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Dr Paul Stott
East Midlands
Academic researching British Jihadism. A libertarian and family man.
Interests: Terrorism, Islamism, Jihadism, Conspiracy Theory, the political fringe, Boxing, Manchester United, Cricket, Lancashire CCC
Recent Activity
The Fabian Society has published a pamphlet 'Never Again: Lessons From Labour's Key Seats' which examines constituencies the party either lost, or failed to win despite expectations, at the 2015 general election. As so often in life it is during recriminations that the really interesting facts and argument tend to emerge. Perhaps the most significant lines are from Rowenna Davis, who lost the marginal of Southampton Itchen to the Conservatives. The potentially terminal mess the left has got itself into over race and immigration, and consequent loss of influence to a non-racist alternative in UKIP, is clearly established (I choose... Continue reading
I wrote the small piece below in response to an article on The Guardian website by Emine Samer on 27 July. This reports that the final member of the 'Pompey Lads' believed to be fighting for the Islamic State in Syria, Asad Uzzaman, has been killed. The Guardian, and especially its Comment is Free section, has a tendency to remove my comments, so I thought I would duplicate them here. The most telling thing about Emine Samer's article is part of its title - "How the Pompey Lads Fell into the hands of ISIS." Perhaps the Pompey lads took a... Continue reading
Paul Massey was shot dead at his home in Clifton, Salford on Sunday 26 July, aged 55. Unusually for a figure associated with organised crime, he had a background on the left of politics, and for a time in the Anarchist movement. This article covers some of the political campaigns and activism he was around, and issues which arose from them. Paul Massey was involved in the UK Anarchist movement for some years, most notably in the Ordsall Class War group in Salford in the late 1980s and early 1990s. At the funeral of Salford Anarchist Ken Keating in 2011,... Continue reading
From Frank Field's letter today in The Times about the Labour leadership contest, where he defends endorsing Jeremy Corbyn's nomination: "The other candidates have shied away from confronting the brutal political arithmetic that no government in recent times has been able to raise more than 37-38 per cent of GDP in taxation for more than a single year, and yet these governments spend at least 40 per cent of GDP fulfilling promises made to the electorate". Continue reading
Whatever people's views on David Cameron's speech on extremism on Monday, one element was encouraging. The Prime Minister recognises that conspiracy theories can be important, and that British Islam has been deviled by them. That at least is a positive... Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2015 at 9/11 CultWatch
The nonsense of our membership of the European Union has never been better evidenced. Following the latest Greek bailout: "it emerged that the loan would be guaranteed by funds from all 28 EU member states, including Britain. The move contradicts a previous agreement that British taxpayers would never again be exposed to eurozone bail-outs". Matthew Holehouse "Britain faces £1bn bill for Greek bail-out" Daily Telegraph, 14 July 2015. The article, with some differences in the online version, is here. Continue reading
This is my reply to the joint letter from Cage and a series of academics condemning the government's Prevent strategy and the 2015 Counter-Terrorism Security Act. It takes point by point the elements of the open letter published in the Independent on Friday. 1.The latest addition to the United Kingdom’s counter-terrorism framework comes in the form of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 (CTS Act). The CTS Act has placed PREVENT on a statutory footing for public bodies to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism by tackling what is claimed to be ‘extremist ideology’. In practice, this will mean... Continue reading
Reading through the list of signatories on Cage's anti-Prevent statement in the Independent, one prominent name is missing. Where is Bob Lambert of St Andrews and London Metropolitan universities? A self-styled 'progressive academic' he is a prominent supporter of Islamic causes in London, and many of the academics Lambert has worked with - most notably Basia Spalek and David Miller - have signed up. So have some of the Islamists in Muslim Brotherhood related institutions with which Lambert has long associated - for example Ismail Patel of Friends of Al-Aqsa and Mohammed Kozbar of Finsbury Park Mosque. Could it be... Continue reading
The letter Cage and Prof Richard Jackson were promoting on Wednesday opposing Prevent, has now appeared in the Independent. It is actually slightly worse that I expected it to be. After some classic academic hierarchy - Professors to the top - some of the worst names in British Islamism appear. To be lectured on freedom of speech and extremism by Haitham al-Haddad is slightly surreal. Interesting al-Haddad appears here wearing his Fatwa Council Of Europe hat, rather than his controversial role of judge at the Islamic Sharia Council in East London. You may recall his views on the superiority of... Continue reading
What to do if you oppose the 2015 Counter-Terrorism and Security Act's impact on universities, and its potential requirement to monitor students comments, but also oppose Taliban supporters and jihadi fan groups such as Cage? Earlier today, one of the most prominent academics within critical terrorism studies, Richard Jackson, circulated an email to academics looking to obtain signatories for a statement opposing the Act. I consider the CTS Act illiberal, and an attack on the freedom of speech we should be working towards on campus. Unlike some others, I don't see universities today as centres of free speech and progressive... Continue reading
As Greece holds its referendum today, some indications as to the arrogance and scale of the European Union project. Syriza were democratically elected in January, yet this reality is one leaders of the European Union appear capable of overlooking. Despite this mandate, Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, wishes to see Alexis Tsipras' government replaced, not by the will of the Greek people, but by Brussels. To quote from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Colin Freeman in today's Sunday Telegraph: "Mr Schulz earlier called for the elected Syriza government to be replaced by 'technocrat' rule until stability is restored. The alarmist... Continue reading
Saturday 20 June saw major protests against austerity in London and several other British cities. The 9/11 'Truth' movement has long sought to attach itself to parts of the left, the anti-war movement, Muslim community representative groups - basically anywhere... Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2015 at 9/11 CultWatch
No doubt detailed claims of responsibility will soon emerge for the massacre of tourists in Sousse, Tunisia. Such attacks are far from unique, with examples of this tactic in north Africa going back to the 1990s, most notoriously at Luxor in Egypt in 1997. Estimates of the importance of tourism to Tunisia are that it contributes as much as 15% of the nation's GDP. That presents a motivation to terrorist groups, but answers for their actions are also likely to be found within their political and religious belief systems. Past articulations indicate the tourist can be particularly 'provocative' to Islamists.... Continue reading
I have recently been sent a marvellous article by Michael Collins, that was in the i newspaper on 19 March 2015, and can be found on the Independent website. Collins is the author of The Likes of Us: A Biography of the White Working Class, a superb 2004 polemic which also serves as family history and memoir of a lost Southwark. Here he is writing just ahead of Trevor Phillips Channel 4 documentary Things We Won't Say About Race That Are True. Phillips now serves a function as quite a useful lightening conductor - by and large if someone is... Continue reading
Back in March Jamie Bartlett of Demos wrote a challenging article arguing that the best antidote to terrorist recruitment was encouraging people to think for themselves, and to think critically. There is much to be said for this approach, not least because it has the potential to undermine at source those joining and supporting groups such as Islamic State, and also the conspiratorial mind-set which ensures such groups flourish. I have five comments on Bartlett's article: 1. It is impossible to stop the spread of ideas, but political elites in the UK and certainly academia have broadly succeeded in restricting... Continue reading
Iceland seems to have emerged from economic collapse following its banking crisis in 2008. Its Prime Minister, Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson offers what should be words of advice for Syrizia: "What proved instrumental in getting us out of the crisis and to where we are today is to do with having our own currency and having control over our own monetary and economic policy and natural resources. Greece's options are obviously more limited, being a member of the euro." Quoted in the Sunday Telegraph (Business) 14 June 2015. Iceland has now dropped its application to join the European Union. Gunnlaugsson could also... Continue reading
John King is best known as the author of the Football Factory, England Away and other classic novels of working class life. This week he has penned a substantial contribution to the anti-EU cause, arguing that those on the left, and those of liberal disposition should vote No, when the referendum comes. I thought King's article so good, I link to it here. Other political currents will need to ask themselves some hard questions as we approach the referendum. For all its bluster, what is the SNP's concept of 'independence in Europe' actually worth? If the Greens believe in de-centralisation... Continue reading
A couple of points to follow up on the article I wrote last month concerning the pressure the Football Association and the police were placing on football supporters ahead of the Republic of Ireland versus England friendly. Firstly Larry O'Hara did consequently place online his 1997 article on the 1995 Dublin 'riot', which originally appeared in the Anarchist magazine Animal. Read it on the Notes from the Borderland website here. Secondly I did think it good manners to ask Piara Powar if he wanted to reply, as my article was critical of his stance towards England fans in his role... Continue reading
But does that work with conspiracists? When I was interviewed about this by George Galloway, he started off wanting my top ten refutations, before accepting that playing 'whack a mole' with conspiracy theorists is a bit of a waste of time. Disprove or undermine claim 1, then all effort has to be put into doing the same with claim 2. And so on. And so on, for ever?
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This is academic Deepa Kumar, discussing those she calls the 'new McCarthyites' responsible for islamophobia, in a presentation at the 'Understanding Conflict' conference at Bath University. Her characterisation of ex-Muslims is one of the foulest things I have seen for a long time. It is clear what she is doing here. Giving an academic gloss to the view that anyone who is an ex-Muslim is therefore an Uncle Tom. Just as under fascism, someone's ethnicity or faith is fixed for ever, so it is for today's 'progressive' academics and their supporters in sections of the far-left. In my experience, ex-Muslims... Continue reading
Reasons why Cultural Studies, and indeed Stuart Hall, are somewhat over rated, No.367. This is from outside LG02 at the eponymous Professor Stuart Hall Building at Goldsmiths University in London. Continue reading
Whilst the war party (which in practice covers MPs in all three traditional big Westminster groupings) is quiet-ish in the UK, in the US debate is becoming more polarised. If it is Hillary Clinton following Obama as President, or any Republican bar Rand Paul, US troops will be heading to the Middle East in significant numbers. The quote below from Republican dissident Patrick Buchanan, perhaps best encapsulates the nonsense John McCain and others would inflict now if they could: Interviewed by CBS News, Gen. David Petraeus said the United States is “probably losing” the war to ISIS, and we need... Continue reading
Whilst not entirely related to the content of this blog, tomorrow's event organised by the Centre for Inquiry UK, the British Humanist Association, and the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit deserves a mention. Searching for Satan: Miscarriages of Memory, Fractured Families... Continue reading
Posted Jun 5, 2015 at 9/11 CultWatch
This blog has touched before on the various conspiracy theories about Barack Obama. That he is a Muslim, that he was born in Kenya, that he is a British citizen rather than American - and that is just three of... Continue reading
Posted May 18, 2015 at 9/11 CultWatch
England play the Republic of Ireland in Dublin on 7th June in a friendly international. For reasons that have never been fully explained, the last time England played in Ireland the match was abandoned with some disorder occurring in the English end. It is has certainly never been clear to me why the Irish police were unable to restore order, or what was so terrifying about England's away support that the game could not be completed. As the researcher Larry O'Hara wrote at the time, claims that the neo-Nazi group Combat 18 had incited a riot were fanciful - no... Continue reading