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Funny that, I really like the official Twitter for iPad client. The "swipeable" panels are innovative and very useful. Twitterific feels like an iPhone Twitter client expanded to the iPad screen with no real extra use of the iPad. Still, it is a decent Twitter client. DropBox should be on most iPads too. Great way of syncing docs, images, notes etc.
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2011 on 8 Must-Have Apps For New iPad Owners at TechWire
Good list Adrian, thanks. Omnigraffle for iPad is also useful for reorganising your multi-billion dollar empire while on the train. EverNote is good but if, like me, you find it overkill/slow then SimpleNote is a great alternative. Just does text but it has desktop (Notational Velocity) and web clients too. And GoodReader is a must have for it's multi-format document support. Handy when your client sends you a 10 year old doc and Pages can't open it. If you use Google Docs in business much then Connect is a handy iPad client for Google Docs. Also, Xe Currency for all your currency conversion needs. (And you could argue Kindle is a must have for business people wanting a bit of a Who Moved My Cheese boost just before a big meeting ;) )
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2010 on 15 decent business apps for the iPad at TechWire
It is an interesting technique. If it grows in usage though I can see Facebook either making it harder to deactivate (turning a 20 second activity into a 5 minute one should be enough to stop all but the most ardent) or change deactivation into deletion, forcing you to reregister instead of just relogin.
It's hard for people like me to understand the situation for these people. I never went to college or university, barely got my Matric (South African equivalent of a leaving cert) but I've jumped from IT job to IT job without any trouble. I got jobs in web-dev during the dot-com bust. I've just gone from a good public sector job to an even better private sector job. None of this has been planned, I'm not angling everyday with a defined strategy. I don't even work contacts or organically grow my maximised rolodex network, or whatever that kind of person does. So from my perspective not being able to get a job seems more a personal failure than a system failure. Obviously that perspective is quite wrong (and could one day be a rude awakening for me.) I like to think my lack of degrees, certificates and diplomas and yet my relative success show that capable people come from anywhere and in all flavors. Those 3000 ex-Dell people have a lot of talent and passion, they shouldn't be side-lined because they don't have the right educational qualification on their CV. Talk to them before you reject them, see if they have more to offer than what is defined in a narrow job brief. And they should be made aware of this, don't reject yourself from applying for a job for the lack of three letters at the end of your name. If you think you can contribute then go for it. What I'm trying to say is how do I help? Can I help? I'm part of the smart economy but I'd like that to be the mass smart economy, not the elite prima donna programmer smart economy. I'd really like to connect to more people around me suffering real problems rather than another programmer wondering if he can afford that new iPad what with his pay cuts. The other thing is many of these people will have broadband into their homes. I'm pretty sure some have already given up on spending everyday looking for jobs and so have time. Give them those learning and training tools, let them tinker and learn even if it doesn't lead to an official qualification.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2010 on When Work Changes at Inside View
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Grand idea and hopefully I can contribute. Will the website present a live view of #hashcamp tagged tweets on the day? And will it provide an archive for the weeks and months after the day when Twitter becomes unreliable and starts losing tweets?
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2010 on Experimenting with Hashcamp at EirePreneur
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