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I rarely comment on blog posts these days, but this one struck me because I was just recently going over some old blog posts, including one about an attempted murder trial I sat on the jury for back in 2005( It was similar yet different. I can entirely relate to that feeling of having to carry around the weight of what you're hearing and not being able to talk to anyone about it. And the experience of having to sit in a room day after day with people who are basically going through (I imagine) the worst experience of their entire lives. Adding in the fact that there was someone there who really *was* responsible for everything that happened, and that he was still, somehow, a human being... Well, I was just really glad when it was over. Anyway, no particular insight except to say that it does get easier as time and life moves on. But it is surprising to me how quickly it all comes back up, even seven years later.
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Oct 1, 2012