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Hoax. Srsly? By the way folks, PPP is a wholy-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party and is completely without credibility.
You can express your empathy with folks who paid income taxes over their working career and who now pay no income taxes because they are retired and living at the EIT level but the fact remains: people who pay NO income taxes have not skin in the game and everyone should pay something. Implement a National Sales Tax if we must, but having a nation where so many people pay no income taxes and thus have no skin in the game is national suicide. And you know who knows that better than anyone else, including you? Retired people who paid income taxes all their working lives.
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Oh, and about the gay activists and their civility? Watch this:
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You still don't get it. Many who ate at Chick-Fil-A were there to support someone else's freedom of speech and not what that someone had to say. Because when you launch a jihad against the freedom of speech of someone you disagree with you launch a jihad against the freedoms of all of us. Finally, if you insist on persisting in talking about the dignity of gay activists (who want to legalize gay marriage) and speak about civility in the same sentence, you might want to google "Proposition 8 Retribution" first. I think you'll get my drift. It's not enough to be human being. You must work towards becoming a decent human being.
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Citrix Software is the producer of GoToMeeting. Don't use it. Cancel your account if you have one.
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Feb 29, 2012