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I can't lie. I think this model is horrible. I'm not convinced that the content and difficulty level of the lessons aren't suffering. If the goal is to provide kids with extra help in mathematics a teacher can always offer extra help sessions. Parents can become more responsible in offering help as well. (Have you heard of the program Kumon? When I have kids they'll be in it We need to make sure that math is taught and drilled live in a classroom so that any nuances or problems can be addressed on the spot. Furthermore, to rely on children to watch videos at home and then "work together" to solve problems is to take a huge gamble on an educational system whose math skills are already lagging alarmingly behind much of the rest of the world's. I mean, most Americans who come out of public schools are basically mathematically illiterate compared to Chinese and Indian students of a comparable socioeconomic level. Plus, what would the next step be? To record lessons for all subjects on DVD's and then reduce all teachers to after school style tutors who hover over work groups?
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2011 on Education 2.0 at Get Fresh Minds
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Sep 28, 2011