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Thanks for the congrats, Norm, in about 18 years the Hurricanes will have a defensive back/safety or a Hurricane cheerleader! But to comment on Zakkee's post, I noticed that the 'Canes aren't in ANYBODY'S PreSeason 25 for next season. I know we had a "special" season last year, but with the team the Hurricanes have returning (with that crucial year of experience) I don't understand. The 'Canes should at least be somewhere between 17-25. I still say if CJ doesn't fumble on Louisville's 7 (and the 'Canes go up 14-0) it is a different season. A few plays here and there (at the end of games) and the 'Canes finish what...12-2/11-3!? (beat Wake in the ACC Championship). But, let me not wear out my welcome. I think the 'Canes start returning to their luster next season. Good hire on the head coach as well as the OC (young guy and seems hungry). The recruiting class is starting to look real good especially if Shannon & Co. can pull a couple of the names I have been hearing. GO CANES…7-6 & all!
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Hey Fellow Posters, I always read the board and today I found out my wife is 4 weeks pregnant with our first child, but anyways I thought why not start posting (and turn over a new leaf). I am a Hurricane fan until death, this past season proved it! But, I just wanted to let everyone know that the 2007 Miami football schedule has been released (, but for those who are lazy... 2007 Miami Hurricanes Football Schedule Sat., Sept. 1; MARSHALL (5-7); TBD Sat., Sept. 8; at Oklahoma (11-3); TBD Sat., Sept. 15; FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL (0-12); TBD Thur., Sept. 20; TEXAS A&M (9-4); ESPN Sat., Sept. 29; DUKE* (0-12); TBD Sat., Oct. 6; at North Carolina* (3-9); TBD Sat., Oct. 13; GEORGIA TECH* (9-5); TBD Sat., Oct. 20; at Florida State* (7-6); TBD Sat. Oct. 27; Off week Sat., Nov. 3; NORTH CAROLINA ST.* (3-9); TBD Sat., Nov. 10; VIRGINIA* (5-7); TBD Sat., Nov. 17; at Virginia Tech* (10-3); TBD Sat., Nov. 24; at Boston College* (10-3); ESPN I see 9 victories (easy). What is everyone's feeling about Marve!? I have a good feeling about him. Although I still say Wright has the tools (potential), I think Marve (if he commits) might take us back to the Dorsey days!
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