red Sox are going to be miles behind the highest bidder.
I'm guessing the unknown player was Mike Lowell, who is Cuban. It wouldn't be Iglesias since he's in Arizona.
"If people don't recognize the reason guys like Arod, Bay, Tex, Pujols, Agonz, Howard, etc, usually bat 3-6th then I can't help you. Might point is, don't discount a hitters accomplishment (driving in 100 rbi+) but at the same time don't look at a hitters LACK OF PROLIFIC RBI NUMBERS W/O ALSO CONSIDERING THE HITTERS IN FRONT (WHO GET ON BASE) AND BEHIND HIM (WHO FORCE THE OPPONENT TO OFFER QUALITY PITCHES)." I understand it's harder for old dudes to accept that RBI are completely meaningless, not just misleading or lacking, but completely and 100% useless (Theo Epstein: "We IGNORE them"), but it's the truth. "don't discount a hitters accomplishment (driving in 100 rbi+)" I do discount it. I'm not saying a guy getting 100 RBI is a good or a bad thing. It's nothing. It tells you nothing. It doesn't even earn you money anymore, because just about every front office has woken up and realized it.
"AS for Papi, he gets $12.5M exclusively for hitting. If he played 1st base every day, would he be worth $25M?, $20M, $15M? How much value can one place on defense?" Assuming we're talking about his peak offensive years, and he was below average defensively, yes, Fangraphs would have him at about 20 million a year, which is what Mark Teixiera, a elite offensive player at first base, gets paid.
"Bobby Abreu hit 15 hrs and drove in 103 RBI. Adrian Gonzalez hit 40 hrs and drove in 99 RBI. Does Abreu's 103 RBI make him a better player than Agonz? Of course not. Does that discredit or take away from Abreu's accomplishment? It shouldn't. Driving in 100 RBI is a good bench mark for a hitter's year. Abreu did a good ob of driving in the runners ahead of him. Agonz simply didn't have the table setters that Abreu had. So RBI shouldn't take away from a players accomplishments but it shouldn't be used as the "meat" of a apples to apples comparison. " Bobby Abreu has zero control over the hitters in front of him getting on base. If you want to value players based on things they do not control, by all means, go ahead. It's the same as looking at Win-Loss record for pitchers. It's 100% useless.
"I think the greatest statistics used poorly become meanigless." You're right, RBI aren't meaningless, they're just completely obsolete (based on your accurate example) and thus have been rendered meaningless.
And to bjsguess, I guarantee you that Theo is not basing his evaluations on Fangraphs or BP or any other publicly available valuation systems. Especially when it comes to defense, you can be certain the Red Sox have their own system for valuing players. And btw, he said Drew was worth a "tick" above 14 M, whereas Fangraphs has him at a tick under 15 M. If anything, Theo's statement is just a nice thing for Fangraphs to hear, because it means they're on the right track with WAR.
I wish I could go into a coma and wake up the day when everyone accepts that and understands why RBI are meaningless.
Adrian Gonzalez, here we come.
The Red Sox would absolutely trade Jacoby Ellsbury. Why do you think there's no talk of an extension with him like the ones they did with Pedroia, Youkilis AND Lester? It's because he hasn't fully lived up to their expectations yet. You could argue that his agent is Boras, but Papelbon is also a guy who wants every last dime and there's still ton of talk (or was) about extending him, because he's elite. Ellsbury is not, and he's a great trade chip in my opinion.
As far as the whole "Red Sox prospects overrated" thing goes, didn't the Red Sox put a stop to that when they traded for VICTOR MARTINEZ, a guy who a lot of teams were interested, without even making a dent in their farm system? The fact is they have a ton of depth, especially pitching-wise, and yes most of their high-ceiling players are in the low minors right now. So what? The key chips in the Johan Santana deal were teenagers at the time of that trade. But keep on believing that Gammons, Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus, Fangraphs, and numerous neutral scouts are just pumping the Red Sox because..... why exactly? I guess it's a conspiracy.
"picking up a-gone means they'll have to send lowell packing and than have youk play the hot corner all season...they'll lose a lot on defense and not gain a whole lot on offense" Um, no. They'll be improved defensively at third base (and offensively) and they won't lose any defense at 1B and will, at worst, get the same offensive production. I agree that I'd rather trade for someone at an impact position like Hanley or Evan Longoria, but I doubt those guys are available.
FYI, if the Marlins had any interest in trading him, the Red Sox could put together a fair deal for Hanley without including more than one player on the ML roster. Sorry.
"Thats a pretty ill informed and dumb thing to say zsberenyi. Do an iota of research before shooting your mouth off Miggy rocked a .313/.340/.455 with 14hr and 46 doubles. Considering the crap the Red Sox started at SS this year, Tejada would be a huge upgrade." It's informed by the fact that he's a disaster at shortstop at this point and he had a whopping 2.9% walk percentage, which means when his batting average drops down to .260 next year, his OPS will take a huge hit. Oh and he's like 43.
God, Olney is so dumb. Tejada is terrible.
The Twins were linked to Sano many times, and were often listed among the most interested teams, so this isn't really the bombshell that some people seem to think it is. And after the Oakland As set a signing bonus record for IFAs I think we already knew that that market size doesn't factor in much with international signings anymore.