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Patrick Goodrich
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Wil, I was having a crappy week at work and tuned in Friday to Table Top. For 31 minutes and 24 seconds, I forgot all about work. For what it's worth, thank you. Best of luck and much success to you and the Geek and Sundry crew. P
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There was nothing more futile than having students taking turns reading lines aloud from Romeo and Juliet. Elizabethian english does not easily roll off a 9th grader's tongue. I liken reading Shakespeare when too young to really appreciate it to being forced to try new food when too young to really appreciate it. I hated Shakespeare in school but love it now. Wish I could say the same thing about brussel sprouts... Ok, bad analogy.
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I will long remember that sad episode of TOS where redshirt ensign Bazinga was accidentally phasered in the back by the Enterprise. What a fitting memorial.
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Jun 9, 2012