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Paul Nathan
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"It has no feeling, no empathy, and at worst, it's dishonest." I didn't know testing was used for psychiatric consoling, or for friendship, or for 'winning hearts and minds'. I thought it was about producing reliable software.
I am a big fan of requiring logins for online discussions. I've seen way too many poo-flinging anonymousii on newspapers and blogs. The truth is that there's a point where noise drowns out signal. Veto-style moderation is one way to filter out the noise. Stackoverflow and Slashdot both have a system to filter out noise that works OK. Imagine 4chan. Anonymity is a big factor in the /b/tard phenomenon. Do we want the whole internet 4channed? I say no. For professional communication, let's use our real names. Let's sign what we say, and stand behind what we say. Let's take responsibility for our words.
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Feb 18, 2010