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Cowtown Pattie
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Mike, thank you so much for the update. My husband and I were just heartsick to hear of the disaster. Though the people of the Big Bend area are tough, this will be a long recovery. Hoping your good neighbors know the rest of the state are mourning with them.
Best kind of baseball to watch! To heck with the overpaid professional boys...
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Feb 10, 2010
My blogging experience has been ever so enriched by the smart, witty, brilliant people I've met online. Mary Lee, because of your blog, and because of your wonderfully touching book about your father, I feel you are as much a "real life" friend, it not more than. My door is always open, be it in real time or online. Send an email. Flash a Bat-signal or a tap out a cosmic SOS,. and I'll come runnin'! Namaste
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Feb 10, 2010