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First: your hockey initiation is similar to mine. Went to a game at 16 and by the end of the night I was hooked. This was back in Ye Olden Days (late 60s) and my team was the Pittsburgh Penguins, who looked to be in the same situation as your old Kings [crappy]. (Of course they've won a few Cups since then....) There was no ESPN back then and no airing of games but I could listen on the radio....and did. And went to a few games, and became a sports writer for a while as a career because of it. I got home from Job #2 Monday night in time to watch the last 3 minutes of the Kings/Devils game on TV, and was thrilled for all the fans because that experience of winning a championship is priceless. With the cheering and the towel waving I was taken back to the 1991 Minnesota Twins, where I was at the pivotal Game 6 and lived through a deafening roar and the stadium of waving white towels (ours were Homer Hankies). Congratulations and make sure you get to visit the Cup whenever it gets shown in the Los Angeles area. You likely will be able to get your picture taken with it.
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Good luck on the audition! Sending positive vibes your way. BTW: When are you going to tell people that you're one of the judges for the Morning News Tournament of Books?? My jaw dropped when I saw your name on the list! Can't wait to see how it all shakes out.....
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Jan 12, 2012