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Patrick Kasarski
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<< If you are "just an average programmer", you are not giving the customer/employer what they pay for/expect. >> I guess I could have been clearer. What I meant by "average" is "basically competent." Sort of the Toyota Corolla of programming: reliable, functional, not a prima donna. Providing a serviceable product at a reasonable price. Not everyone gets to drive a Mercedes, that's just how the world is. By definition, most people are going to be close to average. Now, you may very well be right that many people enter the profession for the wrong reasons, and that the empirically average programmer may well be incompetent. I'm not so sure how to fix that problem. But as a young programmer looking to start a career, it is something of a reassurance ...
This is sort of a "first world problem," isn't it? In most parts of the world, a job that doesn't involve physical labor and that can provide for a family is highly valued. So you're only an average programmer. So you don't wake up in the morning with a burning desire to go to work. Well, you're still collecting a paycheck, aren't you? Don't let a quest for the ideal blind you to the value of the real. (Going to try to close the italics tag here)
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May 3, 2012