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Quilt Designer and Host of the only all Quilting Radio show, Fabric designer, teacher, author and obessed with quilting.. you too?
Interests: Quilting!
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SHOW #327 with The APQ Magazine Editors Your browser does not support the audio element. *** Free pattern at the END.. guests are the really fun American Patchwork & Quilting Editors! ITUNES subscription available - Subscribe HERE MY Podcast Guest List! GET the APP to listen on your Android This week on my American Patchwork & Quilting podcast, editors Linda Augsburg, Jody Sanders, and Lindsay Mayland discuss storage tips, ideas, and hacks for your sewing space. They also chat about UFOs (unfinished objects) and how you can add more finishes to your list this year with the UFO Challenge. Then,... Continue reading
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Jackie she is posting and you can certainly write HER to ask her. Not sure why you don't see her things, but ask her yourself. she is very nice.
Watch the video Laurie, I show it to you and explain it. Thanks Valerie for jumping in to answer, I appreciate that!
Did you figure it out Judy? 6 + 1/4 + 1/4 = 6 1/2 3 1/2 sewn to a 3 1/2 means 1/4 is removed from EACH both. So 3 1/4 + 3 1/4 = 6 1/2... SAME as the center Let me know this makes sense
that is something I'm considering Lisa.. little a little pop of every color in the line.
Awesome Peggy, Debbie & Jim are great people!! Tell them I said hi when you go to pick up your machine!
Shirley the pattern is the blue quilt you see.. that is the one I said i'm making, and adding some strings in a few like the Red quilt.
Are you enjoying my new site 'I Love to Make Quilts'? I sure am!! It's SEW exciting to see your Solstice blocks pop up on Wednesday! My goal is a twice a week post for this website, the second will be either another fun quilt along I am hosting, maybe... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Pat Sloan's I Love To Make Quilts
Yes, but it Depends on the color of your fabric. Many colors work on a large variety of fabric, pull a single strand and lay it across the fabric to see how it looks Signe
Wool is very nice Beth, it's just fluffy. So if you have never freemotion quilted i suggest you start with flat cotton until you are comfortable.
i would take off the border and measure so to it's the proper size for the center of the quilt. better to do now than quilt it all wavy.
i have used variegated thread, it's fun! I do not quilt with rulers. I might try it one day, but so far i have not
to lock the outer edge down so that it does not pull apart.
Hi Missy! I have never used gloves, I have a lot more control with my own hands. But if they help you , then do use them.
Bobi watch my fast action video in this post, that is how i do it!
Look at the Babylock Destiny II or the Cresecendo if they fit your price range. If not, then ask the dealer which machine in your price range is best!
Donna get a panel and just 'do it' ... and nothing has to be symmetrical.. NOBODY makes bubbles all the same size.. you could see mine are not
Michele there are WAY too many machines to list all of their settings. What I do is show you what I use, then you can go to YOUR machine and find something similar.
Gosh Linda, pencil marks are Tough to remove. I never mark with them. Ask in my quilt group as I know a few people have tried to get them out and something might work for you
The one I showed you today is very easy and cool!
Of course! it helps with ANY machine. It is not machine specific
sorry I have not Kimmy. Contact the manufacturer or google for an article on using it
I do not roll a quilt Gidget, that is not effective for me. I have a whole section in my book, but the short ver is that I scrunch and keep it from dragging.. the drag of the quilt keeps you from being able to move it nicely.