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Dr Paul Stott
East Midlands
Academic researching British Jihadism. A libertarian and family man.
Interests: Terrorism, Islamism, Jihadism, Conspiracy Theory, the political fringe, Boxing, Manchester United, Cricket, Lancashire CCC
Recent Activity
Today is something many people worked so hard for, in some cases for decades. There are lots of ways to celebrate, but it seems appropriate, as Britain re-enters the world in its own right, to listen to Louis Armstrong. It's a wonderful world. Continue reading
One of the debates following the EU referendum is the extent to which the leave vote was English led and English driven. The British Politics Society in Norway asked me to examine this issue in an article for their journal, British Politics Review. In a special issue devoted to Englishness, I line up alongside the former Labour Minister John Denham, Christopher G. A. Bryant,Judith Blake and Andrew Mycock. You can download the journal as a pdf here. Continue reading
The people at Spiked are currently looking to gain support for their Free Speech on Campus campaign. Among the many things universities are known for (drinking, pissing off the locals, parking problems) we can now add another serious problem - censorship, and the reality that a stilted academic environment leads to stilted minds. Post graduation, those stilted minds then reproduce censorship in the careers they progress - be it in politics, local government, NGOs or business. I am happy to sign the statement below, and academics can add their name to it by contacting Ella Whelan via email: Free... Continue reading
Ever since I read reports of the Swedish government's trade delegation to Tehran, a thought had been rattling around in my head. Who had analysed this already? It was of course Sun Tzu, in The Art of War. There he wrote: "to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting." Any 'resistance' on the part of Sweden's government, any concept of solidarity towards those who may have been resisting the Islamic republic in Iran, or elsewhere, has been broken. Islam means submission. Sun Tzu would be in... Continue reading
I spent some time today interviewing Dr Larry O'Hara, editor of the parapolitical magazine Notes from the Borderland. You can hear the interview on my Soundcloud page here. Issues covered take in Julian Assange and Wikileaks, Brexit and the EU referendum, the state of the Green party, Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party, technology, fake news, Hacked Off! and phone hacking, Donald Trump and The Prisoner. Continue reading
I guess Flowers of Manchester is the most important song about the Munich air crash, but I have a lot of time for Morrissey's contribution. Here it is. Continue reading
As well as funding the Conservative MP Robert Halfon, and once funding David Cameron’s office, the billionaire property developer is not afraid to ‘cross the floor’. Zabludowicz's company Tamares Real Estate Investments also funds the local party of Stoke North Labour MP Ruth Smeeth. Former diplomat Craig Murray covers the influence such funding may have had on Halfon in his analysis of this weekend's scandal concerning the alleged plan by the Israeli embassy in London to 'take down' the Conservative Foreign Office Minister Alan Duncan. The embassy story itself runs in the Mail on Sunday here, and originally via Al-Jazeera.... Continue reading
Always the same, always different. Which I suppose is what we can expect from 2017. I only recently saw this Fall video from 1983, for the first time. It is memorable because pubs like that did used to exist. It contains one of Mark E Smith's greatest ever lines - about meeting veterans of the US civil war under Ardwick Bridge - and sees Brix desperately trying to keep a straight face during his nonsense. I never see any music videos now. Are people allowed to smoke in them? Happy New Year to all visitors to this blog. Thank you... Continue reading
This blog has touched several times on Obama related conspiracy theories. Whilst the 'birther' craze seems to have rather peaked - where else could it go after one of its proponents was elected President - conspiracy theories about Obama in... Continue reading
Posted Dec 26, 2016 at 9/11 CultWatch
John Gray has written a marvelous overview of the defeat of Hillary Clinton, and victory of Donald Trump, for the current issue of the New Statesman. It contains this analysis of those attempting to convince the world, and perhaps even... Continue reading
Posted Nov 21, 2016 at 9/11 CultWatch
The current issue of the New Statesman, features a page by editor Jason Cowley. reflecting on the US election, Nigel Farage and our shifting political times. Having read my first article for Lapido media on the Islamisation of the Labour Party, Cowley phoned me for a chat, and he makes use of several of my quotes in the section sub-headed 'Battle of Ideas'. Continue reading
Yesterday's Channel 4 News interview was the first time I had seen Yiannopoulous (I tend to back away from internet stars) but he is clearly serious and wants to discuss ideas. Whether he is correct is perhaps another matter. Newman wanted to discuss and police boundaries. You can see the video here. Whilst Milo not surprisingly gets a little bored as events progress, if anyone hates anybody else in this clip, it is that Newman actually hates Yiannapolous. I experienced much the same thing at an academic conference last year - the realisation that some others did not simply disagree... Continue reading
Lapido Media, which serves as the centre for religious literacy in journalism, have published two of my articles on the relationship between the left and Islamic actors. You can read part one here (which was published last Friday) and part two here. Topics covered include Corbynism, the conduct of figures on the Labour right such as Jim McMahon MP and Keith Vaz MP, segregation, the Muslim Brotherhood and the compromises required by groups like the Stop the War Coalition when working with religious actors. All being well, a much longer piece on these issues will be published next April. Continue reading
"The anger at both Trump and Brexit derives, in part, from epistemic hubris. People were shocked to realise that the stats weren't as reliable as they had supposed. That they didn't know their own countries nearly as well as they had thought. But the best way to react to this realisation isn't rage, but humility. Recognising the limits of our knowledge ought to encourage us to investigate more. Assuming total knowledge is part of what's polarising Western societies. It's the complacency that encourages people never to leave the Facebook filter bubble, or meet anyone who thinks – or votes –... Continue reading
Issue 11 of Notes from the Borderland's, the UK's best (only?) parapolitical magazine is now out. What's in it? The main article is a critique of the Swedish rape accusations against Julian Assange, and the not exactly helpful role The Guardian has played in the whole Wikileaks story. Larry O'Hara offers a detailed critique of the work of Nick Davies in particular. With friends like Davies and former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, Assange hardly needs enemies. Elsewhere I pick up my pen to examine Ken Livingstone's autobiography, and join with Heidi Svenson to look at the latest developments in the... Continue reading
9/11 Cultwatch has swapped some interesting emails with Chris Bovey. In his persona as 'Dr Hemp' Chris was for a period an activist in the UK and Ireland 9/11 Truth Movement, something he now regrets. We used to criticise him... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2016 at 9/11 CultWatch
Well, I had £25 on Trump to win at 13/8, an extremely generous price which perhaps suggests UK bookmakers have not really got on top of political betting in the way they have horse racing or football. But, to more important matters..... There's plenty to say in the coming weeks about the almost inevitability of the US result. Especially when you take in how poorly political elites struggled to anticipate Brexit, and how badly they have taken it. I would certainly root the success of Trump (and indeed that Brexit vote) in the inability of the liberal left to come... Continue reading
Like the pub bore for whom everything comes down to race, some Remainers just cannot accept Brexit. In Monday's i, Ian Birrell had a one page review of the book Hillbilly Elegy by J D Vance, a best selling examination of small town, white America. Birrell nearly makes it to the end without complaining about the referendum result, but in the penultimate column comes this little beauty: "There are valuable lessons at this time of rising resentment. In Vance's book one acquaintance quits work from a dislike of waking early, then goes on social media to attack the "Obama economy"... Continue reading
Today sees Labour party rallies across the country against the Conservative's declared intention to reintroduce grammar schools. Labour is campaigning under the slogan 'Education not Segregation'. There is a case for separating children on the basis of ability, indeed some form of streaming has long been the norm within the comprehensive system. It certainly was when I was at school. If Labour want to debate that, all well and good. But today's campaign slogan is utterly disingenuous. The Labour party does support segregated education - providing it is segregation on the basis of a parent's declared faith. That is what... Continue reading
Attending the Manchester United v Zorya Luhansk match last night, I could perhaps be forgiven for a little fiddle with my phone. Unable to get online I looked at the available wifi options. Of about eight or nine, from the phones of fellow fans to those of different departments at Old Trafford, was one entitled 'Surveillance Van 2". I guess the presence of such entities is all part of protecting the crowd at large events in the era of jihadist violence, but it served as a rather stark reminder of the lives we now lead. Ibrahimovic took his goal well. Continue reading
M & C Saatchi, the advertising company founded by Maurice and Charles Saatchi, was responsible for the advertising run by Remain in the EU referendum. The doom, gloom and pestilence predicted by Remain's project fear has not only failed to materialise to the man on the Clapham omnibus, it has failed to effect..... M & C Saatchi either. "M & C Saatchi, the advertising agency enlisted to run the unsuccessful Remain campaign in the recent EU referendum, says Brexit has given the business a positive currency boost as it reported a rise in sales and profits." Kate Palmer, Daily Telegraph... Continue reading
I very rarely delete posts on this blog, but today have taken the rare step of doing so. I don't see a lot of point in allowing anonymous people to make accusations against Trevor on this site, nor do I want to host them - I therefore deleted the comment by 'Anon'
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On the 16th August Anjem Choudary and Mohammed Rahman were convicted of offences under the Terrorism Act - inciting support for Islamic State. In the wave of media coverage which followed, the public was informed that the convictions relied in part on the work of an undercover police officer, 'Kamal' who had infiltrated Al-Muhajiroun in Luton, in order to gain information on its members. It is unusual for the police or the Security Service to admit infiltrating an Islamic organisation in this manner. Whilst the work of Kamal would obviously come out at trial when he gave evidence, here the... Continue reading
The only major political party in Britain which practises segregation is the Labour party, as it has demonstrated at a series of public meetings from West Bromich to Oldham. The only major political party in Britain which contains people openly supporting Hitler and circulating neo-Nazi material is the Labour party as evidenced by Cllr Aysegul Gurbuz and the former Mayor of Bradford Khadim Hussain. Would you care to venture a reason as to why Shami Chakrabarti's 'inquiry' into Labour's anti-Semitism did not dare examine such cases before she rushed to the House of Lords?
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Will - I'm sure our conversation will shortly be proved academic, as your revolution against neo-liberalism will arrive. I am sure there are racists in UKIP (although they tend to get booted out) as there are in all parties. There is though only one major political party in Britain which holds segregated public meetings, and has contained members who publicly praise Hitler. The Labour party. As I am sure you will be going on pro-Labour blogs to denounce this bigotry, do check out details online of the segregated meetings Tom Watson held at the last election, or Jim McMahon in the recent Oldham by-election. On Labour officials praising Hitler, consider Cllr Aysegul Gurbuz and the former Mayor of Bradford Khadim Hussain. Then there's Kensington Cllr Beinazir Lasharie, who thinks the Jews are behind ISIS. I could go, but I don't want to detain you.
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