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Paul Birchenough
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It's all part of one larger battle, the hydra has many heads. Atheism helps to fight the head that forces superstition onto impressionable children, and takes away the oxygen that feeds superstitious adults. Environmentalism helps to fight the head that destroys the economic philosophies that thinks that profit now is worth several tons of pollutants in the environment, and forget that it will affect the lives of the coming generations. Equality helps fight the head that forces people into in group/out group dichotomies where none should exist, but are simply there to reinforce the existing power structure. There are many heads, and a progressive group that exists to fight them. In the future we will find more heads, and groups will arise that we haven't even thought of. Gay rights, Women's Rights, Trade Unionism etc. didn't exist a couple of centuries ago. Trans. rights, Net Neutrality, Universal Marriage are all appearing now, and need to be fought for in the same way. The Hydra needs to be fought on every front, if a head is left intact, all the others will regrow in time, and we'll be back to square one. Authoritarianism and bigotry in even one area of life, will lead to authoritarianism and bigotry in all, when a right is denied to one person, rights are denied to all people. We may not understand every right yet, and may find new ones, but the fact remains. Carry on with your fight, in the cause that you find most important now, other people will fight in the same way, for theirs. We just have to support each other's battles at the same time as fighting our own. You do so much for LGBT Rights and Atheism, don't let the general shittiness of natural disasters, and rampant fuckwitedness distract you from your very important role, in the very important sphere, you have chosen, and are very good in, to fight for.
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May 2, 2011