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Pauline Esson
Willian, a Hertfordshire village 30 mins north of London
Interests: music, films, meditation, good smells, pleasure as a way of life, (rather than suffering i mean), five rhythms dance, stimulating conversations, gobbling up books, my wee man, my big man
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Jess, I like it that you've decided to write about it in order to let it emerge and to let people get to know you during that process. I've really enjoyed getting to know who you are rather than what you do in this post. I'm never much interested in talking about the numbers so if you were writing about that (which as you say is 'what you do for them, not what you want to teach them to do'), I'd be glazing over.....this on the other hand, I find entirely absorbing and engaging. I have a 'got to be resolved and neatly packaged before I share it', itis and seeing you so effectively share your process while it's in process here is illuminating and inspiring for me. Gracias for that.
Awe. Choked up, sniff, wipe.
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