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Note that the internship was with the INTEGRATION division! You can't make this stuff up. He didn't make the slightest effort to integrate, which should have automatically excluded him.
Looks like a set up to me. Woman deliberately flouting the law with convenient mob waiting to pounce. Needs to be dealt with very strongly.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2013 on Muslim mob attacks police in France at Atlas Shrugs
I'm a Brit, and that moved me. Well done that young man.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2013 on I. Love. Him. at Atlas Shrugs
I work in the UK as a designer of drinking water treatment plants, so I am fully aware just how critical it is to prevent unauthorised access into raw water catchments and aqueducts, and drinking water mains. When I read about the midnight trespassing of seven Muslims into the restricted Quabbin Reservoir I was about 90% certain it was a terrorist trial run. Now with this story I am 100% certain. How on earth can the MWRA says it doesn’t appear anyone tried to tamper with the water supply? They must be insane! Three aqueduct access covers have had the padlocks cut and a fourth tampered with. I presume they did not succeed in gaining access because there was more than one padlock, or possibly even a second locked inner hatch. (Yes, Tom, the measures you mention are probably included, also - we designers do care about public safety). Forgive me if I don't believe that the State Police in this case really do.
Surely the Koran is full of material that "incites religious hatred" against Judaism, Christianity, animism, etc? Pamela, would it not be possible for AFDI to announce that should any of these laws be passed, then you would instigate an immediate legal case under them to have the Koran and reading from it banned in all public places (eg mosques)? I realise that goes against freedom of speech and I don't really advocate it for that reason, but it seems to me that the threats are all going one way on this at the moment.
Hi Defcon. I think you will find that it was Mohammed's hooligan followers that did the murdering and enslaving. He himself sat in the background encouraging and giving Allah's blessing to this evil, and personally pocketing a fifth of the booty. He was a coward, as are jihadists today.
"Spineless psychopath". Sounds like a good description of Mohammed. I'll try to remember that one.
The two brothers assembled at least four types of improvised explosive devices in the home Tamerlan shared with wife. And she didn't notice anything? Give me a break.
Since the term "extremism" is so obviously meaningless, why don't we revert to the previously used term "terrorism", which is clear and precise?
More proof (if you needed it) that Islam is a mental illness.
Am I right in thinking that the whole concept of “greater” and “lesser” Jihad did not exist in Mohammad’s time and was a much later construct? I have always thought that this, plus the use of the world “lesser” for what is clearly the normal and by far the most widely used case, is a deliberate ploy to mislead non-Muslims, in other words “taquiya”. notes that: “During Prophet Muhammad's lifetime, and onwards to the present, the word 'Jihad' was, and is, almost always used in a military sense. This idea of a greater and lesser jihad was a later development which originated from the 11th century book, The History of Baghdad, by the Islamic scholar al-Khatib al-Baghdadiis ... In fact, all four schools of Sunni jurisprudence as well as the Shi'ite tradition make no reference at all to the "greater" jihad, only the lesser. So ... we know that the concept of the greater jihad is unorthodox and heretical to the majority of the world’s Muslims”. It is therefore hardly surprising that so few Muslims follow the “greater” Jihad.
I am in the UK. Can anyone in New York tell me if there is any evidence of any anti-Muslim passions being inflamed over there? From what I can see the passions that are being inflamed are (as usual) the pro-Muslim passions! Go Pamela! I think this is a brilliant ad campaign.
Hillary Clinton, refering to the killing Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was quoted as saying: "This was an attack by a small and savage group". I haven't heard anyone condemning her for describing any group as savages!
"Police sources said that an NBC News report erred yesterday in stating that a note was left along with the bacon that was signed by someone who used a code name and referenced a website was incorrect. No physical note was left on the scene, sources said". I thought the word "erred" was a bit of an understatement. But checking Merriam-Webster on-line I see there is another meaning after "to make a mistake", which is: "to violate an accepted standard of conduct". Completely fabricating news, yes I guess that is violating accepted standards of reporting. Or am I just being old-fashioned? (Yes, Gerald, I do remember The Man From Uncle)!
I don't see what the problem is. Surely he can just tie a knot in it and wait until he gets home at the end of the day? He is not obliged to use the police station toilet.
"Ali and Hassan are awaiting sentencing ..." We can but hope that, having royally pissed off the judge by showing him no respect, he will now get his own back by passing the maximum allowable sentences.
"... break the glass of the kitchen window right away and apparently he did so without making a noise ...". From the video the window appears to be a double glazed unit, and if so these are extremely difficult to break. People have been trapped by them in fires and unable to escape, even by hitting them with chairs and so on. It is inconceivable to me that this was done silently.
Most of us have a pretty good idea of what would have happened if it was Muslim children and they had been instructed to recite the Lord's Prayer ...
As a Brit I don't want this piece of filth in my country, and I don't want my taxes to support him or his family. Wikipedia says he is wanted on terrorism charges in Algeria, the United States, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, as well as Jordan. If Jordan (and probably Algeria) can't be trusted, surely he could be deported to one of those other countries - preferably to the one with the most serious charges against him?
Thankyou, Abdul-Hurriyah for a superb post. I for one am going to retain a copy for future reference - there is so much insight in it.
"Steve Jones emeritus professor of human genetics at university college London has questioned why such students would want to study biology at all when it obviously conflicts with their beliefs". Could it be to give them a better understanding of body cavities, with a view to more efficiently packing them with explosives?
"... this group of families really will give our audience a taste of what life is like in Dearborn, Mich., for a variety of American Muslims ..." Perhaps they could follow it up with a programme giving a taste of what life is like in Dearborn, Mich., for a variety of American NON-Muslims.
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By proposing to work on Saturdays "to make up the hours" he is effectively acknowledging that his breaks DID interfere with his work performance. I guess the reason that only persons with seniority are allowed to work Saturdays is because they probably get an enhanced rate for working at the weekends.
"... the FBI missed warning signs...". No they didn't, they ignored them.
Pamela, here in the UK the approach in this sort of circumstance would be to contact your Member of Parliament (MP), as they have a lot more clout when it comes to asking questions in parliament and pushing for enquiries (though it doesn't always work of course). I don't know what the closest equivalent of our MP is in the States - Florida Senator or Representative (Allen West?) - but might a direct approach to someone like that be worth trying, to raise the profile on this? God bless you for your caring heart, and for your extraordinary perseverence.