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Does Anne just carry a stash of googly eyes at all times, so that she can affix them to things which offend her with their lack of googly eyes? That's... actually a pretty great policy. Maybe I'll adopt it.
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Yeah, that's fair. I guess it's more like aiming a ballistic missile than a dart. You can steer it, a little, if you steer well in advance. They didn't have a ton of fuel to waste, so they were doing course corrections on the order of 1 centimeter per second, a week before landing. Still, I don't care what kind of guidance system you've got, that's a hell of a shot.
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Depends on how you work it out. If you consider the entire flight path it's a lot farther. They landed less than 300 meters from where they were aiming, after traveling more than 300 million miles. That's like throwing a dart from LA and scoring a bullseye... in New York City. With the added bonus that if you blow it by more than about half an inch (at this scale), you smack into a mountain you weren't expecting.
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Aug 6, 2012